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Wow, you have different Monk+'s than I have!
Yes, a VE headphone would be very hard to resist!
It's fine. Everyone is kinda joking. But it does show how much we love our Monks, so it's all good.Besides, I want a zebra print Monk. You feelin' me Lee? ;-).Edit: that doesnt quite sound right lol
My phantom chrome M100's are to blingy for the gym. They are also a wee bit heavy on the head.    So why do I continue using them at the gym? Well, I guess I like bling lol. More importantly though, they are quite comfortable, they isolate very well, the bass is outstanding, and they generally sound awesome.   Fwiw, I'm listening to the M100's off of my Galaxy S5 (and UAPP app) and Zuperdac. Really nice synergy.
Good thread:http://www.head-fi.org/t/595071/android-phones-and-usb-dacs/0_30My understanding is that to bypass the phone's audio drivers completely and to get the best audio quality you need to play through an app like UAPP and through OTG cable to a DAC (zuperdac is good).
 Or continue being extremely happy with my zen 1.0's... :-)
I almost went go go! But the bass comments causes me to pause dammit!"湖西小筑 DIY Dual Driver - OEM Dual Dynamic Matrix driver from PowerBeats, some of the best soundstage and micro-detail, but very neutral and doesn't have much bass reach or depth."
I read it as meaning that the shipment was on it's way to massdrop, then to be shipped out to the buyers. Do I have that wrong? Anyway, I never purchase from massdrop if I'm in a rush for something. The trick is to forget about it and then be pleasantly surprised when it arrives :-)
 That's a good idea! I should try it and get the mx99 :-)
 There it is... the very intriguing white forbidden elephant in the room!  
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