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Yes Ds, feel free to transfer my Pono lust to the m1s :-)
Sounds like you're talking Nighthawks.
 I listen to the PP/SP drivers more as well for the same reason. I like them on the PE headband because compared to the portapro/sportapro headband, they sit lightly on the ears, thus calming down the bass which I felt was a bit elevated/bloomy at times.  Edit: I also did these mods to the sportapro drivers:https://youtu.be/XMFGuNa2WEM
 Let's see... I think I have some portapro's lying around somewhere....  Ha ha just kidding! I know exactly where they are - on my head! I quite like them and use them fairly often. Well, they are sportapro drivers or ksc75 drives (depending on my mood) on parts express headband, but that's close enough :-)
Very sad and lonely brand new LME49860 opamp...  
 I would consider trying to cancel my order and ordering it again somewhere else, but I'm not even sure how to cancel it lol.
My Walnut is still in Taobao purgatory. Does anyone know what the below means? Should I be doing anything? Thanks.  [[SPOILER]]
 You're the best brother in the world.
 Yeah, I don't think there is math involved - except for what the market will pay for the latest shiny micro sd card.
 $64 for 200GB isn't too bad though.  
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