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I've had the SA31 and currently have a Gustard H10, which is supposed to be very similar ot the V200. I never had the amps side by side, so it's difficult to compare them, but the SA31 definitely had a larger soundstage and sounded a little bit leaner and faster IMO. The H10 is warmer, more intimate, with great tone and musicality, but also a bit closed-in compared to the SA31.
I've had mine for maybe ten days now, and I think I know what you mean. To me the H10 sounds warmer/darker than my Bottlehead Crack and the Audio GD SA-31 I had before (an amp intentionally tuned for a warmish, musical sound signature). I think the sound has gotten a lot more "solid" over the last few days - still pretty warm and dark, but without fuzziness or lost detail, and I'm actually starting to appreciate it a whole lot. Perhaps it's a sound signature that takes a...
 That's very interesting, since the HD650 is high impedance, and the H10 also works very well with low impedance planars. It seems to be a great all-rounder.
 I still think it sounds warmer and fuller, after about 70 hours, in the sense that the sound is darker, rounder, with more prominent bass. The Crack sounds brighter, but still with a very nice smoothness to its sound. Of course the sound of the Crack depends on tubes (mine are stock).
 I think it has a lot to do with output impedance. I think it's 5 ohm for the M-Stage, which makes it a good match for the HD800. Don't know what it is for the H10, though.
 I've had that combination for a total of 24 hours now!  Still breaking in, but so far I'm very happy with it. The plan is to replace my T1s with HE560s, but right now I can't think of why. IMHO the H10 sounds warmer and fuller than both the Audio GD SA-31 and Bottlehead Crack (of course that depends on the tubes). All three amps are great, and probably very equal in overall quality, but for the moment I enjoy the fullness of the sound, which goes great with the clarity of...
I'm probably not the first to notice that this thread is 95 % about LH Labs and 5 % about the Geek Pulse. Perhaps the actual product will eventually deserve its own thread, once it gets out in sufficient numbers - Geek Pulse Impressions or something like that.   I've backed the basic Pulse version. Still waiting somewhat patiently. Actually, I'm looking forward to it. A Sabre DAC leaning toward warmth and musicality, a bit like the D18, should be a nice product in the...
 I tried different cables and got different results - more or less buzzing at 90 % with different cables. Then I remembered reading over at Bottlehead's forum about shorting the inputs, as part of the troubleshooting process, and when I tried that the amp was absolutely quiet. I think that means the amp itself is ok. Still I get noise even with nothing plugged in. Does that mean that the RCA inputs themselves are picking up noise?
In my case the headphones are Beyerdynamic T1 (600 ohm). And the noise if the same if I unplug the input RCAs, or move it to a different room, so it's definitely the amp.
Same here about the volume. Usually I keep it somewhere around 25-35 %. I just want to make sure my build is the best it can be.
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