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 Form factor wise, the ckr9's don't seem quite as frankenboltish, and possibly isolate a bit better, but those are secondary considerations for me after the sound. I'd probably be ecstatic with either but will most likely have to settle with one or the other, so a lot is depending on you guys :-) Anyway, time to get back on topic... where are my B3's!? (I'll be asking that for a while lol!)
Wow, I didn't know about his passing. Total bummer. Loved that guy.
  Between you two and Dsnuts/DannyBai/ericp10, resistance is definitely withering!
 And? Inquiring minds must know! :-)   Nice work you two!
 I wouldn't be horrified if I made the ckr9's next on my hit list! :-)
 Right on - thanks for checking out the B3/C3/BH trifecta! I'm really looking forward to them now. They sure are power hungry little beasties - I'm glad the BH can handle them easily on high gain :) Edit: Btw, can the clip zip power them at all?  Ha! Now I'm really really looking forward to them! 
@nick n, it's the havi h3 pro1's that you should be getting in a few weeks :-) Just make sure you relinquish them to me lol
Cool Leo! Btw, my pre-order seems to have just changed to "awaiting shipment".. also cool!
 Lol! As long as they feel as good on/in my ears as the Mikros 90's do, then they should be fine! Seriously though, your endorsement of the B3's was one nail in the coffin - so thanks!
 Done! It will be a while before I get them though. LMEU ran out and they are now on pre-order. Allso, I have to get them shipped to a buddy who will then get them to me.. (long story). But at some point - probably a month or so from now - I will have those 3D puppies in my ears!
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