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 Yup. The only thing that beats the ksc75's as giant killer for ridiculously low price is the $5 VE Monk+ earbud:http://www.head-fi.org/t/783669/venture-electronics-ve-monk-monk-plus-a-5-earbud-that-taking-the-world-by-storm The Sony HPM-62 earbuds are crazy good as well, but they are getting hard to find and need to be recabled to get away from the crazy j-cable.
 Well said. I got my X3 expecting that the ongoing support would be non-existent and that I would be relying on the rockbox, so I personally have been very happy with my X3. I would like more battery life - my C&C BH amp has spoiled me with it's 50 hour battery life - but the X3 is performing in that area well enough. The most important thing for me is the X3's SQ, form factor, dual slots and buttons for a very good price. I'm good! 
@nick n is not steering you astray. They may be old, but the 680's are rather outstanding.
 Try harder! I want to get your impressions of the DFB versus ZuperDAC. 
 You're scaring me . I'll give it a try   Edit: damn, C5 needs recharging. Please hold lol
Just got the hfi 680 in, and playing off of S5/uapp/zuperdac. Apparently they already have approx 300 hours on them, so well burned in. I must say that they are sounding rather awesome!
 Burn'em in baby, burn'em!
 I don't use them when doing aerobic (aka sweaty) stuff, and they seem to be holding up fine. And if required, the pads can easily be replaced.  For sweaty stuff, I switch over to my Panasonic HX650's (which I also really like) that I got for a great price. Gotta have a different pair of head-gear for every task lol!
 Glad you're enjoying the NH's! Hadn't heard of The Civil Wars, but found them on Tidal and listening with the NH's. Goosebumps forming! 
 I'm no spring chicken, but I don't mind wearing them to the gym. I tried a lot of different iems and headphones for the gym, but the m100's are the winners for isolation and sound quality. Maybe they aren't the end-all in isolation, but the bass nicely drowns out the ambient gym noise. I have the "phantom chrome" model, and yes, they look a somewhat blingy, but I've come to enjoy wearing my bling with pride lol
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