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 You know what I'm talkin' about! 
 Yer welcome Focker! To elaborate, one of the things I love about the Titan1's with smaller single flange tips (like the red cores) is that the housings then fit inside of the antitragus, and for me they don't fall out even when tugged or when contorting the face due to extreme lifting of weights lol. For gym or biking use, this is perfect for me.
 Made a slight fix for you! :-)
 So, did you go back to 2.02 due to the "more powerful sound in HO B"? If so, I certainly grok. As far as I am concerned, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", as none of the upgrade features are that meaningful to me. But, if they ever come up with the elusive "rockbox'd 770", I'll probably be all over that!
 One cool thing about the Titan1's is that they respond quite a lot to different tips. Many like the double/triple flange type tips to get them sounding as flat as possible. Others prefer comply's. I personally have stuck with the stock red core silicone tips because (a) they are small and therefore the titan1's don't stick out of my ears and fit better; and (b) I don't mind the slightly enhanced bass and the better isolation that they afford. So spend some time exploring...
 Nothing wrong with magic fairy dust!
 +1 on both points. Those soft medium tips are really quite good.
 Based on what you said in bold, I'm not sure that I will upgrade my 770's firmware from 2.02 since I really love the way HO B currently sounds and I don't really want it sounding more neutral or closer to the sound of HO A. So I appreciate that info. Thanks again.
 I use the Titan1's for yardwork - they fit under earmuffs which is great - and I don't recall feeling like they were ever in any  danger. I also use them when at the gym. And, I use them when biking. I probably won't use them when paddleboarding though - that could definitely end up in destruction lol
 You will be i'm sure! And you'll notice no clamping, and that they work well with glasses lol :-)
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