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Interesting. I have the orig 770 and the orig fw, and I've never stopped enjoying the bright HO. So I suppose I'll just leave good enough alone!
 Cool! Thanks for being the maverick - I may very well do the same thing with mine now, because the only thing that really holds me back from using them are the clunky earhooks. You're the man!
I've happily had the X1's for a few years now. Just read over the last two months of X2 posts here, and it's great to see so much love for the X2's. Gonna have to get my ears in them one of these days!
 http://www.head-fi.org/t/771174/fidue-a73-hybrid-1dd-1ba-iem-impressions-and-discussion-thread I don't have the A73, but based on the overwhelming number of trusted good impressions, they will be very good. http://www.head-fi.org/t/744083/dunu-titan-1-titanium-coated-diaphragm-half-in-ear-earphones I do have the Titan1's, and they are very good. They can be had for $79US + $12US shipping from massdrop periodically.
 The SQ is pretty wondrous for the price. But yes, some have gone insane due to that cable 
 jdog, whatcha doing over here! You're supposed to be happily fulfilling all things "xeulin guru"! Anyway thanks for posting that. And thankfully I missed it! Which makes my 770 very happy... which is okay, because my 770 makes me very happy :-) 
Personal reminder: don't read kleedurd's 1350 impressions - they make me lust for them all over again lol!
Ha! Ironic coming from the evil originator of this evil thread lol!
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