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Anyway, another discover for me are the Vmoda Bliss 3.0 fittings iem tips:    4 pair for $5. I am loving the large clear on many of my iems. They look cool. They fit well and are very comfortable. And imo they make many iems sound optimal.   Shout out to @nick n for recommending them!
 Lol! You are a pal!
 Wow, very awesome of you to document the mods in so much detail! Wow.  LOL! We do what we can (from our armchairs of course) to stress out you modding geniuses as much as we possibly can! Seriously though, thank you both many times over. As a result, I am blessed with a pair of incredibly amazing sounding T50RP's. I'm not sure if I deserve them (actually, I'm sure that I don't!), but I got them!  Thank you both again! 
 I use them occasionally at the gym. The ear hooks are an advantage, but you're right, it is important to have a good fit and seal or else they pop out. I've achieved that with the comply tx and tsx500 tips, the ue900 tips, and with the vmoda bliss 3.0 tips, and they stay in well. Not sure about jogging though. The only reason I don't use them more often at the gym is because they don't isolate as well as my h200's do (I really like to block out the secondary sound at the...
What I need to discover is how NOT to like ALL of my stuff so that I can sell at least SOME of it! How can I sell any of my stuff (to buy more goodies of course!) when I like it all? I'm cursed.
@Metalomaniac, I'm using vmoda bliss tips (large, clear), and loving them on the m200's (and on my h200's for that matter). $5 for 4 pairs. Really comfortable. Great seal. Beautiful sound!
@Lorspeaker did something very similar I think. Maybe he will pipe up.
^ Lol!
 Hey, they're the only headphones that I've ever worn out in public. I gotta believe that they look okay!
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