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 Everyone has gone back to wired headphones. 
 Just curious: have you tried any other pads on the NH's? I didn't think I was ever going to do so, but did end up trying the HM5 hybrids (as per wuhanclan's suggestion), and I can't believe how much I am liking the sound. To me it's basically the same beautiful NH sound and signature, except with that bloom of which you speak cleared up. I'm looking forward now to trying the velour pads once they get here.
 Yes, that's really annoying. I know you really like the 2D MSQD's ("those that shall only be named backwards" lol). How about everyone else? C'mon people, post your impressions (even if you have to do it in pig latin!). Anyway Eric, I'm looking forward to getting your D27 impressions one way or another!
I posted this in the Rockbox thread: I don't have golden ears, but as far as I can tell, the rockbox'd X3 sounds as good as stock.  Anyway, I'm loving this rockboxed X3 - awesome player!
Awesome! Thanks @XVortex! The installation was a breeze. And now my new X3 has gone from "great" to "friggin' awesome"! I already donated to you for the 770 rockbox, but sadly lost my 770 before I could get it installed. Which prompted me to get the X3 (knowing that you had done rockbox for it as well). It turnes out that I like the X3 much more due to it's smaller form factor and BUTTONS and dual slots etc, so I'm a pretty happy camper. And the sound quality is very...
Yes, if you are willing to spend twice as much (just a guess).
Hey Ds! Yeah, not much of a deal considering it's the same price elsewhere. Maybe tomtop will have the $20 off coupon deal again someday, bringing it down to $89. I'm really happy with mine, but I haven't heard any high end daps to compare it too (lucky me lol!). I will be rockboxing it to resolve a few issues, but still, I've been enjoying it in stock mode very much. Nothing wrong with this SQ :-)
 I got my X3 for $89 at tomtop. They had a $20 off coupon. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't pop up again.  This thread is your friend: http://www.head-fi.org/t/595071/android-phones-and-usb-dacs I think if it supports android 5.0 and up, it could work, especially if you also use the UAPP (usb audio player pro) app or Onkyo HF app. Both of those apps seems to work very well with usb DACs, and they also bypass the phones drivers (unlike if you use other apps such as...
 I was mainly using DAPs, but started wanting to be able to also stream tidal and didn't feel like putting up the $$$ for something like the X7. So I got the Zuperdac (es9018k2m/es9601) to hook up to my phone (S5, with UAPP app). Wow, I totally love it. Incredible SQ. Tidal streaming. $79. Love it. But I still need a DAP for secondary listening requirements. I lost my xeulin 770 (which I liked a lot, except for lack of tactile buttons), but did just receive the Xduoo X3...
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