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 Hey Marlene, totally off topic but I was reading your blog and finding your "top rock/pop" post interesting (I've long been happy with a few of your chosen ones). Have you had a chance to listen to Radiohead's latest album?
 Radiohead and Seifeld... what's not to like? I'd try those BA100 foams if I had them. I can't use Complys for too long.  You know, my cat makes it's rear end known as well. So I think the conclusion to your statement is "makes itself obvious".
 Me neither. I've mainly converted to buds (VE buds to be precise), but when I throw in an iem, it's usually the Titan1's. No high frequency peaks for me (then again, I'm not 20 years old lol). Listening to Radiohead's latest "A Moon Shaped Pool" with them today was rather glorious experience. They rock (and that album is pretty cool).
 Official Free FLAC File Music Sharing Thread
You guys lost me at "floating point" lol!
I don't think so. Get a $75 ZuperDAC and you're set for that :-)
 The latest is 100000+ thousand fled/evacuated. It seems that there is relief that only 20% of the homes were destroyed. Wow - brutal.
 Buy the X3 and see if it works for you. If it doesn't, you probably wouldn't have any problem selling it for close to what you paid (especially if you find it for $90).
 Thanks.   I suppose the pitch issue doesn't bother/affect you very much?
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