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 I find that the mids do sit back a bit farther with these pads, but I hadn't thought they were being sucked out. But I'm not an expert and I seem to be sensitive to upper mids, so quite possibly the mids are being sucked out to some degree and that simply works better for my ears (as far as the mt220's are concerned). Anyway, looking forward to your further impressions.
 Good scoop. EVERYBODY - JUST DO IT! I just got mine put on, and holy crap do they ever transform the mt220's sound into something glorious to my ears. Deeper and more glorious soundstage. Bass not as much mid-bass slam but seems bigger somehow... the energy seems to be transferred from mid-bass to the sub-bass, and I love it (less fatiguing but bigger - awesome). And the upper mids which had a tendency to glare at me at times (edit: actually, cymbals etc) and were a bit...
 Kinda just like the sony 100aap's - cool!  Seriously, I like your description of them - I think I'd like the signature. And less clampy is always good (that's the one thing I can't handle about the 90's - the amperiors are much less clampy also). It would have been awesome if they folded up - oh well, at least the cups go flat. Maybe they'll come out with a bluetooth version of the H2's some day :-)
 I'll say! Good to see you here Lors!
The amperiors sound great. They can occasionally be found used for a good price.
Cool. How do they compare ro the mikros 90's?
 You, your efforts, and your earbuds are definitely all appreciated Lee! Kudos to you!What I don't understand is, how can you sell the Monks for that price? Hopefully you're making at least some profit off of them. Then again, selling them for that price most likely will result in Monk world domination, and many people will be wanting to get the Zens after hearing the Monks. So it's all good!
 Lol!  Dunno. Lee? @zhibli06 
 Fwiw, I have the same issue when connecting headphones or iems that have phone mics on the cable into my xeulin 770 player. Something about the 770 not being able to handle the 4-pole connector. It's very disconcerting when you first hear that weirdness lol. Luckily I have an adapter that fixes it (but it's still a pain in the butt).
Excellent info - wish I'd mentioned it!
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