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 Naw, buy 10! 5 to give away to friends, and the other 5 planted around the house lol. I'm now listening to the Monk+ off of my laptop->zuperdac->C&C BH amp, and I am seriously a bit taken aback by how good it sounds. It's a good time to be into audio!
 Yes, one of the very few things in life that can be deeply trusted is a head-fier's hype lol! Seriously though, the Monks are the real deal. And for $5, it's well worth the risk.
 Yup. And those are the original Monks. The Monk+'s are even better.
I'm highly interested in the X3. A buddy thinks that maybe the Cowan Plenue D would be a nice player. I'm not familar with Cowan or that player, but I'm looking into it. I do though see that it is 3x the price of the X3    I notice that there has already been some Plenue D discussion in this thread, so I will be reviewing that. But if anyone has any further comments or comparisons, I'm all ears.   Oh yeah, is it correct that the X3's battery life is approx 8-10 hours?...
Funny.. I just posted this, and the C3 has a lot less power than the X3 (I think):http://www.head-fi.org/t/637417/colorfly-c3-discussion-thread/2700_30#post_12552367
Lost my 770 :-( So I'm using my C3 again. I always used it in the past with the c&c bh amp. But I'm now listening to the VE Monk+ earbuds straight off of it, and wow what a nice synergy (and no amp required). Awesome!
 Better and cheaper is good! That one doesn't ship to Canada, but I found it here. Thanks!
 @H20Fidelity and others, the X3 is back on my radar, as I may have lost my Xuelin 770. I'll have to comb through this post to find out the latest, but I am presuming that the rockboxing of the X3 is a success and that the pitch issue is therefore resolved. Any other warts that have popped up recently? Everybody still loving their X3's? Any other 770 owners that can provide an opinion regarding how the X3 sounds in comparison to the 770? I've read this post from...
You my friend got "Monk'd"! You're in the 1% of people who aren't happy about it. The other 99% ARE happy that they got Monk'd lol
I had the gr07's, and I sold them due to the sibilance. The nighthawks don't exhibit sibilance at all! This whole conversation is bizarre.
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