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 In that case, I'll take them! Also, I like their looks... sign me up! 
I'm not looking for my next purchase. I'm just constantly on the prowl for things to test my resistance :-)
Mochill, don't they stick out to much for sleeping with?
 Indeed! So how did I manage to get sucked in LOL!
 These are the kinds of things that I don't need to read lol!
 Strange but true story.... I had previously gone down the rabbit hole and removed the material covering the holes. Ended up with imbalanced bass in left driver for some reason. Fixed with partial left hole coverage via label material. Still felt the bass was a bit too much in both drivers, so covered both holes with elastoplast bandaid material. Have been loving them this way for about a month. Figured the bass amount is more than stock, but couldn't say for sure. Figured...
 C&C BH amp does the deed.
Seems like you've been smokin' a few too many!
Three words keep coming to mind: Hook. Line. & Sinker!
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