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I am. Sale only or you interested in a trade?
Sitting with the Audioquest Nighthawk. Happened to sample a pair of the Z7 at a Best Buy Magnolia and they're the first headphones to make me want to move on from the hawks. Wow sony. VERY well done.
I've discovered the only threat (to my ears): the Sony MDR-Z7. Sampled a pair and it's... damn. I want to put these two against each other.
Well poop. There goes all of my extra spending money for the next year. :|
 Thanks man. I'm kinda new to this stuff, I googled and got nothing.
Where do we get these??
IMO that's the smart way to do it. Let the BA's handle the mid/high and use a DD for a subwoofer.
All I know is I ordered the TFZ Series 5 and I'm annoyed that they won't be here for over a month. :P
 I definitely was swayed by the explanation, but I'd almost call it un-brainwashing you know? The headphone world has been so conditioned to hate bass that it's kind of ridiculous. I've seen it over and over again, you find any headphone with good bass to it and the purists will sniff and say "it's flabby and muddy, there are no details" and then throw out nonsense about how the bass on this bright and dry headphone is "accurate" and "tight" when it's literally just a...
 I hated them at first. Once I read the AQ page explaining the philosophy behind the design I went back and listened for about an hour through all my favorite music. After that I couldn't listen to anything else.
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