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This is crazy :U Not a single one :I
A lot of the reason people here on Head-fi, or what I see at least, is that a lot of the headphones that base their focus on style, and target younger audiences; i.e Beats, Skullcandy, SOL also included. I've heard the V8, V10, and V12, and of the group, the V10 +12 sound quite decent for their price points. It's just that a lot of headphone manufacturers sacrifice sound quality for style.    I'm pretty sure you knew ALL of this, but that's my honest opinion. I feel the...
**** ton of earpods, a few Sony ZX100's
Bose and Monster.. Monster being the new DNA line, and a pair of Diamond Tears. Skullcandy MixMasters :DD Saw another pair today and I totally stopped the girl. YES girl.
In all due respect, there are alot of headphones out there that people call "schit" because of hype, brand, or prejudice (towards headphones, rediculous).All the newer head fi'ers screaming Skullcandy and beats when the only thing really wrong with them is their price point. Look at the Skullcandy Hesh 2.0, and even the Aviator. Both well balanced, fun headphones.Now onto the subject at hand. My vote for worst sounding headphone goes to the Sony MDR-X10. Was expecting an...
Phillips Metro... They are so muddy and just unpleasant to listen with
  I love mine as well, the price tag is probably the only real problem to most people.
The Sony MDRex10lp's are the best sounding budget buds I've heard
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