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 Cool, I'll check that one out. There's a lot of stuff there, that's for sure. A bit overwhelming at first. I usually try out the ones that are rated above 90% and that have quite a few comments. I find that to me, most of the stuff varies between "wow that's really strange" to "okay for a listen", but there are some really amazing gems in there as well.
 Good stuff jdog! Pretty amazing that they have identical SQ, especially when you consider the price of the 770c. Wow.
 For my dream dap, I want it all baby! Give me streaming capability AND lots of storage. Beautiful! I've only recently gotten into streaming, and I'm loving it. But that doesn't mean that I'm suddenly going to want to stop listening to my music collection. Right now I have a measly 300GB of mostly mp3 files. I hate having to deal with limited capacity cards, or very expensive cards, and I hate spending time transferring files to said cards. If my dream dap had 1T or 2T of...
 I try them all lol. Here are a few others that I really like: (love the 2nd track)
 T51P comfort with DT1350 sound? Hell yeah!
 Whoa...  Like I said... whoa. Thanks for pointing that one out nick! Edit: I may have finally found my "gym" headphone! Save me from getting some Beats to fit in with the crowd lol
I posted this over in the flac thread, but thought I'd throw it in here as well:   A very good new ektoplazm compilation:   Smorgasborg  
A very good new ektoplazm compilation:   Smorgasborg  
 +1 (I do it when I want to be seen and heard lol. But, I also gave you a reputation, so I've got all of my bases covered!)
Something to keep your eyes on...   Koss PRO4S   Headfi reviews:   50 amazon reviews: 32 5-star, 18 4-star reviews (I admit that I haven't read them yet)   $149, which is a decent price. And they look pretty nice to me:    
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