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 So far I have only sorb'd my stock pair, and no rabbit-holing required. Just take off the pads and slap on some sorb-squares. Simplest 90's mod out there :-) My stock pair sounded rather awesome to my ears quite frankly. But I've experienced the power of the sorb - and I trust nick's impressions - so it was a no brainer to try, especially since it's such an easy and easily reversible mod. To me, the bass is fuller, tighter and more layered, and the soundstage is more...
Awesome - it was destined to be done! I'm glad the sorbification works on them :-)
 Interesting. I just tried what you suggested, and yeah, I like whatever that "crossover switch" is doing quite a bit. Now I just need to learn what a "crossover switch" does lol. Anyway, does the e11k have a similar switch? Btw, my E12 has an actual crossover button, but I've never tried it out (and it's not with me at this moment).
 Yeah, I've never heard the e11k, so I wasn't comparing the two. But you knew that :-) I like it a lot better than my e11, but I know the e11k is supposed to be better than the e11.  One thing I really like with the BH amp is the SF=on switch which seems open up the soundstage to my liking with a lot of my gear. You probably have a better description for what that switch does. Anyway, I found the e11 (and e12) to slighly close off the soundstage, so I prefer the BH with...
 I just did a quick search. Here's one link (the BH2 is the same as the BH except with replaceable battery): http://www.shenzhenaudio.com/c-c-bh2-portable-headphone-amplifier-battery-amplifier.html Btw, one of the things I like about the combo is that they are essentially the same size. I attach them together at the top using some 3M velcro stuff (can't remember what it's called), and then quite often clip it into my pocket (like you would a clip zip).  
 http://www.head-fi.org/t/638757/koss-ksc75s-dont-forget-this-giant-killer-in-all-the-hidden-gem-hype/705#post_11944463 http://www.amazon.com/Koss-155475-SportaPro-Stereo-Headphones/dp/B00001P505/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1445627585&sr=8-1&keywords=sportapro
 Nicely done! I think that works out to $18CN shipped to Canada. Beats the $32.85 shipped from Parts Express. Good work! May you sell gazillions of them! 
 That thing looks friggin' awsome, and the price ain't bad at all. I've got tube amp fever, and cowbell ain't gonna cure it. Is this the one???
Dogs, spoons, lobsters, Syrian Lannisters... I'm with you bro!
Excellent review
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