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Great to hear!  Do you have any idea if the leanness comes from the DAC or amp section of the Pulse?
It's Batch 1. I think it's for orders before summer 2014 or something like that, but not sure.
I know not a lot of people have received their Pulses yet so this might be too early to answer, but how well does it seem perform compared to the competition? Can it compete against something like the Bifrost + Lyr, or a good Audio GD combo, or something from Yulong or Gustard?
I'm still waiting for my Pulse, like a lot of people, and hope to receive a nicely built and bug-free version in a couple of months or so. I've probably read everything in this thread, as well as over at LH Labs, and my impression is that it will probably be a very musical and enjoyable piece of equipment once it's done. It probably won't look and feel like a $999 device, but perhaps, with proper break-in (any maybe with an added power supply of some sort), it will sound...
These new 470 ohm Audio Technicas will be very interesting to hear with the Crack:   According to Amazon they will be released on May 1.
Any thoughts on how the H10 might compare against the Audio GD SA-31?
 That would be great! 
I read the latest Hifiman HE-560 review over at Headfonia and found the following to be very interesting:  I've read somewhere that with certain tubes the Crack output impedance can get as low as 70 ohm. And the HE-560 is 50 +/- 8 ohm. Not a terribly large difference. Perhaps it's something to try?
I've just tried Bottlehead Crack (Speedball, 5998) -> Audio GD SA-31 -> HE-500, and it sounds excellent, with a little bit of a bass increase, added warmth, and generally just very pleasant. .   It's not a very efficient use of equipment, though, and not the chain I'm looking for. I hope to sell the SA-31 and replace it with something without input selection, volume control and all of that, just plain amplification - a headphone power amp - but there doesn't seem to be...
Has anyone here tried to use the Crack as a preamp? I know the possibility has been mentioned here, as well as over at Bottlehead. Perhaps it'd be great with low impedance headphones, like Hifimans, with a small power amp in between?
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