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I have since found many emulators of the game that are hack free and well worth playing.
My DT770's get the most head time in my collection as well. But the MMM's are the best portable sub 200$ IMO
Had these for about three weeks. Powering them with a Fiio e07k. Absolutely the best EDM cans to date for me. The M100's were good, but the bass on the DT770's... WOW
I still think people are too harsh when looking at this game. It takes time to get used to, but it's a damn fun game when playing with a group of friends. Every time I get into a gun fight with other survivors, my heart races. Give it a chance, it can be really fun.
I've had more than enough time to get accustomed to listening with high tier cans, and as a result I find myself reluctant to use lower quality headphones because I can notice the change in SS/Fidelity whatever..   I have a weird issue with myself though because I have zero problem picking up most of the "higher" tier cans that skullcandy has been pumping out. The Hesh 2.0, Aviators, Mix Master, Fix In-ears, and the Crusher's all have a spot on my rack and I use them...
Don't even go there xD If you read inside the packaging for the Executives, Noel Lee is responsible for the design of the headphones.Doesn't matter who manufactures them.
Watch out, there's a bit of a major design flaw when looking at the headband. Regular use will cause cracks to appear. SKDY is aware of the issue and will replace any MMM's under warranty with photographic evidence! Thanks~
  Hey now, I never said I supported the devs. Here recently they have been a bit better about that kinda stuff. The game ITSELF though is amazing. xD
So this MMO-Survival horror game released a while back and even though it was hyped to be amazing, terrible reviews scared me away from it.   During the Steam Summer Sale though, it was only 3 dollars, so I grabbed it just to see how bad it really was.    To keep it short, it's incredible. I don't see why people prefer DayZ to it, this game is one of the best I've ever played.
^ that gave me lulz
New Posts  All Forums: