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 That's great Peter - your various impressions will be very interesting and greatly appreciated! But no rush at least as far as I am concerned - I'm already sold on the zuperdac 
 I see that you are selling your 220's:http://www.head-fi.org/t/817026/price-drop-yamaha-hph-mt220-headphone That's a great deal. Someone should scoop them up!
 You do know that there are other safer ways to get earwax off of your buds, right?  
 The double thin foams seem to work some particular magic with the Monks. Not sure that the Hiegi full foam will result in the same sq. Maybe you can order an expansion pack from VE?
 I do it one at a time. It actually can be done lol
 Lol awesome! The double phone Monks do stretch my ears out to the max, but it's still pretty comfortable, and the sound is definitely worth it. Being able to throw in $5 earbuds and actually enjoying them is pretty crazy.
 In addition to what Sonic said, you could try different pads. I found that the HM5 hybrids mellows out the highs nicely.
 I appreciate it, but I forgot it very quickly because I'm sure that I'm going to love them :-)
 I'm familiar with your disgusting amount of headphones, and I know how good they are. So if the 680's are at the top of the heap, then...  I can't wait to get them! 
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