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Why is that? I have a thinkpad x220 laptop (foobar2000) to zuperdac, and my Samsung S5 (uapp) to zuperdac. They both sound fantastic and essentially the same (although I admit to not having gokden ears).
Thanks. I'm looking forward to your ongoing impressions.
I see you are getting the dragonfly red. How does the zuperdac compare?
 Yer welcome! Try this: File, Preferences, Playback, DSP manager, Click on Down Arrow beside "DSP Chain Presets"; select "Default: Stock foobar2000"; Load.
Well, what do you expect... they are The Hip after all! :-)
 I checked out the bMac. Looks interesting. Too bad it can't be charged via usb micro though.
 We need a "golov17 earbud express thread" to keep track of all of your buds and to keep track of your impressions of them all!
 Yes, that could be it. Or possibly we simply hear things differently. I'm using the Zuperdac, and to me the Monks sound great off of it. From what I've read so far, the Dragonfly Black is very good, but maybe it wouldn't be for me if it affects the Monk+'s negatively. Fwiw, I'm still waiting to find direct comparisons between the zuperdac and DFB.
Wow, you have different Monk+'s than I have!
Yes, a VE headphone would be very hard to resist!
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