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 You're just becoming a sophisticated audiophile. Or old. Lol! Either way, I'm sure you'll really like the PM3's. Very nice bass as it is. And when I feel the need to indulge in my unsophisticated side (lol), it handles the C5's bass boost very nicely (and sounds really great with the E12(v1) bass boost).
Sorry, dunno. Might not be a good idea. Jdog might have a useful opinion.
You will be a hero if it works!
 Are earbuds uncomfortable for you?
 Indeed. Anybody want some A71's lol?  Between you and Danny, the A73 force is strong!  I've been seriously content with the VE Zen's, Asura's and Titan1's, and they have done a good job of temporarily cauterizing the addiction. I've been trying to ignore your ASG talk, and now the A73/E80 talk. Good luck to me lol! I've had the Oppo PM3's (from tour) for the last week. Man, these things are pretty fantastic. I must becoming a "neutral head", because these things sound...
 High praise for the A73's indeed - way to get them to the top of my radar!
 Time for some very enjoyable listening as well!
 Btw, sorry to hear the above - that's brutal. Somewhat traumatic as well I bet. I can see why you are extra-careful with what you take out with you now.
 I've heard good things about the M50x a well, so definitely worth consideration. And as chailee80 mentioned, the m500's are really nice (except that they don't stay on the head very well). If you are looking for portable headphones, this thread might be helpful:http://www.head-fi.org/t/672743/comparisons-25-of-the-top-closed-portable-headphones-around
 I love the Zens. And you're killing me with all of this "Zen+Pono synergy" talk. Must. Get. Pono!  Although a Zen review is not mandatory, I agree with you that they deserve it.  I enjoy the Asura's as well. More bassier sounds great with EDM/trance etc. I fall asleep listening to them (I don't want to subject the Zens to the sleep-torture test). So I'm interested in your experiment :-) Back OT... Must. Get. Pono!
New Posts  All Forums: