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Yeah, sorry for your wallet for sure! After a while and after your wallet has been chronically abused, you try to help out a brother so that at least the pain will be worth it - hence the douza tip. Having said that, /everyone/ should have a b3 in their collection... so very sorry for your wallet lol!
Just trying to do you a favour... I don't have them yet, but a lot of respected front running folks are comparing them somewhat favourably to iems like the fx850's and ckr9/10's... which cost mucho more. And the hype is just starting. Just sayin'!
(C) zero audio douza
Yeah, I was just being silly. I thought I was evolving to being a more balanced guy, and I thought I was out, but then I listen to an iem like the A71..
 Ok. I haven't carbon dated myself lately, but I am definitely not younger lol. But I guess I like that warmer signature (and have a bit of an aversion to sibilance or brighter signatures).  I agree and disagree. If the A71's are used with warmer sounding sources or with smaller bore tips etc that increase bass, then yes I agree. But with more neutral sounding sources and wider bore tips, I don't find that the bass bleeds into the mid-range or masks details, and if a...
 Now that image makes me feel at home lol! Somebody needs to start an "Unorganized audio geek picture" thread. I'll happily contribute every day!
 I'm not sure what you mean by "demographic", since I'm not sure that demographics correlate with preferred sound signatures. Anyway, I think it's cool/fine/good that you are providing your opinion. I'm just trying to get a feel for what your particular preferences are, and they seem to be towards brighter and more detailed iems in general. Would you agree? Btw, I have the Tpeos H200's which I think are fantastic, but I find that I enjoy the A71's even more. So I go back...
 Great pic! But you are way to organized lol!
 Obviously the A71's are a "lovem or hatem" kind of iem based on preferences. Which iems do you love?
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