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 I lurked around the thread for a while and am sure that it has great SQ. But for me, no display=not a chance.
 That's quite the story! You must go a bit nuts with the EQ toggling when putting your tunes in shuffle mode. Anyway, you got me interested in the AP100 (although I just pulled the trigger on another DAP).
 I just pulled the trigger as well, so congrats to us! As far as ripping open the X3 is concerned, here you go: 
 I still love the V1 as well. VE puts out good stuff.
 Who? You?? 
 Once a treble-head, always a treble-head!  Congrats on the cable dweaver! I hope it works out well.  Oooh, aaah! Looking forward to your impressions :-)
Thanks. My golden ears are having a tough time deciding between them and the thick red solid foams. Liking them both!
 Which foams are you liking with the Monk+? 
 I know! I'm like "what am I supposed to do with all of this stuff?" lol
  The bold text is exaclty why I'm never going to try a balanced cable lol!
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