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 I never could get into the sig of my px100ii's and they are gathering dust, so this mod looks very interesting! Thanks! Edit: I can't seem to find the actual mods for the SennGrado.. will keep looking!
 Are you aware of the parts express headband? All/any of the portapro, sportapro, ksc35 or ksc75 drivers can be put onto that headband. It's a nice light headband, and the pressure of the drivers on the ears is lessened, which help control the portapro bass: 
 In spite of the m200's ergonomics, I'd really like to try my pair with my new Cayin C5 - I bet they will sound fantastic. If anyone can tell me where I put them, it would be greatly appreciated! 
@1TrickPony, interesting stuff. The bass setting is pretty bizarre on the 770. I was going between lseq and normal, but have just left it at normal for a few months now. The kc06a's definitely do rock on the 770. Interesting about the titan1's for you, as I quite like them on the 770. Anyway, great impressions!
Excellent! Such as?
Not a deal breaker for me either.. I live without it on my c3 and ihifi 770. But I appreciated the option with my $30 rockboxed clip zip lol
Yup. Bottom line is that they are both awesome and different.
Yup, they may very well keep you satisfied for quite some time!
 Good stuff. My thoughts here.
 What's the problem... beans are good! Seriously, I doubt that you will be mad for long  The Titan1's have really nice, impactful and layered bass and very nice, detailed, airy and extended highs. But what sets the Titan's apart from others is that both the bass and highs are more forward which makes them very engaging. You're gonna like them, especially with EDM.
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