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 And also on the headphones. I'm liking the c5 bass boost with my AD900'sx and T50RP's. And maybe mood is a factor - I think I might be in more of a basshead mood today!  They are driving my Nickerfied T50RP's no problemo :-)
Anyone, please post the Alliexpress link for the Zens. Thanks!
 Well, I can't speak for the Sport 2, but imo everyone should have the ksc75 just because. If you keep them on their ear clips, you gotta be okay with ear clips. The headband is much better imo - here's a good related video:  With the headband, they stay on the head/ears fine, so that would be okay for running/gym. But, don't except much in the way isolation.
 Yes, they are repulsive lol
Day 1 with c5...   - 3 hours to charge seems like an eternity when you're staring at it and waiting for your first listen lol   - Currently listening to laptop -> foobar2000 -> hifimediy u2 dac -> c5 -> VE Zen earbuds. Sounds amazing.   - In summary, the hype for the c5's sound is correct and justified. Compared to the E12(v1), it sounds a bit brighter, more open/airy with better instrument separation, and has a wider soundstage. This was exactly what I was looking...
Case in point!, I can now get off of my bi-annual ksc75 pedestal :-)
 The reason I suggested them are: (a) they are classics; (b) they are $15; (c) they sound rather amazing; and (d) they can be used to make better audio gear decisions later on. For example, if you are considering some $200 headphones down the road (don't laugh - it will happen), you might want to reconsider them if they don't sound as good as the $15 ksc75's. Btw, many people (myself included) put the ksc75 drivers onto a headband (a popular one is the parts express...
 Yeah, those V7's are amazing and provide the other "perfect balance and sound signature for my ears" lol.
 Maxx134 out of the woodwork! I'm not sure if anyone other than myself is enjoying the "latest latest" nickerfied mods - I just got them back last week - and @nick n would have to chime in with exactly what vodoo magic he did to them. One thing he did was get the pads stuck on well, so that alone is pretty cool. I actually loved the SQ out of my pair before sending them back to Nick, but he somehow managed to improve upon the SQ even more. A bit more bass than previously,...
 Awesome d marc0! I'm glad that you're being able to listen to them, and that you are enjoying them so much.
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