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 That's a great deal for great iems. Where'd you hear that from?
 Yup. And if the amp has a nice bass boost and you want a bit more kick, then that ain't so bad either :-)
Imo.. Unamped: very good. Amped: excellent. Tips: huge differences (fit, seal, bore size).
Ok, I gave my Kogan/Ritmix a good test at the gym today. Usually I have my C3/BH combo 210 gram mini-brick in a belt pouch, and listen to the Tpeos H200's (they sound great - great isolation, awesome bass, awesome resolution, treble peak solved with proper tips - awesome). But today I used the Kogan instead. H200's sounded awesome off of it. And the Kogan is so small and light, that it was a pleasure to just have it sitting barely perceivably in my pocket, and it passed...
I love listening to music off of my computer! The problem is that the computer distracts me from the music lol :-)
 Naw, just throw them on the Kogan mp3 player and they become magical all over again lol  Btw, you should get the Havi B3's. Just do it.
 Your GF has good taste in audio gear!
 +1 (love my sportapros). And throw in the $15 ksc75's - gold standard of giant killers.
 I admit that I was at first, but then H20fidelity set me straight. It still happens when only using the play button to turn off/on. Thanks though!
 Please check out this page (nees to be translated): Mine looks like the RF4950 in that the text is under the top buttons. Looking at H20fidelity's pictures on page 1, it appears that the Kogan's text is also under the buttons. The RF7650 has the text on top of the buttons. Is that the case with your Ritmix? Another oddity about mine is that it is showing 0MB internal memory (but it came with an 8GB card). Edit: my Ritmix...
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