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It's been a few years now since we got the HD800 and T1, and it seems to me that all new headphones being released are planars or low impedance dynamics, like the Fostexs or K812.    Do you guys think we'll see new high impedance headphones anytime soon? It would be great to see something like an improved HD650 or new flagships, to go with OTL tube amps and the like.
I think head-fier Mad Lust Envy has had both.
 Yes, I did. It didn't have any effect on the SA-31, which is good since I'm using the remote with my Concero DAC. 
Reading this thread I realized there isn't a whole lot of information about how the amp actually sounds, especially compared to other amps.   My own very, very brief impressions:   Compared to the M-Stage, I found the SA-31 faster, brighter (neutral?), with a larger soundstage and much more powerful, yet controlled, bass. I preferred the M-Stage with Denons, but have preferred the SA-31 with everything else (particularly HE-500, T1).   Compared to the Bottlehead...
If you are currently using the M-Stage with the Q701 it could be that neither amp section would be an improvement. Which is a good thing, because then you could spend your money on a dedicated DAC, perhaps one from the Audio GD with balanced outputs (for future use).
 It doesn't seem to be possible with an ordinary Logitech remote or similar. There's an old thread about Audio GD remotes here:
Great rig, nserra! That's probably one of the most cost-effective, close-to-summit-fi rigs one can get.
In my experience the SA-31 needs plenty of burn-in, more so than any other amp, DAC or headphone I've owned. Perhaps the resistors are helping that process along (in addition to changing the output impedance and how the amp interacts with headphones)?
- Audnist HUD-MX1 - Audio-gd NBF-11 (currently use this) - Audio-gd SA-31
I also ordered HE-500s - can't wait to get them :-) Haven't heard anything yet, though. Any updates? Got the tracking number today, so it looks like they are shipping again.
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