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 Yes, @JamesFiiO is rather awesome at that! (hint hint!)  Iems, headphones, everything. Including my power hungry T50RP's and AKG240 Sextetts. And all very happily :-)
 Definitely worth it! And yes, there is the ML size. I'm not sure if they are on amazon japan though (I haven't looked yet).
 Lol - your welcome! And wise to ask. Those are the Large size tips. It depends on your ear size, but most people (including myself) seem to be going with the Medium sized spiral dots with the duoza's. They fit in my ears very comfortably but don't plug up my ears with such a tight seal that the bass is enhanced too much. I haven't tried the ML (medium-large) size, but if you have large ear canals, then maybe they would work well for you with the duoza's. But between M and...
 I'd probably go for it getting it shipped to Fiio, assuming it didn't cost toooo much. I use it as my desktop amp, and I switch it over for stereo/TV use at night, so I use and rely on that puppy mucho lol. I suppose another option once the battery dies would be to just keep it plugged in all of the time. That would be far from ideal, but I'd do it just to be able to keep using it!
 I'm going to be sad the day the battery gives out in my E12v1. I haven't done any searching yet (sorry), but do you (or anyone) know if the battery can be replaced?
All good stuff to be reading guys! And there seem to be lots of tip and mod suggestions for dealing with the highs, so I should be good.   I do have some medium TX500's, but they probably won't fit. I also have some kinda of weird thin material that a friend gave me for putting over the nozzle end that I could try required.
 Thanks. I have some lying around which I'll probably end up wanting to try on the Titans when I get them (assuming I will be looking for ways to tame the highs).
 Btw, I meant to edit my post and say that the kc06/a's may very well be the best iems under $95 :-) As far as quick impressions are concerned, I can't say it any better than twister6 from his review:
 My bad! But the answer is to find a pair of dusty vintage Sony MDR-V7's for under $100 and you'll be very happy :-)
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