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 Hell, you can get $100 (C3) or $180 (ihifi 770) players that won't do either for you lol! (Doesn't stop me from loving either one though).
 Brave man not to append a  after that!
 It was a bastard child... it was the facelift version, except that the cups looked like the original (everything else, such as pads & headband, was facelift).
What's going on? Where are the rave reviews? Am I not supposed to feel complete and utter remorse for having missed out??? C'mon people... lets get the hype on!
 Yup. Say no to Tequilla. And to being a scumbag.
 I only had mine for 2 weeks and returned them due to the squeeze (and due to kinda realizing that "on ears" just ain't for me). But I prolly should have kept them if what you are saying is true... because now it seems that I am destined to be tortured every time someone posts wonderful things about them in this thread! Come to think of it, you were the original hypster that got me interested in them (not this thread, but somewhere). So it's nice to see that you are still...
 I love that guy! Great actor..   
 Are you referring to this?:  If so, I'm surprised given the majority of positive reviews I've read about them!
 Cool. I need to either get my Ritmix exchanged, or get new firmware on it which would probably take care of it's issues. I wonder if I could somehow source that latest firmware...
Are you allowed to post to links to the for sale thread? Anyway, there are some Fidelio X1's in there for $165 (including vmoda cable) which imo is a great deal.
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