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 @RedJohn456 has an E17, so he'll probably have some thoughts. The Zen loves good amping and scales well though, so I wouldn't be surprised if other gear have a large impact with them. For me for now though, the C5 it doing the trick. Having said that, I just switched to the Zen straigtht off of my ihifi 770 dap, and it still sounds friggin' awesome. But when I throw the C5 into the mix, the bass has more authority and depth, and the headspace/soundstage is increased,...
 ClieOS is probably your man. But I am enjoying them very much off of my laptop + foobar2000 + Hifimediy U2 Sabre Dac + Cayin C5.
 They scale incredibly well! Very similar to how my headphones such as the T50RP's and AKG Sextetts scale very well with amping and become fuller and fuller, yet without any fatiguing peaks.   Awesome! And that's even before the 200 hours of prescribed burn in. Do they are fitting into your freakish ears okay, or are you having to wear them sideways lol? Btw, try the donuts covers - comfy, yet they let all of the treble goodness through.
 I had my fill of modding with the mikros 90's lol! Maybe the mt220's are easier to modify than the 90's though? Those are a pain in the butt to get into, let alone trying to avoid breaking any wires. Or maybe the mt220's don't need to be modded?  Prefer over the Z7's and EL-8's? Wow. And you don't mean TH900's, do you?
 Relly nice review and impression mochill! Well done.
Nicely done my friend!
 I'll always use iems, but mainly for the isolation and because they stay in the ears (well, so far only the Titan1's stay in my ear really well). But with earbuds (at least the Zen and Asura), I really enjoy the feeling of NOT having something jammed in my ears (and/or getting uncomfortable after a while) - I find them comfortable for hours. And I like how easy it is to put them in and take them out. I also get the sense that they are healthier for the ear canals. And as...
 You should get the X1's then!  If the X2's are anything like the X1's, then the quality/quantity of the bass can be affected quite a bit by the source components (not so perfect with some gear, but perfect for me with other gear). And yes, there is that thing called "preferences" that comes into play.
 You're probably right. And some of us are happy with what we have and broke lol. But now that I am an earbud convert, I am really looking forward to the kc08's...  
 Close! First I religiously opened my massdrop email and saw it there, and then 2 seconds later I religiously opened up the deals thread and saw your post :-)
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