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 Sorry, I am not familiar with the E10K. All I know is, the ZuperDAC is really great.
Count me in!
I could be wrong, but I think there are only going to be Monk+'s available from now on (starting in a week).
 Oh, you have the mighty Zen! You should be able to wait a week to order more Monks then, no?
 Serves you right for not buying 5 of them in the first place!  Seriously though, I hope someone can help you out... a Monk-less life is not good!
  Hey, no secrets kids! Just kidding... but I'd be interested in N5 DAP impressions as well if anyone has them. Btw, this is my latest "stack" that I'm digging:  That's my galaxy S5 phone (in it's belt clip holster case), running Usb Audio Player Pro (UAPP) app, through OTG cable to the ZuperDAC (the blue rubber band will of course be replaced with a fashionable black band soon lol). I'm really liking the S5/UAPP/ZuperDAC combo for the following reasons: - the ZuperDAC...
 Hi d marc0! I just read your Monk writeup. Good stuff! It's hard not to be impressed with these cheap wonders. Have you tried any other VE earbuds? The Zen 2.0's are rather awesome. I've pretty much converted over to earbuds from iems (mainly due to comfort issues), and I enjoy the Monks so much, and they are so cheap, that I simply have many pairs of them lying around all over the place (saves me having to remember to take them everywhere lol). Anyway,  I hope all is...
Probably just means they are not available right now. Check the Monk thread.
P.s. nice pics turbobb! The yellow actually looks pretry cool.
Very much looking forward to impressions!
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