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 Supposed to have received it by now? LOLOLOL - that's a good one Nick! The seller shipped it to a shipping agent a couple of weeks ago, where it is been held for ransom. I didn't realize that TaoBao uses middleman shipping agents because I paid 100 10 yuan for shipping, so I just thought that it would be shipped off. Anyway, if the ransom fee is minimal, I'd be happy to pay it. But figuring out how to do so is a challenge. Anyway, I'll fire you a PM rather than bog down...
 I think I'm afraid of any place with the word Tao, Bao, Top or Tom in it lol. I suppose it would help if I learned Chinese!
Sad walnut...     Please please stop me if I ever try to buy something from TaoBao again.   I tried getting a refund, but the seller said "Denied: Hello, I contacted the international express delivery, your Courier they have already received, but produced the new fees on the international express delivery, please contact them."   I paid extra for shipping already, so that's interesting. I've looked high and low for a webpage to contact the courier, but no luck so...
Hey, nothing wrong with the monk+'s!
Yes Ds, feel free to transfer my Pono lust to the m1s :-)
Sounds like you're talking Nighthawks.
 I listen to the PP/SP drivers more as well for the same reason. I like them on the PE headband because compared to the portapro/sportapro headband, they sit lightly on the ears, thus calming down the bass which I felt was a bit elevated/bloomy at times.  Edit: I also did these mods to the sportapro drivers:https://youtu.be/XMFGuNa2WEM
 Let's see... I think I have some portapro's lying around somewhere....  Ha ha just kidding! I know exactly where they are - on my head! I quite like them and use them fairly often. Well, they are sportapro drivers or ksc75 drives (depending on my mood) on parts express headband, but that's close enough :-)
Very sad and lonely brand new LME49860 opamp...  
 I would consider trying to cancel my order and ordering it again somewhere else, but I'm not even sure how to cancel it lol.
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