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I love my walnut - I truly do! But I also love being able to navigate through my tunes in some kind of useful manner.   Anyone know if there is any hope in hell of seeing a screenfull walnut down the road?    I feel blasphemous for even thinking of it!
 How does that combo sound compared to just the walnut?
 Thanks Charlie. I did see that one, but it shows as "not available" to me. Probably only only available to the US - which is great if you're in the US!
I have been listening to Nad Sylvan's "Courting the Widow" album on Tidal and it's pretty good. Many great guest musicians such as: Steve Hackett, Nick D'Virgilio, Nick Beggs, Doane Perry, Roine Stolt, Roger King, Garry O'Toole, Rob Townsend. I really like the 22 minute "To turn the other side" track, but can't find it in youtube to link to.  
 If you speak/read Chinese, I'm sure it's possible (otherwise it's hell lol).
 Hmm, I seem to like everything that Duda is involved with! That Breaking Habits album is great.
 Good job.. yeah, I'd say so! Awesome.
 The S5 has USB 3 micro. The newer S5 Neo does not. Edit: I think you were saying that as well.
 Cool! Btw, you can get the parts express headband for the ksc75 (or portapro, or sportapro, or ksc35) drivers here:
 In the waynes world of sources: - Thinkpad x220 laptop + Zuperdac (using foobar2000). I'm very satisfied with this, but that doesn't stop me from lusting after better dacs or dac/amps such as the Grace Design m9XX DAC/Amp which is on massdrop now for $499CN. But for me that's quite pricey, and when converted to CN it's closer to $700. So for now I continue being satisfied with my $75 zuperdac lol. ^edit: forgot to add the C&C BH amp into the above mix (or sometimes the...
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