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 If you like that clearer signature, you should try the Mikros 90's or Yammy Mt220's one of these days!  Seriously, I still love both of those suckers. And also seriously, I can't wait to get the Monk+'s!
 Right. Too bad the orig's are somewhat pricey at those stores, but at least they can still be found. Or maybe an existing owner would be willing to provide one to XVortex for a good price.
 Great info jdog - thanks. @XVortex, I just donated. Even if you don't get the orig 770 rockboxed, I really appreciate your efforts. Having said that, hurry up with the orig 770 rockboxing!!!!   For any other interested parties (and you know who you are lol), here's the link:http://xvtx.ru/rockbox/
Yup, thanks Lee.
 Now that's how you get as calm as a Monk! 
 I start getting very nervous when I get below 10 Monks lol!
 Fwiw, I've enjoyed reading your posts. Well written and easy to understand. Thanks.
Thanks! That may be a great place for me to start into the land of tube-age!
 Oh, you know a lot lol! And I see that you are still contributing greatly to the free flac thread - you're the man!Anyway, I still have my C3 as well. I had still been using it occasionally, but I recently got a ZuperDAC which I am loving so much (off of my laptop or off of my phone), that both the C3 and my 770 are looking a bit grumpy at me lately!  [[SPOILER]]
 When you see text in blue like this: Nobody else has ever had that issue!  It usually means that there is a link embedded. Just click on the link and my sarcasm will be revealed!
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