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  @CoiL, thanks for the pics and explanation. I've read you say before that you have taken the pads off (actually, I've read you say it many times - people just don't seem to want to believe it lol). Do you know if you can purchase replacement X1 pads, or if the X2 pads would fit the X1?
I have a samsung galaxy s2. For various reasons I don't use it for listening to music, but my contract is up and I can get another phone, and I wouldn't be upset if it produced great SQ. This question may be off topic, but is there a reliable place (ie website or thread) that can tell me which phones have the best SQ?
Twas feeling brazen :-)In spite of what I said above, most of it actually is 320kbps, and some of it flac. Someday hopefully most of my library will also be in hi-rez, and I suppose that I will worry about appropriate players then. I agree with your sentiments about the mastering and dynamic range - gotta watch out for that (and it is surprising how many people aren't aware of the importance).
 Yup, makes sense. Since I don't have any dsd recordings, and since I listen to everything at 128kbps (because it sounds as good as hi rez - not even my opinion...simply fact), I think I'm probably good to go with what I have. 
Great impressions again Maxxx134! Now I just have to figure out whether or not I have the sony headband version or the ugly foam headband version lol!
Interesting, thanks. I'm reading up on DSD now, and I am wondering if/when I would ever feel the need for native DSD playback.
Mine have been delivered... but just not to me! I had them delivered to a buddy, and I'll be getting them in my ears in a few weeks.
You can try stretching the headband. It is suprising how much force you can apply without breaking them. I stretch them before putting them on every time. I also wear them reversed to solve the pad swivelling issue and to get a great and consistant seal (I'm okay with the channels being switched).
Hopefully you will tell me the Havi B3's slay the CKR9s so that I can stop lusting over the 9's lol!Also looking forward to your C5 impressions
 If you can find some Koss Tony Bennets for cheap (I got mine for $30CN), they come with a case that works well with the WS99's:  
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