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 Agreed about the lightweight and comfort of the duoza's! I suspect though that you sleep on your back and not with your head on it's side as I do (I can't lay my head down on it's side with the duoaza's in my ears).
More than "some" success.. the owner thinks you pretty much nailed them! :-)
Between those and your Zens, you're a busy boy!
That's cool about the Baldor's - nice find! And yes, you get on the Zen tour and try them out.
It must be april 1st again.
 Great stuff! I am now following "Fat Freddy's Drop" on spotify and enjoying them quite a bit. Same thing with "Flying Lotus", although it's going to take me a while to fully understand what the heck I'm hearing lol! Some wild influences there...
 Yeah, I go through phases of liking one or the other better, and when I need a bit more bass, the sporta pro drivers go onto the headband. I only have one of those parts express headbands, and it's half broken, so I need to score a couple more. The headband itself costs about $1.99, but shipping to Canada is $30US lol. Hopefully @carpman will be the "parts express headband saviour"...
 Yes, oh Master C5 head - I have finally been assimilated! CTCaudio recently had a great sale, so I had to jump on it. Very glad that I did - it's one of those "makes me super happy" audio purchases. So thanks for initially getting it onto the radar! :-) The X3ii + C5 combo probably will rock!
 Lol - I guess it would save me some posts, because yes, I'm getting that impression as well. 
    Yup, me too.
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