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Gangham Style - Psy   No joke, they made the song listenable
  I'm wearing mine right now, they have a bit of a bright high end, but the bass is very much there. They don't have a huge bass impact... But its definitely enough for me, and I'm a self proclaimed basshead. Did you EQ them at all?
The M50's are NOT good for dubstep. If you want a lot of bass, go for a combo with the D2000's and an amp, or the Pro700mk2's from AT. If you don't care a whole lot about the mid range then you could go for the Sony XB500-700's they have a very exaggerated low end, more so on the 500's. The bass muddies the hell outta the sound, but it makes dubstep amazingly fun.  
Why do you hate them? A lot of people compare them to the HD800's give or take a few differences >.>
Any opinions?
Is it sad that I did the same thing with a pair of xb500's xD They got mad at me because that's all they heard was the muffled upper-mid range. (Not that the xb500's don't have the same problem but yeah)
I have.   The overall sound was very muddied before, the bass was very heavy. (The thing I liked about these in-ears is the fact the upper-mid range is very present and the vocals don't suffer near as bad as with the beats line) Now, the bass is VERY controlled, no flab with the kicks, and the sub-bass is perfect. Overall the sound is much more... I guess the only way I can put it is that it souns a lot cooler. I don't feel like my brain is in an oven...
Beats Studio > Shure SRH-940   I just laughed and walked away
Bump, i need feedback here :/ its really weird
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