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 Congrats doc! I assume it is to be awesome.  Found a 2002 review about the original one here. Interesting...
Good for the 90's! But also makes me want to try the mt220's!
 @jdog, what does the above mean? I recently got the Cayin C5 amp, and sometimes am pairing it with the 770 for fun. When I do so, I set the 770's volume all the way up to 60. Is the above feature essentially just doing the same thing? (ie locking the volume at max?). Or does it bypass the amp section of the 770 or in any other way change the sound?
 I feel sorry for that guy... it doesn't look like he has any friends! 
 I'm not sure that I have read of anyone not enjoying their 770! [OT] jdog, have you had a chance to listen to the Pono player? I have no desire to get another player that doesn't do streaming (and the Pono doesn't do folder navigation which I don't get at all), but nonetheless, it seems to have great SQ. Here's an interesting review from Innerfidelity. [/OT]
 Thanks for that. I've been listening to this album, and it's fantastic. The 4th track "Memorial" (which you can click to start playing) reminds me of Porcupine Tree, which ain't such a bad thing in my books :-)  
 Interesting info about that particular concernt:
 If I paid money to see him, then I'd be pretty annoyed!
 That was nice. I've only heard his Koln concert album which is amazing. Talented guy.
Yeah, my E12 is giving me some unhappy sideways looks as well lol
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