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Is it sad that I did the same thing with a pair of xb500's xD They got mad at me because that's all they heard was the muffled upper-mid range. (Not that the xb500's don't have the same problem but yeah)
I have.   The overall sound was very muddied before, the bass was very heavy. (The thing I liked about these in-ears is the fact the upper-mid range is very present and the vocals don't suffer near as bad as with the beats line) Now, the bass is VERY controlled, no flab with the kicks, and the sub-bass is perfect. Overall the sound is much more... I guess the only way I can put it is that it souns a lot cooler. I don't feel like my brain is in an oven...
Beats Studio > Shure SRH-940   I just laughed and walked away
Bump, i need feedback here :/ its really weird
I bought a pair of the V-Moda bass Freq metals about a month ago just as a bass head treat away from my Shure 940's when I wanted to have a little fun listening to a warmer sound signature. I was actually insisting up my listening for my review of them just now and something strange happened. I'm using my iPhone 4 to power them and they sounded normal, I just now finished updating the software to the iOS6 and there is a huge difference sound, to the point that I was blown...
I would think a pair of IEM's would work best for you, a friend of mine had a condition that caused degenerative hearing loss and he was able to listen to music solely through the use of IEM's. Why not tackle some Sennheiser ie8's?
I remember when I heard hi-fi gear for the first time, my friends 770's. I take my Shure 940's to college and have yet to get a negative reaction, even from beats by dre users. They all want to trade, no thanks xD I did, however, get Offered a pair of K701's and an e7 Turned it down
I've been wanting a pair of these for a while, and I'm ready to pick up a pair. Please PM me if your have any up for sale
You could try the AD-700's Thay are a good audiophile headphone and would definitely change your listening experience with the metal/rock genres. I personally believe that the M50's are over-rated, their highs are shrill and the miss are recessed. Go for the AD-700's owo
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