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 Kind of makes me wish I could swap my future vanilla Geek Pulse for a  Geek Out V2+ Infinity... 
Has anyone tried something like the HE-1000 "blinds" grill on the HE-560? Could be really good.
 That would be great. Another headphone that comes to mind for comparison is the HE560. Has anyone heard both the R70x and the HE560?
What's the best way to cancel an order pre-paid on lhlabs web site?
I haven't been able to really pinpoint the sound signature of the Carbon from the impressions so far. It doesn't seem to be for instance warm like a V200 or bright like a Mjolnir (useful characteristics with cans that have the opposite signature). Is there a Cavalli "house sound" that the Carbon shares with its bigger siblings?
I get the same impression, but perhaps that it's just a little bit better than some of those mid-tier phones. A couple of things it has going for it is the extremely low weight, high impedance (if you have an OTL amp like the Bottlehead Crack), and that it already can be found way below list price.
Another option might be the Matrix M-Stage (with or without built-in DAC). 
Has anyone tried the new DAC 19 and any of the Concero DACs? If so it would be great to hear some impressions.
For me, Gustard makes me think of  Gustav or Gustaf - the name of many Scandinavian kings.
I've had the SA31 and currently have a Gustard H10, which is supposed to be very similar ot the V200. I never had the amps side by side, so it's difficult to compare them, but the SA31 definitely had a larger soundstage and sounded a little bit leaner and faster IMO. The H10 is warmer, more intimate, with great tone and musicality, but also a bit closed-in compared to the SA31.
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