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Sorry I'm so useless on the FB thing and didn't realize you were going through this1 It sounds like you're on the road to recovery now though. Good luck Lee!A bit of love for the Zens over in the Pono thread. Seems like a good match :-)http://www.head-fi.org/t/629454/pono-neil-youngs-portable-hi-res-music-player/3810_30#post_11773119
Awesome! I've really needed to thin the herd for a long time now, but I can't bring myself to part with the m500's. They do sound great (the bass is amazing), and you are right, they are ridiculously comfy. Loose fit on the head for ke, but that's about my only niggle.
Nope.. exactly the right thread! Just been too long since doc last livened up the joint :-)
Pono. Balanced Zens. Damn, you're killing me!
 Golov, you seem to have a weeee bit of experience with earbuds lol. My first and only pair of earbuds comprise of the VE Zen and Asura beta. I didn't think I'd really like earbuds in general, but it turns out that I like them better than iems (I find them much more comfortable and healthier for the ears also imo), and the Zens are now probably my most listened to head gear (due to many factors including SQ). I know that you also like the Zens, so my question to you is,...
 C'mon man. The OS ain't changing at this point.
 So, you like have to stick those Westone's in your ears? Like eww... yuck!   Seriously, great deal and I'm glad you are enjoying them. HEK of a bummer about not getting your cables until Tuesday!
Jeez, good deal man. If I wasn't in Canada eh...
I just wanted to say that it's awesome of you to be "paying it forward" like that. Kudos man! And kudos to the member who got them to you in the first place. Head-fi is comprised of some pretty impressive individuals.  
New Posts  All Forums: