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- Audnist HUD-MX1 - Audio-gd NBF-11 (currently use this) - Audio-gd SA-31
I also ordered HE-500s - can't wait to get them :-) Haven't heard anything yet, though. Any updates? Got the tracking number today, so it looks like they are shipping again.
+1   I had the T1 and HE500 at the same time, and they were pretty even. The T1 to me was faster, brighter, and definitely better for some genres or recordings, but the HE500 felt smoother, fuller, and even more transparent (and better for other material). I ended up with the T1, but it was a difficult choice, and probably comfort has more to do with the decision than absolute sound quality. And, I'm still thinking of getting the HE500.
I've only heard the HE-500 with one amp, the Audio GD SA-31, but that was a great pairing IMHO. Enough power to drive them properly, a very neutral sound and a great sense of space that worked perfectly with the headphones.
Very nice, Andrew_WOT!    My latest experiment is a full circle of Dynamat Xtreme with a full circle of adhesive felt on top of it. The idea is that the Dynamat will damped vibrations and the felt dampen reflections, pretty much, and I think it works. My felt mods (ful circle, half circle, smaller bits) all seemed to trade air for warmth, basically, but with this mod I believe I hear greater improvements. It could very well be my imagination, but what I'm hearing is...
Audio GD SA-31 - maybe a used one? Plenty of power, slightly warm, very musical. I had the HE500 with it for a while and it was my favorite combination then (returned the HE500, though, because of the weight).
 Jesterphile, have you seen this? I'm jumping right in here, so maybe you guys have already discussed it. I also started with the AD700's, and now have the T1, and it's almost, almost perfect for me ... WIll try it with a Bottlehead Crack tube amp instead of my Audio GD SA-31 in the next few days. Maybe that, plus damping the cups, is exactly what it needs.
Another new Audio GD product:   Kingwa has been very busy lately! This one seems to be aiming at a very musical sound - maybe a competitor to the D18?
I always felt that the gain on the SA-31 was a little bit high, so I ordered a volume board with 10 dB lower gain, making it -10 dB/0 dB instead of 0 dB/10 dB on the two different gain settings. This was before Kingwa released the new SA-31SE, which has a different volume board. I think the new volume control is probably a very smart choice, since it offers more steps for lower levels, but still has a high gain for higher levels. I've never used the amp with something...
When I bought my T1s I auditioned them side by side with Sennheiser HD800s, using a Beyerdynamic A1 amp, and the T1 was clearly the brighter of the two. So I do think my pair is bright (and very airy and detailed) - but not as bright at AKG K701 - and not as tizzy in the treble as the otherwise warm and friendly Denon AH-D5000.    Waiting for my Bottlehead Crack kit to arrive any day now - then everything about the T1s should be fine.. 
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