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I'd love to hop into that one. Did it for the Kennerton Vali and it was great being able to hear it early and get my impressions down.
 It would be. Their other products are mostly IEMs (and some of them are damn good!), aside from one or two Best Buy level products. Their speakers, however, are friggin' amazing. 
Those look downright sick. I hope they live up to the hype. VERY Nighthawk-ish in appearance.
 It won't matter what I pick because you're going to start moving the bar of "intricate" to ahead of whatever I say and completely ignore the fact that intricacy does not itself mean quality. Just because something is intricate doesn't make it good. I could point out his Dedication 2 era stuff for being the landmarks they were but all you'd have to do is point out someone else being more esoteric and opaque in lyricism as if the raw complexity of something makes it...
 Posts like this are from people who have zero genuine respect for the game LMAO.  And IT is overrated as hell. Dance with the Devil is one of the dumbest songs I've ever heard.  See this is exactly what I'm talking about. We could be in here talking about hip hop of all stripes, from Wop to Aes and Weezy to Eyedea, but dopes like you think you're so much smarter than the "mainstream" that you'll **** all over dudes like Wayne even while some of the undisputed greats of...
It's not JUST that, I think it's because Tech does kind of... autopilot flow, y'know? Like, it sounds AMAZING if you just haze out to it, but if you pause and listen to what the dude's actually saying there's not a lot there. Keep in mind I'm a big fan of his, been listening since the old "Absolute Power" days, but I can't really think of any songs with lines that hit especially hard.  It's why latter-day Eminem sucks. He's infinitely more intricate and complex than in his...
Tech's definitely got one of the craziest flows out there, just a shame he never managed to really turn it into anything beyond kind of a novelty. He's a great example of amazing execution but not having much behind it. Most of the Strange Music lineup is like that, come to think of it (Snow tha Product, Rittz).
Oh I'm a fan of what's been posted, just making sure everyone isn't gonna throw a **** fit if I admit I like Gucci's Everybody Looking right alongside Impossible Kid because "bawww it's not real hip hop." The tantrum everyone threw over on SABF when I tried throwing some trap/drill into the mix was enough to make me leave the board completely.  
So is it a rule that we can only like backpacker and old-school here or is it cool if we like other stuff as well?
If I had a spare $1700 lying around I'd probably already have a pair. Lesse... $1700... $400...  I can see how the two are nearly on the same plane, yes. 
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