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Hi.   I have Wireworld Luna 1.5metre 2xRCA interconnect cable at the moment. Due to certain circumanstances i need to move my stuff around the house in such way, that i will need either brand new cable (budget one tho coz im low on money) that has 7+ metres or i was thinking about buying rca extender and plugging in the wireworld luna into them.   What would be the best choice? I was thinking about Prolink Exclusive as they seem to be somewhat cheap.
Sorry for late reply but somehow the alert system did not inform me about so many new posts.   I like current sound but i was wondering if there is big quality gap between lets say DT 990 and T90 or ATH-W1000X that Purple Angel suggested. I was just wondering if i can make another leap in quality similar to no name Headphones --> DT 990. The difference blew my mind away when i upgraded. I want to know if i can get this feeling again by spending more money.   Also...
Heya,   Currently im using this setup:   Soundblaster Titanium HD Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium 250 ohm   DT 990 are connected straight to the Titanium HD. Im listening to FLAC files with foobar and WASAPI.   The sound quality is great and im enjoying it but i was wondering if there is any possible upgrade that will increase quality of music?   I jumped from some mediocre sound card and Razer gaming headphones into DT 990 and TItanium HD and it blew me aways. Im...
Yeah, just spent 2000$ on a stereo system with floorstanding speakers. Wanna step on the evil side and see how it is:D Now i sit here and think "hmm...i could have a nice headphone gear for that price,damn".   Any of You guys who purchased loudspeakers stereo system beside Your headphone gear? Any regrets? If You have both which do You use more?
Thanks for Your input BrownBear. Very helpful.   And uhm...i always thought that headphone amp's increase quality beside driving the headphones? Was i wrong?
Heya,   At the moment im using Titanium HD + Beyerdynamic DT 990 250 ohm (premium's) setup. I must say its great and im amazed that this sound card can drive them so well without any help. But 1 year passed and i feel i want more, i want to make another step forward and its time for headphone amp.   The question is, which one will suit those cans and sound card best? If its about price its hard to say...i think something between 300$ and 500$ (lower the better...
Go and try Tales of Graces F,You will be devastated with amount of things to do there. And combat system is just perfect
I love my Razer Black Widow but with Guild Wars 2 release coming close im planning on purchasing Razer Nostromo.
  If You allow me to add my two cents,i just recently Bought DT 990 Premium after hearing Mad Lust Envy's suggestion and i must say they are awesome both for fun/competitive gaming and music.   Big credit to him for great help with picking headphones,imho someone should pay him salary for all this help he is giving on forums :D
No prob,happy i could help. Its pretty adictive,especially during travels.   Now im gonna test Defender Chronicles II,wanna see if this game is really so good or its just marketing blob.
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