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Interesting posts! I don't like EQ'ing, because then I have to have EQ's for each headphone on each source. Yuck. Fortunately I love the stock NH sound, so I'm good. I am quasi-tempted to try out the Brainwavz hybrid pads (that are currently on my mt220's) on the NH's for fun, but I doubt I'll like the sound any more.
 Fwiw, I'm just zuper happy using my Samsung S5 + Zuperdac (and UAPP app). The Zuperdac is small enough that it's pretty much permanently attached to the back of my phone, and the whole thing slides into my phone's belt holster, so I always have a  hi-res, streaming machine on my belt:  Yes, I probably look like a geek wearing it, but I am, so that's okay. So I guess that's now my main portable device, and I don't feel the need to buck up for the likes of the X7. I do...
 I get this with the pre-configured foobar2000 (v1.2.2):  I suppose I'll either have to find an older version of foo_input_sacd.dll, or else try to get the "laidback" configuration manually done into a newer version of foobar2000. Not sure which would be easier.
Indeed! The Monks aren't like normal gear - I start getting nervous when I get to less than 5 pairs lying around lol. After giving some away etc, I was at the threshold, so it was buy time!
 Welcome! 1427 1432 sold! Can't resist me some red hot Monk+'s as well. Great stuff Lee!
 That about sums it up! 
 From the google play app page:  Tidal is one of the main source options in the UAPP app: 
 ^ The above statement (and bolding, and exclamation mark) comes across like you're trying to save humanity from making the huge error of considering the NH's as a primary headphones. That's why people didn't approve of your post. The NH's are awesome primary headphones for many people.   At least the above comes across more like an opinion rather than a mandate.
 I missed that poll. Fortunately everyone got it right!
Only had time to quickly peruse, but I get the impression that you like the sound of the z5's Ds! Awesome. Looking forward to giving your review a thorough read-through :-)
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