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Totally Grayson73's fault - he started it! ;-)
 This thread would be rockin' if we were able to talk about the Titan's in it   The Douza's are still as good as they ever were. But yeah, I've hardly been able to take the Titan1's out of my ears since I got them. They hook ya and don't let go!
Yes, the low profile stuff. I used it to join my c3/bh combo. Works really well.
 Above the Y, the cables are normal medium thickness rubber-like cables, but they don't tangle. Below the Y, the cable cover is a really great almost cloth-like material that feels nice and never tangles. The Titan1's also come with the below integrated cable tie which works pretty well: 
 CTCaudio has them: I snagged mine when they were last on Massdrop.
 Fwiw, the Titan1 cable is the nicest I've encountered. I'd be happy if ALL iems had the same cable.
 Have you tried the titans? It's not the tips that keep them in the ear. Instead, the housing fits and sits right inside your tragus and antitragus. The damned things don't fall out of my ears, even when I'm tugging on them.
 Yeah, what's up with that! I personally can't recommend them any more because I've hit the "allowable titan1 recommendation" cap lol.
 Sheesh, who are you trying to kid? Reviews are a piece of cake - that's why I've done so many of them. Well okay, zero, but who's counting lol. Of course I jest, and I also applaud all of you tireless reviewers. You guys do amazing jobs and to the benefit of us all. Thanks.
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