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 My main gripe with EQ is it's software dependent, meaning you have to keep on top of every audio source and if you swap computers or whatever you have to get in there and do it all over again. I'll take a look though.
I'm almost aggravated that, while I concede the HD700 is a "superior" headphone across the boards, I keep finding myself sitting with the 650s for a while.
 The Elears are a very intriguing headphone to me because they seem to tick all the boxes that I've enjoyed about a lot of headphones. I'm a fan of the Sennheiser sound but also the Nighthawks, Audeze, all those warm and lush but also just clear and focused enough cans, but it seems like this one does it a step better. Tyll is one of my go-to dudes, so his praise caught my eye.
I believe it's often considered the "best headphone in the world" and I agree in a lot of ways. It's inexpensive, responds incredibly well to amplification, is bassy enough to satisfy "fun seekers" with enough soundstage and clarity to work for "detail people." There's really nothing it can't do and I can't imagine them not being a good addition to any collection as well as a perfect end game for "I want amazing headphones but don't feel like spending thousands."    Heck...
Or what they call the "right" sound signature.  There's this false idea of "accuracy" as the be all and end all of headphones, especially with BS like "hear it as the artist intended it." News flash, how the "artist intended it" doesn't mean squat because the recording engineers are the ones that actually control the end product, all of that is completely subject to the equipment THEY used, and any biases they might have. A guy in the Audioquest Nighthawk thread told a...
The only spot I can possibly feel the 650 wins is if you listen to music that plays really nicely with that midbass hump. 
 The 650's highs are a little softer as well, which can make a difference, but man that midbass hump is seriously noticeable after spending some time with the 700. I still really like them but the gap is seriously wide and I do not understand why everyone seems to regard the 700 as this bastard child of the family.
Point 1 it's just a good material. I don't really know how to explain better than that other than as a diaphragm for a speaker it produces an optimal sound according to many.   For 2... just deal with it. I live in South Texas near the border, it's just part of the experience I guess.
Gonna be doing a serious HD700 vs HD650 comparison here.
Little Dot MK2 also pairs damn well.
New Posts  All Forums: