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 I don't think that I have noticed that "bogging down of the processor" on my X3. Regardless, I concur.. let's get with it XVortex!  Btw, my dream player includes streaming capability, so currently it is the Fiio X5iii (assuming it sounds superb). Unfortunately the price (especially when converted to CAD) is not my dream price lol.
 Could you please provide more info? Btw, I always wait a while for cards to come down in price. I recently purchase a 200GB card for approx $60US, so in my Xduoo X3 (not including internal) I now have 128+200=328GB for a reasonable price. I'm not sure how much I'd have to spend to get that in a single card (if that's even possible at this time). Hence my desire for 2 slots.
 Yup. Resistance fading... Do you think there will be any future firmware updates that add a 2nd micro sd card slot? Just kidding of course. But the lack of 2 card slots is the only bit of resistance I have to cling to at the moment lol.
@peter123, I'm not jealous about your A4's or M1s. Not in the least. Whaaaaaaa!!!
 The one downside of rockbox is that it downsamples to 16/44 or 16/48. So depending on your golden ears, that may not be optimal for hi-res playback.
 It might be worth looking into the LZ-A4. I haven't heard them, but they seem to be getting very positive reviews (great sound for the price, tunable with various filters/nozzles):
Yes (fat32).
5 years from announcement to launch? Wow, that must be setting a record. Edit: it had better be good lol!
  Thanks for the clarifications. I'm not familiar with the fiio, so I can't compare. The X3 isn't perfect (and xduoo the company isn't perfect). But for the $79 I spent on the X3, I'm quite happy with it. Good SQ, nice size and form factor. Rockboxable.
 I got my ED9's from them. And now just ordered the ZS3 from them :-)
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