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Keep in mind, people love the white and that's awesome for them. I suspect (pure conjecture) that some of the people who do so have less treble sensitivity so that spike brings back some clarity perhaps? And some people in here do "full afterburner" with no filter at all. o_O
 That's actually all the white filter does, if you look at the response charts: it puts a spike in the treble around 8KHz. Every time I try the whites I have to stop because it's so unnatural. The blacks add a bit of bassiness, but then the blues have all the bass I need (even for hip hop). The whites just... it's so peaky and strange. 
It's feeling more and more like Tidal bit off more than they could chew. Great idea, but quite literally aside from "we offer lossless" (which, strictly speaking, ANY service could offer because they get lossless files from the labels and then convert), the service has nothing going on. 
 Provided you actually have a good experience with custom sleeves. :P
How are the sliders? Does it hold position decently well?
 Caching is obviously a good idea, but one track ahead is plenty. Google seems to cache EVERYTHING for some reason.  The thing is, the whole point of a streaming service is to be able to pick music on the fly. Being able to be out and go "I feel listening to indie for a while" and boom. Indie playlist. Heck it's why they offer different streaming levels, to save data costs. Just doesn't seem to work so well, haha. 
Google has one dealbreaker problem: it ANNIHILATES data on cell. If you pull up a playlist or an album it starts caching the entire thing. This is a slight problem when I'm at the gym and bouncing between stuff because within 2 minutes I've used up 100mb of data.    Used it on my iPhone and literally a minute into the first song on a playlist I'd burned up 40mb. Absurd. 
 The case would be for the 5. I'm in Pennsylvania.   I would honestly love to see you buy a new Taurus, hook it up, and see if it sounds any different from your "burned in" one. 
 You enjoy sharing your cans with people because YOU have them and THEY don't. You have already stated that if they also had them, you wouldn't want them any more. That's how a child collects things. They want things that other people don't have and cease to want them the moment someone else has it. It's a five year old crying for a new toy and then not playing with it because the neighbor kid got one too. If commonality "cheapens" expensive headphones then you're not an...
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