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I wanted to buy the digital flac version, but their facebook page said that it won't be available on bandcamp until Jan :-(
Wokei, that's quite the avatar you have going there! I'm sure there's a story behind that one lol. There's my description :-)
Huh! Now on radar. Looking forward to your impressions!
The problem for me is that there are some really good $50-$70 iems out there now. Really good. And even though the vsd3's are slightly less expensive, for me, the consensus will have to be that they are at least on par with them to be worth a purchase.
umbrecensor, your words may not be senseless hype, but they make me want to senselessly order them lol! Nice impressions.
+1. Jus dun doit! :-)
Yup. Time for me to unsubscribe! ;-)
 Thanks Ds! Man, are there ever a lot of good options out there now!
The vsd3 topples the tenores/kc06/b3 and im50. Read about it in tomorrow's addition of "giant killers"! If I do end up reading that, I'm SO in!
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