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 Whichever pair works best for you! Seriously, most of my gear pairs very well with the X3 (some better than others of course), but what's more important is which IEM's you prefer in general. Chances are they will sound great off of the X3.
 Just so that nobody gets confused, the rockboxed X3 plays hi-res files, but downsamples them. Also, I'm also one of those people who thinks the rockboxed X3 sounds great. And that's a good thing, because I couldn't live with the stock X3's resume mode always restarting the last track played.
 As many have mentioned, burn in seems to have quite an effect. Also, pads... [[SPOILER]]
 I am also very happy with my rockboxed X3, but I wish that I hadn't lost my 770 and had a chance to rockbox it. One thing I really love about rockbox is how you can rig it up to auto-resume simply by powering on the device. That would have been especially beautiful for the 770 because otherwise you have to stare at the key pad to do a bunch of button presses in order to get it resuming (which drove me nuts when groggy in the middle of the night). How do you find the sound...
 I'm pretty sure that I'll always be at that level lol  Congrats Sonic! One thing is for sure.. the mt220's are awesome. As others have mentioned, they are one set of headphones that won't be going anywhere :-)
 My xeulin 770 was 124mw@32 (I think), and the X3 seems a bit more powerful, so I think you're probably right. Btw, where did you get those specs from? Thanks.
 So true about the NH's putting a halt to upgrade-itis! This one's devoted to you and the NH's :-)  
 I tried my friend's Pro2500's for a few weeks. I thought they were fantastic. But yeah, I love the MT220's for electronic music, and also for any of the other genres that I enjoy (ie rock, prog rock).
 I'll trade for all of your Ultrasones! 
 Ok, but not stellar. Neutron music player sounded all right, but the magic is missing for me.  I have not rooted my S5, so I haven't tried either. I'd be interested in Foobar since I use it on my laptop and like it very much.  True. You can't question the Monks. Unquestionable! (Just like those whacky good Sony HPM-62's!).
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