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 That'd be interesting if the WS99 pulled the M100 down.  I readily admit that I really trust Tyll, because I think he and I have very similar tastes.
You'd almost think people actually like them.   Take your anti-Beats circle-jerk elsewhere. No one here cares.   EDIT: also the WS99 costs $210 on Amazon. So they're more expensive. Nice job.
 Yeah because obviously Tyll is a trendhopper who just loves that B on the side, LOL.  
 Lotta ifs there. Why not get a new pair and see if they break at all? I really dislike it when people read a small handful of issues online and have one themselves and leap immediately to "THESE ARE MADE BADLY I SHOULD NOT USE THEM." If the M100s really did have this massive epidemic of cracking shields VModa would be in a tailspin to remedy it. Yes, it's an issue, but it's like those failing PS3's: the issue is smaller than it's made out to be.
I really am curious what the hardware changes were, or if this is more like the M50/M50x. 
 Well if V-effing-Moda lists them then I think you're fine. XD
 It's like when someone announces publicly that they're leaving a forum. It's disingenuous. If someone actually doesn't want to discuss a topic, they'll say that and nothing else. What a response like the above does is say "I want to be able to say my opinion but don't want you to have a chance to respond." Happens a lot. Heck, I'll admit that I've done it before, or flat out told someone that they can respond but I won't read it.
 I don't know the exact mechanisms of the filters, all I know is that they do shape the sound. "Full afterburner" as some guys here have taken to calling it is, in my opinion, like pulling the housing off of your big headphones and just pressing the drivers against your ears. They're not intended to do that. If you like the sound, that's fine, more power to ya, but that's a mod IMO. 
 LOL I don't know what kinda weird reading into things you did, but if you're really claiming people don't adjust to things just by experiencing them a lot you're crazy. You saying you never liked a movie more after you watched it a second time? C'mon, use your noodle.
 Blues all the way. As far as I can tell, the whites don't actually "flatten" the response at all, they add a spike to the treble that gives it the appearance of being brighter. Just checked the graphs and I was right:  Notice how the blues and whites are effectively the same until 2KHz where they pop upward and then a little after 10KHz they meet up again. IMO the best strategy with the 8's is sticking with the blues and then playing with tips for the ones that offer the...
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