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 Yes, he just slipped up this one time and I got lucky lol
 Huh! Well, it really sounds great. Edit: It sounds great with other gear as well. Currently demo-ing the Oppo PM3's and they like your Zen Ultima config as well. Gotta start following you and your configs around!  So you are doing those spatialization tweaks elsewhere then (ie outside of foobar2000 somehow)? Or are you just being a meanie and not sharing lol?
 That's pretty cool (foobar2000 in general and your Ultima config). I use foobar2000 and RPGWizard's "forward" configuration. The Ultima config sounds quite a bit different, but also really good with the Zens. Did you come up with that config yourself? Thanks!
 I've never heard a case that sounds better! :-)
 Thanks. I get mild tinnitus in my left ear occasionally. Must limit the "constant stimulation" methinks while I can!
 Agreed, except that I also really like Wilson's Raven album. At any rate, I'll be seeing him live in 2 weeks, so I'm very stoked for that.  I usually can't get through long posts, but I managed to get through yours! So no worries - great post.  For me the Havi's get uncomfy after a while - they fill in the ear canal a lot which I am sensitive to. The Douza's are very comfy, except that they stick out so far that I feel self-conscious wearing them out. The Titan1's are...
 Fwiw, it seems to be for the "black-red" ones (I presume those are the red ones).
 Fast shipping... already in the world of wayne as we speak! Thanks Haku. So @Jiffy Squid, we can keep these for 1 month, right? That's excellent, because I love them! Seriously, they are sounding awesome straight off of my ihifi 770 dap. Surprised at the soundstage and imaging. Perfect amount of clarity and resolution for me. Love the bass and the overall signature. Very nicely balanced. No distortion. Non-fatiguing highs. Awesome. At first seems like they may be a bit...
Man, they could have made it a lots less confusing if they'd called the new 770c a 780 or something.
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