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 I suppose that wouldn't/couldn't be made available via rockbox, right?
 Worked like a charm. Thanks!
Awesome Tamal! What are you listening off of?
 Another dumb question: If I want 5 x Monk+'s and 1 x expansion pack, I am guessing that I should do it via 2 orders such as this, correct?: order #1: 4 x Monk+order #2: Monk+ & expansion pack Like I said, dumb question (but I'm asking it anyway!)
  Thanks dudes!
Sorry, I'm a bit behind, but what is the latest regarding when those sexy Monk+'s and Expansion Packs will be available? Also, is the routine still the same? (ie before paying, send Lee a message asking to get them sent via epacket)?   Hmm, judging by robervaul's post right above, the Monk+'s are available now! Is this so? Or was that from the first small shipment?
 Sorry, I am not familiar with the E10K. All I know is, the ZuperDAC is really great.
Count me in!
I could be wrong, but I think there are only going to be Monk+'s available from now on (starting in a week).
 Oh, you have the mighty Zen! You should be able to wait a week to order more Monks then, no?
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