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 I agree!    I agree! Actually, based on Doc and others, I know that the Pono is great/awesome. And it's a pretty safe assumption that the X7 will also be great/awesome (and it will support streaming - coolio). But the Pono is $300-400, and the X7 will be $700, so for something that sounds awesome at $100 (to tie oneself over until forking over the big ass $$$), the Xuelin 770C is a great option! :-)
 Can't help you with the X2, but the Xuelin 770C - while not being super slick functionality wise - is a damn sweet sounding and good looking DAP for around $100. 
 For me they sure are! They are my main eargasmic gizmos!
 The great Wokei has returneth! All praise Wokei!
 I have slight tinnitus in my left ear that only seems to flair up with brighter gear, so this is something I'd have to watch out for I suppose. I even have to watch out for it with the Titan1's. I'm sure that your Duke foobar2000 EQ would do the trick, but I haven't used EQ with my portable devices for quite a while. Maybe I'd rethink that though if the Duke is all that! p.s. I am still using and loving @Joe Bloggs's Zen foobar2000 config - I use it with all of my gear :-)
 I'm waiting for you to get the Zens balanced so that you can torture me even more lol!
  Awesome!  And more awesome!
 You're dangerous doc. I'm already having a very tough time resisting the Pono largely due to you. The HE1K's are pricey enough for me that resistance is not entirely futile for them. But now you bring up some unknown "acs Encores"? When does it end lol!
 Sweet - thanks mochill!
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