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 Yup. Gotta find out about that. I need a dap to have auto-shutoff and auto-resume at the same place (in the same track - not auto-resume at the beginning of the same track).
 I'm with you (and others).  I'll probably get some of the other pads. And I will upgrade my DAC one of these days. But as far as a headphones are concerned, I feel zero need to find an upgrade. Headphone upgrade-itis cured - thank you Nighthawks! It also helps that many of you (who are much more experienced with higher-end headphones than myself) also continue to enjoy the NH's so much. So thank you all as well :-)
Welcome! It's only going to get better for you :-)
Darn, I should have used them... epacket..
 If you don't mind me asking... where from?
Awesome! And great picture!I kind of hope the 780 is a big winner (I really like my 770 in spite of some foibles).
Gonna get the Qian39. Thinking of getting it from aliexpress here.   I'm not too thrilled with the 39-59 days to wait though (and the aliexpress premium shipping for faster shipping costs too much). Does anyone know if these are sold someplace that uses epacket?
Awesome. If/when you get a chance, any SQ comparisons to the 770 (orug if possible) would be most appreciated!
Yup. Totally agree.
I think you're gonna have to change your user id!Congrats on your Owls :-)
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