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Well they were of course used, and in terms of durability, they work well. I didn't mean DJ as in throwing my body around on stage like a dubstep "performer" I DJ in more or less club and party settings.As for price points on the MM's, you can get them for 250~ on Amazon, and under 200 on eBay.I haven't heard the HDJ 2000's, but from why I've read, the Mixmaster has more appropriate bass for EDM, house, ect.. That I need.
I'm an active DJ, and am always listening portably. I can't stand the lack of isolation. Other than that the HD700 still hold the top spot for me in terms of open cans.
I would use them over the AKG 701, but I can't stand open backed headphones, just preference
Almost scared to ask out of fear of being stereotyped, but anyone on head-fi a furry? Would shock me if I was the ONLY one.
I got mine for 115$Totally worth it at that price point. I just think that Skullcandy is really stepping up their game, and with three new models of headphone coming out, I think soon enough they could be a big contender in the audiophile community. The MM's are by no means an audiophile can, the Aviator's fit that bill better, but they sound amazing.
Hear me out. I honestly think they deserve their own thread. Skullcandy really did a good job with the Mixmaster's. I can't be the only one who's used them. They, IMO, have a great SS for a pair of DJ headphones. And running a sweep between 20-15k~ Hz is quite interesting. When I did so with my Shure SRH-940's, the low end was full of clearly audible pits and bumps, with a near harsh high end. They MM's extend well on the low end, and have an overall smooth response all...
I got the MMM's in the mail and all I can say is wow..   Coming from the SRH-940's I wasn't really expecting this level of sound quality. It's like a mid-forward, controlled bass pair of Beats (The beats relation pertaining to their style, these things are sexy)   Kudos to you Skullcandy ^^ 
Coming from Inner-Fidelity, I wasn't expecting a positive review of the MMM's. I guess I could see where the treble needs to be a bit mellow compared to a few other reference cans i.e. the SRH-940.    Thanks for the video ^^
Probably seen this a million times now, but I just picked up a pair of the Skullcandy MixMaster's, and just wanna know what to expect. I've never had the chance to demo them, and grabbed them at a decent price because I needed a flashy pair of headphones for when I DJ, mix, ect..   Are they any good? And as for Skullcandy itself, I just read online that they are releasing another new *re-vamp* of a few of their popular models like the Skullcrusher and Lowrider. Any...
Might be interested
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