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Ha! Ironic coming from the evil originator of this evil thread lol!
 A bit different than what I'm used to (no Adrian Belew for instance, but even just Levin and Fripp will be worth the price of admission imo):  I'm sure it will be awesome.
 You probably should also read up on the A73's if you're not already familar...http://www.head-fi.org/t/771174/fidue-a73-hybrid-1dd-1ba-iem-impressions-and-discussion-thread
 Rather friggin' classic!  (looking forward to seeing them in November)
Yes, an EVIL art! :-)
Ha - you do know how to pull my hype strings lol!
You and me both brother!
Pm3 and 90's... that'll be a good punch up! I really enjoyed the pm3's when I auditioned them.
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