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 That'll do then! :-)
 That's the response I was waiting for lol! I'm new around these parts. Do you have the mt220's? And do you listen to 320kbps mp3's with them? And are you satisfied?
 Oh oh!
Hey @Lorspeaker (or anyone), how is the bass impact of the MT220's compared to the stock Mikros 90's? If the MT220's have as much bass as the stock 90's, then I'd be I'll be happy.   Also, you still digging your 220's?   Edit: edited the above (since I broke down and bought them :-)
 Steal of a deal! But yeah, try trading for the A to get something different (and really great - use mine quite often).
 I concur - that would be distracting!
 Indeed he did not. As I said to Nick.. "If you go for it, then so do I". But the scaredy cat never went for it, and therefore I am not enjoying real and/or reject and/or fake - yet awesome sounding-  ckr9ltd's right now lol!
Somebody should sell me some MT220's for $150 CDN shipped. Now that would make my day. So c'mon people, make my day!
 There.. fixed that for you!  Kidding of course - your review has got me thinking about those suckers! It will be interesting to see if there are other crazies out there that think similarly about the fxh30's 
 You and me both brother! I've had the Zens for about 5 months, and I don't think I'll ever stop loving them. Full, beautiful, detailed sound. Gorgeous tuning.
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