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Now with pictures.
Sale pending.  
What's up everyone.   Picked this guy up from a local head-fi member back in May, however have decided to focus more on my speaker set up. According to the previous owner, there were a few minor scratches and nicks to the front plate, back plate, volume knob and RCA jacks, so he since replaced them with all brand new parts.  The aluminum knob and WBT-style gold/teflon RCA are from Parts Connexion, and the front and back plate are directly from Little Dot. The amp is...
Up for sale is my DacMagic that I've had for a while now. I am the second owner and I would estimate that I've put about 150 hours on it. The only reason I'm selling it is to focus more on my speaker set up.   Introducing one of the best DACs around for the price. Everyone probably knows, but the DacMagic is based on the Wolfson 8740 DAC chip. It is capable of up to 24/96 through SPDIF and Toslink and up to 16/48 from USB. Does multiple forms of digital input while...
No need to get offended friend. I too am a comp sci major and have been coding for the better part of 5 years.The technology has been around for offloading processes for quite some time. Of course this is seen all the time in the scientific world, but that's not really what we're talking about. Current and previous MMOs have done a more basic principle of this by submitting coordinates and action sequences to clients when certain destinations are reached. How about instead...
I submit that rendering was a poor choice in wording - of course all rendering happens on the client side. I was more speaking to the fact it can do positional calculations and give results back to the client.
I'm not saying service offerings are better for the consumer, my claim is that additional computing power through the use of offloading processes is not outlandish. It's certainly better from a technical standpoint and I completely believe we have the technology to do so today. As for whether or not we have the infrastructure is a different story.
I don't see why that wouldn't be possible...   You've in the next gen RPG running through a sandbox world. While you're box is computing all of the near field stuff like action sequences and immediate physics, the MS/Sony/whoever's server clusters could be rendering background textures and buildings off in the distance.   The closed-mindedness of this crowd in the refusal to believe there are better solutions to gaming (and computing power in general) is mind blowing...
That's unfortunate, I was seriously considering grabbing it :/   Any reason in particular it's a disappointment?
It's only seen that was because and noted above, E3 hasn't happened yet - of course there are no games. This was an unveiling for the CONSOLE not GAMES. Cross platform games will look and play the exact same on both platforms! Regardless of differences in hardware, games will look exactly the same and play exactly the same. How is it designed for casuals? Because it has more multimedia functionality? If so, why is having more capabilities a bad thing?
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