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Females, and alot (in audiophile terms) of them!   Saw a girl with Diamond Tears who recognized my Copper's, we struck up a nice conversation about headgear.   Then later today on the way out of campus i saw a girl with M50's and another (ironically enough) with the Turbine Pro Gold's.   Was a good day :33 Other than that, I saw a lot of guys with Beats, and a couple of the newer XB series here and there.
Well, I just bought a pair of the Monster Turbine Pro Coppers and was blown away by their sound quality. They come with about 16 different pairs of tips so everyone can find a pair that's comfortable for themselves individually. Of all Monster headphones, they have the most audiophile SS of any. If you can find them for less than 300$, I would suggest them highly. Especially if you're looking at the M-100
I've used both and own the 280's. The HD380's have a slightly larger soundstage, and their bass presentation is much cleaner that the 280's.
That's it? Wow.. Takes a lot more than that to scare me away >.>
Ummm what? XD
This is crazy :U Not a single one :I
A lot of the reason people here on Head-fi, or what I see at least, is that a lot of the headphones that base their focus on style, and target younger audiences; i.e Beats, Skullcandy, SOL also included. I've heard the V8, V10, and V12, and of the group, the V10 +12 sound quite decent for their price points. It's just that a lot of headphone manufacturers sacrifice sound quality for style.    I'm pretty sure you knew ALL of this, but that's my honest opinion. I feel the...
**** ton of earpods, a few Sony ZX100's
Bose and Monster.. Monster being the new DNA line, and a pair of Diamond Tears. Skullcandy MixMasters :DD Saw another pair today and I totally stopped the girl. YES girl.
New Posts  All Forums: