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 Exact same story here! Finally dug them out due to @RedJohn456 recent rantings, and have been really enjoying them. Not sure if it's because my hearing/brain/preferences have changed, or if it's due to the Zuperdac's goodness, or possibly even these mandarin foams that I'm using on them:  Either way, I'm really enjoying the B3's like never before :-)
 Tbh, I'm not familiar with the HTC10, so I can't really say. Therefore I will defer to what MikeyFresh said :-) But if you are considering the DFB, you should also consider the ZuperDAC (which is $75). I have the zuperdac and it's really nice. My guess is that it compares quite favorably to the DFB, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find any comparisons yet. 
 Fixed that for you. And the answer is, any phone with a dragon fly black or zuperdac :-)
Excellent. Then again, I'm not so surprised because I love the synergy of all of my gear off of the zuper. For the record, I do have an amp (c5 or b3) hooked up to the zuper off of my laptop - for my planars and for the volume control. But off of my Samsung S5, it's just the UAPP app and the zuperdac for portable audio bliss.
I just have to pop in here every now and then and state how ridiculously good the Monks are. For any price. Let alone for the comical price of $5. Thanks again Lee (& KK)!
 Yes, I'm pretty sure I will. I'm not thrilled that rockbox downsamples hi res files, but to be honest I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway.
 The biggest thing for me was lack of buttons (touch screen). I use my dap when falling asleep. The 770 has a sleep timer and auto-resume which is great, and often in the middle of the night I want to resume it and get the trance going again to lull me back to sleep. But with the 770 there is no way I can get play resumed without staring at the screen and waking myself up. I presume that with the X3 and all of it's buttons, getting play resumed again could be done by...
 Yeah, I'll have to try that. I was using beach volleyball, but I tore my calf muscle and am now hobbling around. So much for stress reduction! Yoga here I come..
 What keeps me very happy is my Samsung S5 + UAPP app + ZuperDAC ($75). Stellar SQ. And Tidal streaming as well. I use that combo 90% of the time when on the go.  [[SPOILER]]  I really only need a DAP for the rest of the time, and the X3 would have fit the bill very nicely (had it arrived). I had a Xeulin 770 before for my 10% DAP duties, but I lost it. Which was a drag because that sucker sounded very good. But it wasn't perfect for me, so I was kind of excited to get the...
 Fwiw, a while back there was a $20 coupon at TOMTOP, and I got my X3 shipped for $89US. Well, I'm still waiting to get it, but that's another story (some other folks who took advantage of the deal did manage to get theirs). My point is that you can get it for considerably less than $180.
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