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You won't regret it, this phone is just amazing. I'm running 4.1 with cyanogen cm10 and the hardware in combination with the OS is miles ahead of anything else out there. Sent from my Galaxy S3
I think the file type may come into play as well, I am using aiff files and have no problems whatsoever. It seems like most of the xda people are using mp3's. 
elfary is in spain, so i'm guessing the measurements are on the int'l version. mine is US (AT&T), i would be amazed if it doesn't measure better than that. as i've said in the thread, it sounds really, really good.    gary
  This is basically my assessment (although I have a 4 and not a 4s). My SM-3's always sounded veiled with the iPhone, but with the S3 the  high-end clarity and sparkle is back. Absolutely no hissing whatsoever with poweramp.    gary
To get the thread back on track... after listening for a while I liked the treble, it is highly detailed and non-fatiguing, but found that there was sort of a strange distortion or "warbling" in the mids. I went into the settings and saw that something called "Direct Volume Control" was turned on by default (I guess this is like a LOUDNESS button???) and when I shut it off the mids cleared up nicely. None of the songs I copied onto it have any bass to speak of but I will...
Listening to .aiff files today with poweramp, Earsonic SM-3's. This sounds really, really good. 
Anybody else get one today? I was not expecting this kind of audio quality, I think it's a step above my iPhone 4. So far I'm only listening to Pandora too but I have to get stone higher quality files on it. Also impressive are the IEM's that came with it... they even included a few extra sets of silicone tips. Very little bass but otherwise they aren't bad at all. Buy far the best sound I've ever gotten on something included with a device. Gary
Glad to hear that it arrived and that you're happy with it :)   Gary
  For sale is a slightly used Furutech GT-40, 9/10 condition and bought new from Cryoparts a couple of months ago. It does a great job converting analog to digital, and I realized after buying it that I'm way too lazy to digitize my albums. Here's a sample recording made from my clearaudio emotion with the GT-40. It also makes a great headphone amp, and it's a dac as well but personally I think that's its weak point.    $350 no paypal fees and priority shipping...
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