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 You avatar... V7... good headphone!
I've only read this far so far, but you guys are killing me with these T5 descriptions!Repeat after me: I love my t1's and don't need the t5's. I love my t1's and don't need the t5's. I love my t1's and don't need the t5's.
 Thanks. Are they as good as sandisk?
[[SPOILER]]  Good stuff! Looks easy enough - I may fool around with that as well. And maybe see how some sorb affects things.
@VirtualBoost, you may want to look into the new sony 100aap's. Very comfy, and they soung great. http://www.head-fi.org/t/779750/sony-h-ear-on-mdr-100aap-199-hi-res-audio-over-ear-headphones/1020_30#post_12099269
 Awesome dude! Glad you finally got them. That means that mine should be arriving soon as well.
Yeah, I really wanted to get them. Couldn't do it.
And don't forget that the hp50's headband looks WAY cooler ;-)
 I think you mentioned Bass Communion before. Definitely have to check that out - thanks!  Indeed! If I could only have one artist's music on a desert island, it would be his. p.s. Signify and Stupid Dreams and his solo The Raven That Refused to Sing are all awesome as well. p.p.s. if you ever get a chance to see Steven Wilson live, you know what to do. I recently saw his Hand Cannot Erase concert. Mind blown. Yup. I really want to get my ears on his Yes and King Crimson...
 Only the greatest band on earth lol! Below are just a few of their many many awesome songs. The main force behind Porcupine Tree is Steven Wilson, and his solo work is incredible as well.  [[SPOILER]]
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