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 That's me! Yeah if you're a Grado person the 600's are going to be effing miraculous I think. They aren't as treble-oriented but they're definitely cooler than the 650s. They're just a set of amazing "here's what the recording did" headphones. I listen to music at high volume frequently and the 600s got too harsh, so the 650s ended up being perfect for me.  Haha that's a crazy story about the granite thing though. Maybe you can paint over them LOL. 
I've tried the HE-400 before (not the -i but they're the same from what I understand).   Long story short, I was not impressed with them. They were far too bright for my tastes. A lot of people rave about them for being bassy but I just didn't hear it. I didn't give them a super long test, and it's ENTIRELY possible that I needed more time with them, but when I put them on my ears with a Burson Conductor at HiDefLifestyle in Harrisburg (silent store, really good...
I've said this before, but it has ALWAYS amazed me how many headphone setups are super high-end components with HD650s. I never understood it. I always thought if you were going to drop a few grand on amps and DACs and whatnot, why wouldn't you go for the 800s or something similarly TOTL? After listening to the 600/650s though, I get it now.
Hell of a post there. I am curious to see what happens with these with more high-end amplification. 
 I'm currently sitting with both the 650 and 600 and I can totally see how that would be an opinion. The difference between them to my ears is maybe 5% but it's a 5% that tips the scales depending on how your priorities are. 
 Huh. I never thought about it, but neither have I. I mean, that's not entirely true, people obviously don't say they're awful, but I've almost never seen anyone recommend them outside of maybe if they're on a CRAZY sale. The attitude seems to be "pick between the 600/650, or go high end and get the 800." I can honestly say I've sometimes forgotten they exist.  Sitting with my new 650s right now. Sampling back and forth between them and the 600s. Like others said, there...
 The only, ONLY difference cables make is in two ways: 1 is that the material can alter the sound a little bit (silver is brighter than copper), and 2 is that structural integrity can keep the signal strong. Other than that, there's nothing. So pick a material and get one that looks sturdy, that's it. 
 They were just so expensive and so refined it felt like complete overkill. Plus they're really not fun to wear. 
 Haha good point! I win no matter what!
^ man aside from how awesome that all must sound it just LOOKS sick haha. 
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