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 Ok, I didn't realize that you have burned them in somewhat. If you could wait until the 150 hour mark, you might be surprised. Having said that, they are probably just not for you. Good luck!
 I don't get it. Are you "distressed" because they require burn in?
Hey 1Trick! Yeah, love both zens. I generally find buds more comfy, but it couldn't hurt having some awesome iems could it?!Bought the walnut recently! But am quasi-lusting over the x10 and m1s, and really lusting over the x5iii due to ultimately also wanting streaming capability and multiple card slots. Maybe the $29 walnut will tie me over for a while lol.
I have the NH's, and you're making me want the A4's even more now!
 I'm not that familiar with the X5ii. I see that it costs twice as much as the X10 though, so that is quite a bit more expensive. If the X10 has comparable SQ, then it's a pretty good deal imo (even if it doesn't have as many features, and you can live with it's shortcomings).
 Cool! I can't wait to try that combo myself. My first Walnut got trapped in Taobao non-English shipping agent hell, but I somehow managed to get it shipped back to the seller and get a refund.  I ordered my 2nd Walnut off of ebay (like I should have done in the 1st place), and fortunately it just barely escaped China before the new year festivities got fully under way. So only 1 more month wait lol!
 I don't understand. Aren't both the Opus#1 and the i5 in the $400-$500US range?
 Really looking forward to your impressions of Fulla 2 and Nighthawks!
  Nice to see you continually improving with firmware updates. Kudos! Is it on the list to support location-based resume play (as opposed to resuming play from the beginning of the track)?
 Really looking for your impressions jdog!
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