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 Say a big thank you to @bettergenes! http://www.head-fi.org/t/555263/foobar2000-dolby-headphone-config-comment-discuss/810#post_12646492
Don't you get updates/from massdrop? This was from yesterday the 28th.."Drop status update.We spoke with our vendor, and they confirmed that our order was shipped out of Hong Kong yesterday. They also provided us with tracking information, but the page hasn't updated yet. We should start seeing some activity tomorrow and will report back.Expect another update from us on 6/29 or sooner if something comes up."
Have you contacted audioquest? If not, I'd try that before getting too excited. Maybe they'll be able to help yoj out somehow.
That makes me want my X3 even more then! Most comparisons I had read seemed to suggest that the 770 had the slight edge, so its nice to read your impressions.
Interesting. To clarify my case further, on my S5 I would prefer to be able to continue using the volume rocker for volume and to additionally be able to use the power/standy button for pause/play, but I figured that would be asking way to much!
I'm glad you mentioned your NUN's again because I missed them the first time. Wild1
Long shot, but here goes... I wish that I could pause playback via either volume rocker. That is be more important to me than being able to change the volume with the volume rocker, so if the settings had a "use volume rocker to pause/play" option, then I would select that.   Thanks!
 The nameless ones ones. Intriguing!
 I have two zuperdacs, so: 1) Laptop -> Zuperdac -> C&C B3 or Cayin C5. I really love the C&C B3 though, so I'm using that right now.2) Samsung S5 -> UAPP app -> Zuperdac. [[SPOILER]]  Either way sounds awesome.
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