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It's Midnight Blue. Geez!
I have a Sony Bloggie, but my iPhone is far superior in this day and age. I'd like to get a Sony RX100 so I'll be watching Black Friday deals. But my iPhone, dang. Phase Detection focus, live exposure control, f/2.2 aperture, 1080p at 60fps. Plus it's pretty good at creating depth of field. I took this photo and only did a little post processing in Snapseed.
Thanks for the suggestion, I was using my wife's DSLR that had a broken focus switch. I couldn't fix my focus so it kept hunting. I'm probably going to shoot my future videos with my iPhone 6 for ease of use,
Most indeededly! plug
Modi+Vali is the correct answer
Is it leather though?
You just have to press firmly to attach the plastic rings
I'm a Music Fan You're a Music Fan You're so close to your favourite act you can almost touch them! Whether it's Lady Gaga or Radio Gaga you love losing yourself in the fun, chaos and beauty of some live music and culture. You're always first to know when a new act has music out or a hot up and coming actor is about to open a new show. You love to explore new things. You're inquisitive and have a really vivid imagination. You really pride yourself on being the first...
These headphones are funny... I put them on when I don't have another pair, but end up wearing them for days and forget to switch back to my nicer gear.
I'm getting more and more into IEMs and have quite a few other pairs to compare to. I'm very interested and can also do a video review if you'd like!
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