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I think the grey pads look a lot better than the white anyway. They just suit the silver better
Finally! My M-100's were waiting for me when I got home tonight! My absolute first impression, these things are tiny! I can't believe it! Can't wait to hear them tomorrow. I tried them on quickly and my ears touch the drivers, hopefully i dont get any pain. New bigger pads may be for me! Midnight and sleep time now. If I can! Excited!
I really hope my M-100's show up early this week. I haven't even got mine and all of you are talking about modding them already. I don't even know if they fit me! I love living where I do, but postage to here is ridiculous!
Yeah I got no tracking with mine. The number I have told me it has left California but that is it. And Australia post will deliver to my door. If I'm not home then a card will be left for me to pick it up from the local post office.
Post 8000! Wow
I don't have a tracking number for it, they hardly ever work coming from the USA so I didn't pay extra for it. Hopefully it gets here this week or next. I'm betting on next week though.
I got the same email today and am also waiting to receive my M-100's as well! Come on Australian customs, hurry up and clear them!
  Alot of things are made in China these days. Some bad but alot excellent. It all comes down to the level of Quality Control and I believe V-Moda has a rather high level of QC.
What a low act! Someone that wanted a pair has missed out because of this lowlife!
Good to see Dire Straits in there! Money For Nothing will be one of the first songs played on my M-100 when I get it!
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