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 Yeah, I'll have to dig mine out as well. I recently got a ZuperDAC which sounds amazing, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the mighty ksc75's sound off of it.
Lol! Also when someone interrupts, its so much easier to momentarily take off and put back on the headband.Headfi alchoholics unite!
 Sometimes I'll throw new gear on the burning station (an old mp3 player) for as long as required - doesn't take long to get the hours that way. But yeah, grain of salt is the best way to deal with with headfi hype. That is, unless you're talking about the Monk train! I don't think we can even call it a train anymore. What can we call it? "Reality" I guess!
 Wise words!
 I think the Nighthawks were made for you lol Edit: this is a quote from Robb Watts (designer of Chord and Mojo):http://www.head-fi.org/t/800264/watts-up/15#post_12460172
 True. I'm usually not looking for ear pounding bass though, so the bass I'm hearing out of the VE earbuds works well enough for me most of the time. I will admit though that sometimes I do enjoy getting a good dose of bass via the Titan1's or vmoda M100's (and of course the Nighthawk's bass is very nice).
 I haven't bought any more iems since I got introduced to VE earbuds. I find iems to be somewhat uncomfortable, and I never really liked having my ear canals completely plugged (I think having some airflow is healthier for the ears). And since using earbuds more (and iems less), the mild tinittus I have in my left ear rarely flares up any more. I still use iems now and then when I need good isolation, but generally I have become a big earbud fan.
 And even more so if it'll work for the original 770! Thanks XVortex!
 I suppose that wouldn't/couldn't be made available via rockbox, right?
 Worked like a charm. Thanks!
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