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 I know doc, I know! :-) I'm pretty sure it will happen one day, but I gotta wait/find a better Canadian deal. Right now it would be $399US shipped to your place lol, and then $25US for you to get it shipped to me. Hmm, what's that work out too... $525 CN. Yup, gonna have to wait a bit! But this will give me time to work on my hi-res library and to figure out which great, balanced headphones might pair nicely with it.  Btw, I bet the Zens sound all right off of the Pono huh?
 Do you think they are gonna fix that? I'm getting more and more sucked into the Pono, but I have only ever played by folder and I don't want to have to start not playing by folder. Seems bizarre that it doesn't support that.
 Awesome post!  You made me even more interested in the Pono, and also into trying out balanced mode and balanced gear one of these days! 
I don't either. But I'm not complaining!
What the heck is that graph?
 I think I was on that poster lol Having said that, they are great. It's just that for me, the titan1's came along...
 Yup. Although the M200's with the spiral dot tips sounds very good, I like the Titan SQ and soundstage a bit more. But as you suggested, the ergonomics/fit is where the titan1's really do the trouncing.
I brought my c3/bh combo out of retirement. My VE Zen earbuds like to be amped, and they sound really good off of the combo, so it's nice to be happily using the combo again. It's scary though that I'm becoming a bit h20-like and starting to pair iems with specific daps and amps. :-)
 Which site? This one?: If so, I couldn't hear much past the 12kHz, so that is rather amazing that you could hear 17kHz clearly.
 I am looking forward to getting a Blatherer custom title for myself one of these days lol.
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