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Agreed with all the above. Not only does it sound amazing, but it has more power so I'm not always listening at 95-100% volume. On the old Galaxy phones I frequently had the volume at or near max and it still wasn't "loud". Now I'm at 70% or so and it's PLENTY, not to mention just sounding better.
 Well there's no reason it would, considering it's going to result in the same signal.
 Auuuugh that hurts to see. :( One reason I do like the Galaxy S7, the aluminum rim prevents shattering from a drop (unless it lands face first on a rock or something).
 The X2 is bassier and has less treble so it's a bit more relaxed, the DT990 is sharper and can be more "impactful". They'll be a different experience, but really the primary difference you'll hear is with that treble spike. I think audiophiles often get too caught up in "imaging" and whatever else. If you're listening on that much of a microscopic level you're missing the forest for the trees.  What I will say is the DT990s sound ridiculously dull just straight out of my...
There HAS to be a limit to this. At what point do IEMs no longer need more speakers? Even home theatre setups aren't using 9 different frequency bands, why does it seem like the trend in IEMs is to cram as many drivers in as possible? 2+1 seems like plenty.
FFS I'm just loving my DT990's don't go and tell me about the T1.1 I thought I cured my upgrade-itis. XD EDIT: That said, I really don't feel like the DT990s are as bright as people say. The treble spike gives them a sharp edge, sure, but there's plenty of mids/bass as opposed to my old HD600s or Grados or whatever else. I'd almost describe them as warm with a spike for "detail".
 Did some testing. The culprit was that I use a mic interface as the DAC and had that with its volume maxed and the amp volume at <50%. Put 'em both around 70% and all is well. Schiit Vali amp for the record. I absolutely do listen to music loudly though. :P
I found the DT990 just more "fun" than the HD650. The 650 is still my vote for, I guess, "best headphone" because it's one that will never do anything badly, but it's also not one that clicks with me as well as the DT990.    Only issue the Beyer gives me is on very bassy rap tracks they can distort, but then I had the same issue with the DT770 so I guess it's a Beyer thing?
 TBH the DFR doesn't need the Jitterbug. It's nice, I'm sure, but the signal it puts out is VERY clean regardless of source.
It definitely is a big upgrade, it's essentially the old DF1.2 which was an awesome purchase. The Red is just an upgrade from that, and it's made more for "desktop" setups.  I'm sure SOME phones have a comparable DAC but even then I'd say just giving it the boost is worth it.
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