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Fidue a71. Bass is great. Mids are great. Vocals are great.
I love the A71's for trance. Great bass. $79.
 If you haven't read this spanish review, it's quite informative (especially the SOUND section):
 Two HO's, and one is flat.
 And also make sure you try EQ=NORMAL versus EQ=MSEQ with MSEQ=LEQ (with both HOs).   Me too!   The 800 looks really interesting. I'm lusting after all of those buttons lol. But yeah, the SQ had better not be sacrificed.  Right back atcha jdog! Have a great one.
 Well, I can't speak for the people you are referring to... I don't have golden ears, and I don't really have any need or desire for the $1K, $2K, $10K iems, headphones or daps (except that this addiction seems to brainwash me into thinking I do lol!). Still, I still wouldn't mind getting all of my collection over to lossless and someday I will.. and hopefully the DAPs at that point will also have more onboard storage to better accommodate my new found gargantuan storage...
 I wish I could help you, but I haven't heard any of those (only the Colorfly C3 and mighty Kogan and Clip Zip lol). I'm pretty sure that the 770c won't be warm like the X1 though. I find the 770 to be pretty neutral, especially it's "output A" (or is that B lol?). Anyway, one of the outputs is relatively flat and a lot of people really like it, and the other one provides a bit more of a v-shaped sound. I actually like the v-shaped output, because it boosts bass just a...
I somehow skipped listening to the A71's for an entire day! They are back in my ears now, and man, they still do not suck. I won't deprave my ears like that again!     Edit: I meant "deprive my ears", but "deprave" works too I suppose!
Sure olddude, it can be done. And it's fine that you are happy dealing with it that way. But on the flip side, there is absolutely nothing wrong with other people (aka me) wishing for more available space because they don't enjoy dealing with multiple expensive cards, or dealing with with transferring files back and forth to their cards, and there is nothing wrong with people wishing that they could have as much as possible of their music collection on the device. I think...
 You vote for the CTC "Bliss" mp3 player here: 
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