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Price drop bump! Great price if you want a HiFiMAN box.
6'3" and I only use 9 clicks.
I've fallen asleep with them on too and my cat will curl up on my lap and lull me to deep sleep until 7 or 8 in the morning when I'll go crawl in bed.
These are Revision 1 HE-300 and everything works perfectly. Comes with non-crappy Canare cable and awesome HiFiMAN Box for you collectors! They are currently modded (easily reversible) to remove the darker sound signature, and tape covering more bass holes to make them sound like Revision 3. I really liked these with my Modi/Vali but my HD 650s have completely replaced them. I'm also including the original soft velour pads and the new pleather pads. Feel free to ask...
Indeed. My HE-300 was so boring with the Magni but great with the Vali. The HD 600/HD 650 are leagues ahead of the HiFiMANs though.
The Magni and Vali are quite different... The Magni is flat, dry, and gets the job done; the Vali is wet and sounds much higher end than the Magni.
My HD 650s are in a HD 580 headband and my right swivel is very stiff. I was wondering how to fix it too.
How much was your repair and what did they fix?
April Fools!
I've never heard them, but iBasso makes pretty solid products so they should be good. You just have to listen to them and decided that for yourself!As for your DAC/Amp recommendation I would honestly say the Schiit Modi/Vali stack would be the only real option for under $350 unless you have all the DIY kit for building a Bottlehead Crack and getting a Behringer UCA202 DAC.
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