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 Too many no brainers lol! I'm still back in the stone ages and considering the fx850's. And in more modern times, the douza's. Prices are pretty low for both of them on amazon japan right now... As far as the T2's are concerned, they are very tempting as well. I think though that I'll wait for some impressions on them first, and to make sure that they are not bass shy. So once again, thank you very much for your invaluable discovery services! Edit: Fyi, I see that the...
 Wow, you are the man! Very cool. Really interested in how the 1000's and 2000's sound.
Started sampling some "new releases" on spotify and really enjoyed this album:  Dorothy – DOROTHY Good stuff. Love discovering stuff like this. [[SPOILER]]
 We'll see how they stack up to those awesome Elecom 3570's that you should be receiving sometime in 2015 lol
 Good idea.  Indeed!
In the spirit of not letting the discovery thread go a day without a post, how goes the zero audio douza hype?   Any others getting on board the train? I'm precariously close.
 My "off the cuff" thought is that I highly doubt that they would go back to that design.
I'm still on a quest for a good looking, great sounding, gym headphone. All of the young punks are wearing the beats studios (I think). As much as I try to stay the headfi line, they look fine and sound good. But $300.. I also see a few nice looking sony's at the gym. I like sony (at least my vintage sony's), so I could see myself going there. Any suggestions?
 My read is that he was being humorous and wasn't directing the Maserati comment at you specifically.  I hadn't read the above when I posted my comments, but there you have it lol
 I haven't tried the DX50 so I can't comment on that. As far as the 770 is concerned though, I pretty much exclusively use the "more bass and treble" out. It doesn't elevate either too much, but just adds a bit of musical spice that I enjoy. The 770 is a fairly flat/neutral player, although it might lean slightly towards warmness. So you're not going to get excessive bass or excessive highs out of it. At first I was a bit concerned about whether or not the bass would...
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