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 Damn those look cool!  I ordered two black mic versions the other day. Was gonna see if Lee could switch them out for those purdy purples before they shipped, but it looks like they just shipped. Damn! I'll probably have to order more now. Which is how you end up with LOTS of Monks lol!
Congrats @harry501501! They are awesome headphones indeed!
Sounds like getting into Schiit results in serious upgradeitis lol!I'm interested in the mimby/jot combo mainly for my Nighthawks. Tempting!
 You speak the truth. I'm incredibly happy with the NH's on all of my sources... and we're not talking Dave lol  +1!  or even be blown away with the NH's off of something as cheap as the ZupderDAC (which is great, and only $60 on massdrop right now for crying out loud).. Really, these headphones are the gift that keeps giving. Sure, I want a better source like the Mojo or amp like the Jot etc, but I'm so friggin' happy with how these things sound off of my cheap-ass gear,...
 For the $350 that they are going for now on amazon, they are complete no-brainers for those that enjoy a distortion free, beautifully resolving yet non-fatiguing listen. Oh, and congrats on your Cubs! They made it exciting lol!
Ok, I've been trying the NH's with stock pads, hm5 hybrids, hm5 pleathers and hm5 velours. I don't know which combo I prefer, so don't bother asking.   All I know is that I love the NH's 
 See @inthere's response - the Nighthawks are in a different league and are fantastic. Having said that, I really like the m100's and enjoy them when I need a lot of isolation like at the gym (their isolation and bass really helps drown out the ambient noise).
 Yup. The Nightowls are also calling my name.  Thanks for your sacrifices! (I've learned a lot from them)
 Lol! That may be true. But in that video he sure seemed to go out of the way to imply that they are pretty much the same thing. Anyway, I've never felt that I need "better" cans than the Nighthawks, so I'd be better off putting that $199 towards a higher end desktop dac/amp, such as the Jot etc. 
My Nighthawk brethren aren't convincing me that I need them:http://www.head-fi.org/t/749762/audioquest-nighthawk-impressions-and-discussion-thread/3990_30#post_12981786Kinda wanted to try them for that goofy price!
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