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 I'm loving those 20 more corrected values! Thank for the feature and explanation, and also for all of the continued updates. Awesome!
 Are you sure the AK4490 sounds as good as the AK4396? And as usual, implementation is key. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the x10 impressions. And because I'm in no hurry, I'll read all the usual bitchin about it and "where's rockbox" and once that's released for it, then I might bite! And you're liking the LG v10? I have an S5 paired up with the ZuperDAC and am loving it as my main player. But I still like having the X3 (and re-found Xuelin 770) as happily used backups.
 Sigh. I suppose I need to find out more about this AK4490 dac. SIGH!
 Good luck. Let us know what you end up with!
 Yup. I love the sound out of the original 770 which I believe also has the WM8740 dac. In fact, most people who have the original 770 seem to really like the SQ. So imo the 990 has a good chance of sounding great.
I'll have to read back to see what could possibly be prompting you to go to the dark side lol. I'm very happy with my S5. Samsung went backwards with the S6 though (not waterproof, no sd card slot, no replaceable battery). Hopefully they came to their senses again with the S7 (haven't checked).
 You should tell your iems to quit being so sensitive. 
 One day I'll be pestering you for your impressions of the opus 11 compared to the zuperdac. But don't worry - that day isn't today 
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