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 You want me to get beat up at they gym don't you! Just kidding - purple is where it's at lol! And coming from an enabler such as yourself, that is rather reasonable advice - thanks! I suppose I should start taking those VSD5's a bit more seriously. They are actually being released for real, right?
 Did he say "thin" or just thinner in comparison? At any rate, to me they sound thin without a proper tip/fit/seal. But once I get that right, they don't sound thin at all. Yes, they do sound "thinner" than some of my other iems, but once my ears get re-accustomed to the B3 sound, they sound spectacular. So it's all relative and based on preferences.
 Enabler lol! You have them?  Really? You think I was talking about you??? Ok I was  I like also the fact that they apparently isolate fairly well. That combined with more abundant bass might mean that they would be good at the gym. Mind you, my H200's would be pretty annoyed if they got gym-dethroned...
 Damn - that was very good Tom! Between you and my buddy who is gushing over the VSD3S's, I'm tempted to get them to compliment the B3's! Especially since I do listen to a lot of trance etc.
Oh oh, @Oregonian likes them. This is trouble! :-)
+1! Or the angel hair mod.. actually, it's annoying - they are sounding so good, it's taking time away from my newer iems lol. Seriously it's all good - I'm happy to be feeling the love for the tenores again :-)
 I have the M500's and the X1's. The X1's might give you what you're looking for. You don't get quite the sub-bass with them as with the M500's, but that's a tall order for any open headphone. However, they delivery very nice bass and a wonderful stage. Mids are slightly farther back, the highs are present and fairly detailed without being fatiguing. Although they are easy to drive and definitely do not need an amp, the bass is tighter and more controlled with a good amp...
 ...too few friggin' ears!
 Dilemma dilemma! But you're in luck, because I'm guessing that you can't go wrong with either option (although I've only heard the X1's).  Blasphemy! My poor poor X1's  Tyll's opinion holds a lot of weight in my books. Nonetheless, I'm really looking forward to hearing more X1/X2 comparison impressions. Bring'em on!
 Thanks. Those are sexy looking beasts! And as an added bonus.... 
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