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sale pending For Sale: Chord Hugo (Silver) - $1199 + Paypal Fees($36) + Shipping($30 startrack) total. $1265AUD. A excellent condition Chord Hugo (Silver) with no scratches/dents of any kind on the unit, although i must say when i purchased this unit, the manufacturing process with the RCA I/O is not perfectly align(see photo), they are however sturdy and work perfectly and the supplied bonus RCA cable fits perfectly. Mainly used a desktop DAC/AMP via optical cable, I...
For Sale: Fostex TH900 - $800 + paypal fees($24) + shipping($40) - total $864. Very good condition with brand new hard to find stock ear pads, the earpads were a nightmare to install, i will add however i accidentally left a very small nick with my fingernail in a inconspicuous place along the edge of the earpad while trying to install it, these headphones are so fragile, but other then that i kept very good care of them, estimated 500 hours used, serial #:...
Massdrop Name: sifu Featured Items on MD: Apogee Groove, Chord Mojo
1) 109,774 2) 109,753 3) 109,948
32ohm : 1.1W, nice!!!!!!
Sennheiser HD800 Excellent condition, everything supplied(headphones, cable, booklet), 213xx series, used for about 4 months, then bought the TH900 instead. Australia only. Paypal only. $799 + Paypal fees 2.4%($20) + Shipping (roughly $26.55(may vary depending where you live)) Box dimentions 35cm x 28cm 15cm (HxWxD) Total: $845(rough estimate) shipped to you. Invoice/Receipt from addictedtoaudio.com.au forwarded to you for warranty purposes. (purchased 14/8/13 still...
are you referring to this one? it got reviewed yesterday, very highly scored 9.9, for a audiophile motherboard, its up there with the top gaming boards as well, might considering getting this to compliment my hugo.
my usb ports on my asus sabertooth z77 mobo have always been disappointing, so i bought a PCIe USB card and it works well with most USB dacs(except tenor) i've owned in the past, including the hugo, i recently started using the toslink port on the mentioned mobo and have never looked back, there is no distortion, hum, hiss, crackle or anything to resemble any kind of disruption using the toslink, i recommend you guys try your mobo's toslink and see results.
i recognise 'bass mekanik - night bass' anywherequickest way to get tinnitus tho
bump. question. my motherboard(z77 sabertooth) has a toslink optical output, i've disabled this option in replace for USB dac's in the past, as we all know onboard sound is utter rubbish. i've recently enabled onboard audio again so that i can use the toslink option, all this talk of optical being better, i thought i'd give it a try. now i'm not sure, is the signal passed directly to the hugo, or does it run though onboard sound first > hugo? also does the hugo not...
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