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 Honest question: this bothers people? Do we all actually WANT to be hearing everything that should ideally not be audible? If you can hear a pianist's fingernails on the keys, the squeak of the stool, vocalist breaths and lip smacks, doesn't that just DETRACT from the experience? If anything, if you CAN hear those things, I would argue that something has been really artificially boosted. I mean if you're listening for that stuff, you have well lost the forest for some...
 That is an INSANE deal.
My pair came in today. I was looking for headphones to be sort of my "portable HD700" and these seemed like they'd fit the bill.    Results? Yes. Perfect.    I can't call them giant killers or anything like that, just that for $60 they did everything I needed them to and I have no interest in spending more on higher end IEMs.
 The gold shouldn't really affect the sound per se, it's just a matter of connection. 
 If I had the money to have kept all of mine, haha...
 I would certainly hope they do, considering they cost >2x the 700. But at the same time, the 700s offer something the 8's don't, IMO.
...what the heck is artificial pleather? Isn't that just leather?
 I agree. I haven't heard the HD800 in a while (and never the 800S), but I know flat out that while I liked the 800 a lot, it sounded too sterile for my personal tastes. There's a weird allure to the 700, one that tells me they'll have a place in the stable for a long time.
 That's gotta be it. I definitely wouldn't spend $1000 on them, but I sure as hell would never have spent $500 on the HD650s either.  Side note: if anyone's looking for a cheap-ass IEM to go with your 700s, the MEE M6 Pro is SURPRISINGLY good and seems to scratch the same itch.
I love how the review on this site that says they're better than $1000 CIEMs comes with the "caveat" of "oh none of the current ones sound anything like the pair I have so if you buy them they won't sound as good as I'm claiming." Riiiiiiiiight.
New Posts  All Forums: