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  Nice to see you continually improving with firmware updates. Kudos! Is it on the list to support location-based resume play (as opposed to resuming play from the beginning of the track)?
 Really looking for your impressions jdog!
 +1. Btw, I get quite a nice SQ by inserting the ed9's fairly deeply and getting a good seal (which I could only do once I tried some other non-stock tips). Without doing that, they don't sound good. I wonder if that's the problem people are having?
 Thanks. Watching this now. Kinda blown away by his comments at 14:00: "I can't read music, I can't write music, I don't know the names of the chords I play a lot of the time...."
  Thanks to you both! How would you say either of them compare to the Zen 1.0's? (which I adore)
Thanks. Do you know roughly how much they cost?
What's the best place to buy the Red Demun (and apologies if this has been asked 100 times before!)
 Good points. $155US on amazon is pretty good. The main niggle that holds me back is how the resume works (re-starts track). I doubt that will ever be resolved via FW upgrade. And using rockbox (once developed) has it's downsides for me as well. Hmm. I'm also very interested in the M1s, but the price is higher and it only has a single card slot. Hmm.
 Good point. I think though that some people like massdrop because their is a good chance that they will get it (albeit in 2 months or so!).
 I'm usually fairly treble sensitive. But I didn't notice any issues with the ED9 for quite a few days (using the brass nozzles). But then listened to my Nighthawks again for an extended period and switched back to the ED9's. Mistake - the highs sounded a bit much (damn you Nighthawks!). I still like the ED9's though, so we'll see how I feel down the road.
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