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 Thanks.   I suppose the pitch issue doesn't bother/affect you very much?
Hi vapman, mind explaining what you like better about the stock firmware (if I was at my computer I'd search your posts).
 I do not know, but I'm sure that someone in either of those threads should be able to help.
Yup, check out the Xduoo X3 @ShiftyParadigm:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/782912/xduoo-x3-dsd-24bit-192khz-cs4398-chip-lossless-music-player http://www.head-fi.org/t/803844/rockbox-xduoo-x3   I haven't received mine yet, but for $90US you get good SQ (apparently), dual card slots, hi-res 24/192 support, rockbox, fairly powerful, and... buttons!   Edit: fixed 2nd link
 I'm not familiar with the one you linked. I have the ele dac, and the hifimediy u2 sabre dac, and now the ZuperDAC. If you stretch your budget to $75US, then the ZuperDAC is a really nice upgrade (sounds awesome off of computer or phone): http://www.zorloo.com/#!zuperdac/ci25
 I understand what you are trying to say, but loading music onto a card every day = way more fuss than I want to deal with. Heck, I have a hard time forcing myself to load new music onto a card once a month. Also, I don't think that one needs to be inconvenienced with lack of screen/features in order to enjoy "listening". And I don't consider being able to visually scroll through a card full of albums on my dap to be "fiddling with features". Anyway, no doubt that the...
Huh! That's a good price.. especially now that the 800 is rockboxed. I forgot how much I like the form factor of the 800 (buttons even lol!). And I'm sure that the 800 sounds great. Almost wish I didn't replace my 770 with a different dap.
Thanks golov17! Have you tried it? @nick n I'm counting on you to give it a whirl!
 Where is that video tutorial? 
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