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 I thought the noise was gone with the 4986 opamp because I was enjoying Marillion so much, but alas, the noise is still there at zero volume. Doesn't seem to diminish how the music sounds when the volume is turned up though! I was firstly listening with the KZ ED9 iems ($15), and the highs were very splashy and painful. Switched back to the most amazing Zen 1.0's and ahhhhh, awesomesauce all the way baby! p.s. I still think the ED9's are amazing value for their price, but...
Thanks. That approach only works for people who aren't lazy lol
You already mentioned the S5. Fwiw, uapp works great off of my s5, using the zuperdac. Waterproof, microsd card slot, repaceable battery.. all good!
Just double checking: there is no way to fast forward through a track, correct? Since I am now putting albums into a single wav files for the walnut, that feature would be handy in order to fast forward through tracks in the file.
I'm not much of a modder, but I'm proud of myself for switching opamps in the Walnut!   I was more than happy with the stock opamp, but I replaced it the LME49860NA opamp. First 30 second listen and I was thinking "Whoa - this sounds so much better and different!". But, I'm going to listen for a while and report back... I want to be sure that I'm not suffering from new-opamp syndrome lol.   Edit: Actually, I'm hearing a bit of noise at zero volume (with Zen 1.0's) that...
 I haven't tried it with the Zen 2.0 yet. With the Zen 1.0... awesome. With the Monk 1.0.. awesome. Monk +... awesome.   And with headphones... Nighthawks.. awesome. JVC 990's... awesome. Yammy MT220's... awesome. I think you get the picture! Just make sure you put walnut friendly format files without tag info on it!!!
 Hey vapman! In foobar2000, I'm trying to convert some 96/24 flac files to WAV 16bit. If possible, please provide the "edit" screen of your "walnut WAV" preset. I'm particularly interested in what "encoder file" you are using. Thanks!
p.s. I never thought that I would like a "non-screen" dap, but I LOVE the simplicity of the walnut. I love: - the on/off/volume knob on the top - the fact that you can quickly turn it off when required - the fact that it resumes play at the exact spot in the track - how quickly it resumes play   If it had a "sleep timer" so that I could use it at night when falling asleep. Oh well.   Loving it with the Zen 1.0's at the moment...
Walnut in the house! After the taobao fiasco, I ordered another one from this ebay seller on Jan11, so it took 3 1/2 weeks. I'm okay with that!   Anyway, I like it! Good work  @vapman ! And thank you also @nick n for your continued encouragement :-)  Actually nick, you may have mentioned this to me way back, but it was called something else. What was it called?   Oh, and a shout out to you also @T.R.A.N.C.E. for promoting it so well!   Anyway, good work kids!  
 Yup. Gotta find out about that. I need a dap to have auto-shutoff and auto-resume at the same place (in the same track - not auto-resume at the beginning of the same track).
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