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 Someone with less lead-ears than I will have to provide that answer to you. I made the change not really expecting to hear a difference. It could be my imagination or placebo, but to me it does sound (and I hate using these terms, but that's all I got) more engaging and dynamic to me now. Edit: fwiw, from the rockbox manual:http://download.rockbox.org/manual/rockbox-iaudiom5/rockbox-buildch6.html 
 Too many decisions lol!
 Curious: Have you tried any other pads on the Nighthawks?
 Fwiw, that setting is: Settings; Sound settings; Compressor; Ratio Trying it now. Sounds good to me!
I know nothing about blox. I have zen 1, zen 2, asura beta, monk orig, and 45 monk+s (slight exaggeration lol). Do I need this be5???
 The elections are boring (in comparison lol), but yeah, it ain't such a bad place :-)
 I really don't know how you are getting all of these reviews done! Not only that, I couldn't imagine trying to compare the sound from all of these dacs. I just couldn't do it! Anyway, that's another great review - thanks. The Hersus seems like another great DAC. And yet another one for you to eventually compare to the $75 Zuperdac lol! p.s. it's cool to see a high quality dac like that built in Kelowna Canada (kind of in my neck of the woods).
 I'm loving those 20 more corrected values! Thank for the feature and explanation, and also for all of the continued updates. Awesome!
 Are you sure the AK4490 sounds as good as the AK4396? And as usual, implementation is key. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the x10 impressions. And because I'm in no hurry, I'll read all the usual bitchin about it and "where's rockbox" and once that's released for it, then I might bite! And you're liking the LG v10? I have an S5 paired up with the ZuperDAC and am loving it as my main player. But I still like having the X3 (and re-found Xuelin 770) as happily used backups.
New Posts  All Forums: