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You two go through headphones lol! I envy that actually. I just have a really hard time letting any of mine go. Oh well!
Informative post - thanks! Helps me get caught up on the merits of both of these great daps. Gotta say, I'm starting to get excited about the d90. I wish it had dual slots, but by the time I end up buying, the 128G cards will hopefully be down in price a bit..
Glad I got the limited edition E12 version 1 then - no bass bleed into the mids at all as far as I can tell.
 Looking forward to your comparisons!
 If I were to get them, I would make sure that I wore them over a ball cap so that all of the weight bears right down on the button in the middle of the cap. That would feel good, wouldn't it?  Seriously though, I've been reading up a bit on the PHVI. Wow, looks very nice, and seems like it sounds rather awesome. I predict hype!
 Wow - looks awesome to me! Very nicely done. I'm shipping my MH1's over to you as we speak! :)
 The X1's are 430g, so not too much less, and they are very comfortable. I think the issue eric had with the m500's is that they don't clamp on the ears very much at all, so the band tends to sit on the top of your head, and I think that is what caused discomfort for him.
 The bass boost on my E12v1 or C&C BH will work nicely I'm sure! :) C'mon tracking - show me some further loving!
 Cool tune! Awesome. I've got all 100 hours of John 00 Fleming's Global Trance Grooves lines up and waiting! And I bet this stuff will sound awesome on them as well:
 Man, them's fighting words! We will see... we will see! And I won't complain if you're right 
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