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You my friend got "Monk'd"! You're in the 1% of people who aren't happy about it. The other 99% ARE happy that they got Monk'd lol
I had the gr07's, and I sold them due to the sibilance. The nighthawks don't exhibit sibilance at all! This whole conversation is bizarre.
Thanks for that reminder! I've always only been using out2 on my BH, but I should try out1 as well with my buds :-)
 Sheesh, I've only listened to them naked so far and am uber-impressed.  Lee @zhibli06 and KK, another stunning achievement! 
Me and my Monks are gonna party pack on!  
 You've got me pretty intrigued with the DF Red. I recently got a ZuperDAC, and really like the NH's off of it when at my computer. The problem is that I also really like using the ZuperDAC off of my phone for mobile bliss with my other more portable headphones/iems, so I'm frequently swapping the ZuperDAC between my computer and phone which is silly. I was seriously considering getting another ZuperDAC, but now the DF Red is in my skull lol
 Tactical error lol!
 I was going to joke that the C3 has now been rockboxed. But that would just be plain mean.
 Can't argue that. The dt1350's give them a run for the money lol
 If you like that clearer signature, you should try the Mikros 90's or Yammy Mt220's one of these days!  Seriously, I still love both of those suckers. And also seriously, I can't wait to get the Monk+'s!
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