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^ Nice report doc! Gave me good chuckle here and there as well :-) Glad you had a nice time, and heard some good music to boot!
Very nice review! But just so that I am 100% clear... you like them, right?:-)
Uncle Frosty, which of the kc06 or kc06a is doing the impressing?
Are you suggesting that I take off these M500's from my head while listening to trance??? You are???Ok, done. Mikros 90's and trance ain't such a bad thang either :-)
Blasphemy! Lol - actually, I don't doubt it. I feel that my kc06's do some spanking of their own... :-)
Based on my 2 week audition, I thought that the T51P's bass tended to do that a bit (at least compared to the DT1350's). I'm surprised though that you feel that the HD25 Alu is looser than the T51p's (I haven't heard the HD25 Alu, but based on impressions I've read about them).
 I did about the same as you, but the "pinprick in tape" mod is pretty in-exact at best lol. A bigger hole probably would have worked out better for you. Then again, you are enjoying them most without the tape at all, so I think you found your answer!
 Good deal, but anyone interested in Deal Extreme should be aware the shipping times may be excessive.  
 Congrats! And good luck!
Holy crap - you actually ate all of that? Friggin' toilet bowls full of chow lol! ;-)
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