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 Or we could just be being fed ******** and we don't really have a clue why the delays.
 Keep in mind that my experience with high end DAPs is null, but in general I have found the 770 to have amazing SQ (without external amp) relative to what I am used to and performs amazingly well with most of my headphones. It truly does transform many of them. Most of my iems sounds quite amazing through it as well (for instance, right now I'm being blown away by how good the kc06 is sounding off of it). It doesn't hurt that there are so many options with the 770 (output...
I recently got the Ihifi 770 DAP, and I am very pleased with the synergy with most of my headphones. One notable pairing is with the X1 - no additional amp required, and the sound is amazing. The bass is tightened up and controlled very nicely, micro details abound, imaging and separation is wonderful, lovely timbre and musicality. I'm really loving it.    The 770 has a lot of redeeming qualities (ie battery life, size, looks, different sounding HO's), but the UI might...
 of 2016 
 Whew - can't be shipped outside of the U.S.... dodged a deal thread bullet!
 Been busy, but I'll try to get my poop together soon in this regard! I wish I had one of those fiio input switches..
 +1. I'm giving the Magenta album a spin on spotify, and I'm definitely digging it.
 Funny, I searched out more of his stuff, and it only took a few samples of "It Only Happens Once" to know that I should download it. So I started the download, and then saw your post lol! Yup, pretty amazing stuff, and very different (at least to my ears). Edit: I seem to have subscribed to your newsletter... downloading! 
 That was really good. I really love the last track. Thanks.
 I will get back to you on that. I'll try to compare the C3 versus 770, and the C3/BH versus 770.  Thanks jdog! I am getting more used to the buttons locations, but I still would appreciate some help especially in low light situations where I'm often using it (I find the button light coming on after I press it to be somewhat useless!). I really do hope they address via firmware, and I am going to see if I can make contact with them about it.  Ok, I won't feel guilty about...
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