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Updated the price, dropping it from $85 to $70 and that includes USPS priority mail shipping. 
I'd be in, although I think the only day that could work for me is Saturday the 6th unfortunately. Not a ton of gear to bring, but I would have my Andromedas and Mojo.
I decided to try my faithful old Sensorcom Double Flange silicone tips on my Andromedas and they're pretty outstanding, just as they were with my Earsonics. They're extremely comfortable, they seal very well so the bass is extremely tight and unlike foam-style tips there is not a hit to the treble. In short, very much the same result that many of us reported with the Earsonics SM3 several years ago.   Unfortunately mine are about shot and you can't get them on eBay...
Any chance you still have these tips? I'd be interested in picking them up if you do.
Another (extremely) satisfied new customer checking in. These days we throw around the term "bespoke" too much, until there are satire videos about some hipster making hand crafted toilet paper, but from the moment you open the package you can tell the Andromeda are something special. The build quality is first rate, including the cable and case, more in line with an expensive mechanical watch than a pair of headphones. At much less cost and with far more practical use I...
I bought these at an airport before a flight a few months ago because my Earsonics weren't working, I've now ordered Andromedas so they have to go. They're great headphones for the money, very comfortable and extremely well-made. They are also very lightly used, and only the one M pair of tips shown on them has been used. $70 and I eat the paypal fee and priority mail shipping.    thanks gary
The way it's mic'd you feel like you're in the center of the band, so the singer is singing directly at you, the guitar is in your right ear, etc. It's a very different effect than a traditional recording mixed to have an [artificial] sound stage. It's not bad with IEMs, but I do prefer listening to it with my stereo. Sound quality is excellent, and so is her singing, so it's certainly worth picking up IMO. 
Haven't listened to it start to finish yet but having listened to the first few songs a couple times I really like it. Audio quality is first rate as expected although honestly the binaural recording is a bit unsettling with IEMs.
So incredibly tempted to order the Andromeda... does anyone know if your card is charged when you place the order or when they ship? I'm not overly eager to shell out $1100 and then have to wait 5 or 6 weeks to get them. 
 A ferrite choke helps me reduce noise quite a bit, the other thing that really helps is to stretch the usb cable out to a straight line so that the mojo is as far from my phone as possible. Obviously that's not going to work if you have the two in your pocket, but sitting on the desk it's pretty easy to do.  gary
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