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Excellent advice. Largely applies to the zuperdac as well.
This is good advice fro the dragonfly thread... the zuperdac via usb audio player pro on my S5 sounds stellar and much better than using the android drivers: "Hey man, welcome to the thread. Ok, I'm going to speak solely for your galaxy s5. Download the trial of usb audio player pro. Through that app connect to Tidal, set the hardware volume at about 70% and turn down the player volume. Start your FLAC music and gradually turn up the volume. Volume is completely...
Hey @RedJohn456, glad you're enjoying it! I in turn have to give a shout out to @nick n who kept re-reminding me about the zuperdac until I finally got one (actually two now). I'm looking forward to your ongoing impressions!
 Okay. Thanks for the explanation. I'm also not thrilled that Xduoo isn't fixing the pitch problem, but I pretty much knew all of the X3's warts and purchased it anyway because I'm planning on rockboxing it and with that particular pitch wart burned off, the X3 seems like awesome value for the money (great SQ, multi slots, hi res playback, buttons, excellent price). Having said that, mine still hasn't arrived (left Hongkong on May10), so I'm now trying to decide what to do...
 What are you talking about?
 Indeed! I also LOVE how the mystery drivers in your avatar sound!
 I hope you like earbuds lol! Well, you probably will. I'm surprised though that you didn't just start with the Monk+'s and go from there, but if the other ones are anywhere as good as the Monk+'s, then you're golden :-)
 Brooko's review is a great resource. You'll want to play around with them though. Currently for me:- Monk orig = red donut- Monk + = double full thin foams- Zen 1.0 = red donut- Zen 2.0 = in the buff. They sit in the ears loosely, but I only wear them around the home. The Monk+ with double full thin foams fits nice and snugly in the ear, so I could wear them at the gym if I wanted (but I don't because they wouldn't isolate enough). But I do wear them on the go very often.
That will be your first monk of many lol
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