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Ah ha, that was it, thank you!
Can't seem to find an answer scouring the web so I thought I'd just ask here: So you know how when moving stuff around in Excel on a Windows machine, you can hold the alt key down and the content you're moving around will snap to grid. I run the Windows version of Excel on my Mac through a Parallels/Windows 7 vm and holding the alt key(which is also called the option key on a Mac) doesn't cause the content to snap to grid. Does anyone know how to accomplish this with my...
Thanks. Yep I'll think I'll be keeping them.
I just got my CK10's tonight and they are just phenomenal! First I tried the medium and then small stock tips. I had to jam the things so far in my ears it was quite uncomfortable and I was thinking "these sound pretty good but I can't deal with the pain." Then I put the large silicones on...I don't have to stick the IEM half-way in my skull and they just sound so damn ******* good! I'm a happy camper right now with these. I have some Sony hybrids coming an d will...
Well never mind, I found which Wolfson dac it uses and it sounds pretty decent. However, you can't do the voodoo mod with it. We'll see.
Does anybody have any experience with the Droid Bionic as source?
Shipping to Colorado
Oh ok nice!   Let's see, I've read Kafka and The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and have Dance Dance Dance to read, when I get a chance.
Awesome book!  Your first Murakami?
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