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Yup, the 680's are awesome.
 I don't have the PX100, just the PX100ii. Although the sportapro and px100ii sound similar, I prefer the sportapro by a fair margin (I found too much of a mid bass hump on the px100ii and some veil and rolled off highs - maybe I had a dud?). 
 You could get a Koss Sportapro ($20) and clip the drivers onto a Parts Express headband ($2). This gives you "Portapro sound" on a lighter headband that doesn't clamp as much (thus balancing out the sound nicely).
Well, I love the audioquest nighthawks. But others will chime in with their preferences.As far as planars are concerned, these might end up being surprising..http://www.head-fi.org/t/820107/monoprice-monolith-m1060-and-m560-planar-headphones/0_30
Have you tried them naked?
 Lol - my thoughts exactly!
 The mt220's are indeed wonderful. I personally wouldn't sell the hd25ii's though - they are classics! Also, they are truly portable (and isolate well).
 Different strokes for different ears I suppose... I really don't enjoy wearing iems anymore - they generally irritate my ear canals.
 If you get a chance, let us know how you feel they compare to your Porta Pros.
Cool - I've been looking for some nice headphones for the gym!;-)
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