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Why do I get the feeling that you're talking to me lol! Great impressions d marc0 :-)
Damn - apparently I need both! :-)
 Ha, I'm just having fun is all. Kova4a was feeling like crap at the time, and it was his initial impressions, and the impressions weren't all that bad anyway. So no big deal, and a lot more impressions will be pouring in soon. Long live the vsd3's! (until the vsd5's come along that is!)
 luisdent, have you heard the Havi B3's? If not, please consider adding them to your list, and then push me over the edge to get them. The tenores, ostry's and B3's might just make a perfect budget trinity! :-)
 The kova4a effect...  
 No you won't!
A fantastic Canadian band at that! It's been a good day of music discovery for me in the 'ol ASG2 thread. Thanks all! All I need now are some damned ASG2's :-)
That hedron is cool. I was listening to Radiohead Kid A before switching to it, and it felt like I didn't lose a beat!
Looking forward to hopefully seeing your issue resolved.
I wanted to buy the digital flac version, but their facebook page said that it won't be available on bandcamp until Jan :-(
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