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 Yeah, I'll have to try that. I was using beach volleyball, but I tore my calf muscle and am now hobbling around. So much for stress reduction! Yoga here I come..
 What keeps me very happy is my Samsung S5 + UAPP app + ZuperDAC ($75). Stellar SQ. And Tidal streaming as well. I use that combo 90% of the time when on the go.  [[SPOILER]]  I really only need a DAP for the rest of the time, and the X3 would have fit the bill very nicely (had it arrived). I had a Xeulin 770 before for my 10% DAP duties, but I lost it. Which was a drag because that sucker sounded very good. But it wasn't perfect for me, so I was kind of excited to get the...
 Fwiw, a while back there was a $20 coupon at TOMTOP, and I got my X3 shipped for $89US. Well, I'm still waiting to get it, but that's another story (some other folks who took advantage of the deal did manage to get theirs). My point is that you can get it for considerably less than $180.
 I didn't know much about the SINE before reading your comment. Just read this review. Thought it was interesting, including the conclusion:
> Also wow the synergy between the Havi B3 Pro 1 and ZuperDAC is just breath taking! Tamal, you're gonna get me digging out my havi's! Edit: done. And yup, they sound awesome off of the zuperdac :-)
Excellent advice. Largely applies to the zuperdac as well.
This is good advice fro the dragonfly thread... the zuperdac via usb audio player pro on my S5 sounds stellar and much better than using the android drivers: "Hey man, welcome to the thread. Ok, I'm going to speak solely for your galaxy s5. Download the trial of usb audio player pro. Through that app connect to Tidal, set the hardware volume at about 70% and turn down the player volume. Start your FLAC music and gradually turn up the volume. Volume is completely...
Hey @RedJohn456, glad you're enjoying it! I in turn have to give a shout out to @nick n who kept re-reminding me about the zuperdac until I finally got one (actually two now). I'm looking forward to your ongoing impressions!
 Okay. Thanks for the explanation. I'm also not thrilled that Xduoo isn't fixing the pitch problem, but I pretty much knew all of the X3's warts and purchased it anyway because I'm planning on rockboxing it and with that particular pitch wart burned off, the X3 seems like awesome value for the money (great SQ, multi slots, hi res playback, buttons, excellent price). Having said that, mine still hasn't arrived (left Hongkong on May10), so I'm now trying to decide what to do...
 What are you talking about?
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