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Hear me out. I honestly think they deserve their own thread. Skullcandy really did a good job with the Mixmaster's. I can't be the only one who's used them. They, IMO, have a great SS for a pair of DJ headphones. And running a sweep between 20-15k~ Hz is quite interesting. When I did so with my Shure SRH-940's, the low end was full of clearly audible pits and bumps, with a near harsh high end. They MM's extend well on the low end, and have an overall smooth response all...
I got the MMM's in the mail and all I can say is wow..   Coming from the SRH-940's I wasn't really expecting this level of sound quality. It's like a mid-forward, controlled bass pair of Beats (The beats relation pertaining to their style, these things are sexy)   Kudos to you Skullcandy ^^ 
Coming from Inner-Fidelity, I wasn't expecting a positive review of the MMM's. I guess I could see where the treble needs to be a bit mellow compared to a few other reference cans i.e. the SRH-940.    Thanks for the video ^^
Probably seen this a million times now, but I just picked up a pair of the Skullcandy MixMaster's, and just wanna know what to expect. I've never had the chance to demo them, and grabbed them at a decent price because I needed a flashy pair of headphones for when I DJ, mix, ect..   Are they any good? And as for Skullcandy itself, I just read online that they are releasing another new *re-vamp* of a few of their popular models like the Skullcrusher and Lowrider. Any...
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Don't!!! I'd go for a pair of beats for 20$ They are a fun headphone at that price x3
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Believe me when I say that the claims of baseless-ness on the SRH-940's are completely false. I find that mine tend to almost be too heavy on the low end for some tracks. I produce progressive house/Dubstep, and they are perfectly balance for studio work. The DT880's I have heard and the also have enough bass, they both lack a bit of mid-bass, but a simple EQ will fix that no problem.The M-100's are warm, very warm. They tend to have a colored texture and when coupled with...
The M-100 is honestly the best portable headphone I've heard, barring the Momentum from Senn. They have noticeable bass emphasis, but unlike most consumer lines, place this emphasis in the sub-bass region rather than the mid bass. Mids are slightly recesse and highs are smooth. The recession in the mid range is not as noticeable as that of the M50 or DT770 though. I found them to be an enjoyable, and sexy pair of cans. That being said, you said you wanted studio monitors...
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