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 Thanks. That one might work... it's english at least, but the fonts are tiny and the layout's a bit whacked.  Thanks also. When I go to that one on my PC (firefox or chrome), it's not english. I went to it on my Samsung tablet and it's english there. Strange stuff indeed. At any rate, mission accomplished!
The Asura's might be the logical choice for you.
 We'll see!: http://www.head-fi.org/t/759219/ve-a-new-and-impressive-earbuds-brand/1665#post_11994806
Some discussions I've been having with @goodyfresh in another thread:      If anyone feels that they can provide goody with some useful info (or measurements), please do so! Thanks.
 I can't speak for all earbuds because I was initiated with the VE Zens. But here are some reviews: http://www.head-fi.org/products/ve-zen/reviews/12756http://www.head-fi.org/products/ve-zen/reviews I honestly think that you would be surprised with the Zens. Anyway, your points are interesting and I might discuss them further over in the VE thread. Thanks.
 I dunno man, the Zens produce some amazing sound. I guess I like crappy bass response and high distortion levels :-)
Is there an english Aliexpress link to get the Monk's?
 Yeah. West coast fans would never have done that! (sadly, we just riot instead)
 You're probably right. But it's nice to dream! And wouldn't those 100aap's look cool lol?  Thanks for the thoughts and suggestions (and yes, Paul knows stuff lol). It's not that all iems have been really uncomfortable for me. In fact, the titan1's have typically been fine. The "problem" I think is that I have been using earbuds much more lately (because the VE Zens rock!) and have become accustomed to how comfortable they are, and how they let the ear canals breath, and...
 Sadly I can't celebrate a Canadian west coast team, so yeah, Go Jays Go!  That 7th inning was the wildest inning I've ever seen. Wow.
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