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Bottlehead Crack + Speedball. It's also got an upgraded ALPS pot and Western Electric 5998/421A + Electric Harmonix 12BH7A tubes. 
Is anyone planning on running the iCan Micro SE with HD800? It seems like it could be a very good combination, with a slightly warm sound, and the optional bass boost (speculating here!).
I was looking at the iPower for my Geek Pulse as well and came across this new (not yet released) thing from iFi that's supposed to work with one's existing power supply and turn it into an iPower:
Thank you all. I have probably 50 hours on mine, and I think the sound is still gaining some body. I've been comparing Geek Pulse -> HD650 with Geek Pulse -> Crack -> HD650, and probably the Crack will always add more warmth and bass weight (without the Geek Pulse doing anything wrong in being a bit leaner than that). Either way it sounds like an LPS of some kind would be a worthwhile purchase.
What are the benefits of adding an LPS to a Pulse? I have a vanilla Pulse that works perfectly, but at times I feel that the headphone out is a bit bass-light.
 Kind of makes me wish I could swap my future vanilla Geek Pulse for a  Geek Out V2+ Infinity... 
Has anyone tried something like the HE-1000 "blinds" grill on the HE-560? Could be really good.
 That would be great. Another headphone that comes to mind for comparison is the HE560. Has anyone heard both the R70x and the HE560?
What's the best way to cancel an order pre-paid on lhlabs web site?
I haven't been able to really pinpoint the sound signature of the Carbon from the impressions so far. It doesn't seem to be for instance warm like a V200 or bright like a Mjolnir (useful characteristics with cans that have the opposite signature). Is there a Cavalli "house sound" that the Carbon shares with its bigger siblings?
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