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Wow, I didn't know about his passing. Total bummer. Loved that guy.
  Between you two and Dsnuts/DannyBai/ericp10, resistance is definitely withering!
 And? Inquiring minds must know! :-)   Nice work you two!
 I wouldn't be horrified if I made the ckr9's next on my hit list! :-)
 Right on - thanks for checking out the B3/C3/BH trifecta! I'm really looking forward to them now. They sure are power hungry little beasties - I'm glad the BH can handle them easily on high gain :) Edit: Btw, can the clip zip power them at all?  Ha! Now I'm really really looking forward to them! 
@nick n, it's the havi h3 pro1's that you should be getting in a few weeks :-) Just make sure you relinquish them to me lol
Cool Leo! Btw, my pre-order seems to have just changed to "awaiting shipment".. also cool!
 Lol! As long as they feel as good on/in my ears as the Mikros 90's do, then they should be fine! Seriously though, your endorsement of the B3's was one nail in the coffin - so thanks!
 Done! It will be a while before I get them though. LMEU ran out and they are now on pre-order. Allso, I have to get them shipped to a buddy who will then get them to me.. (long story). But at some point - probably a month or so from now - I will have those 3D puppies in my ears!
Thanks @H20Fidelity :-) I don't need the nth degree of detail, but I love awesome staging, so I just need to log in onto my computer and get the order done!
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