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About friggin' time lol!
 How was I not subscribed to this thread lol! That would be an interesting comparison indeed...
 You mean I'm going to end up back at my first headphones, the koss ksc75's? 
 This might sound ridiculous, but my DAC is a $70 ZuperDAC which I am really happy with. Actually I'm so happy with it that I have two of them: one for my laptop, and one for my Samsung S5 phone. Yet in spite of my being very happy with the ZuperDAC (and thanks to you guys) I am lusting for a Mojo :-) The NH's sound awesome off of my Samsung S5 + Zuperdac, but amps do add something. So off of my laptop's ZuperDAC, I either have 3 portable amps to choose from: (1) the...
 Please don't change your avatar... every time I see it I feel compelled to throw on TRTRTS - which is a very good thing!
 I'd personally wait a while to see what warts the X10 presents. I did that with the X3 and knew about the pitch wart when I bought it. I really like the X3, but the way that Xduoo handled did not handle that issue bugs me. I wouldn't spend more money for something like the X10 if it also has issues like that (that they may very well not address).
 Let us know what you come up with.
 I presume "yes" for most people.
 Fwiw, apparently the pitch issue only applies to any 44.1k and 88.2k files.
 I have never heard or read of that phenomenon before.
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