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 Sweet - thanks mochill!
 Hey Moch! Yes, I have a lot of interest in the Duke as well - all things VE actually. I really like the highs of the Zens. How would you compare the highs of the Duke with the Zens?
 I will surgically remove the BH from the C&C and attach it to the 770 and give it a whirl!
 You probably resisted because that's probably a nice combo! Good work! The VE Zen earbuds have helped me resist a lot of stuff. And the Xuelin 770 has helped as well. I did break down not too long ago and get the Cayin C5. I mainly use it off of my laptop + Hifimediy sabre dac, and I really enjoy the combo, but some day I'm sure I'll break down and get a nice desktop dac and/or amp. Fwiw, I still use and enjoy the C&C/BH combo - I thought it would gather dust, but the...
 Danger! Danger! Danger!(this is my resistance talking!)
 Where's a good place to purchase it?
[[SPOILER]] If the worst thing you get him addicted to are headphones, you're doing all right lol! Does it have to be iems? What about the Monks?
 I couldn't find any pictures of the Runabout. But then I found this guy's great gallery: http://www.head-fi.org/g/a/1001359/ve-runabout/ (thanks!)
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