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 Ha - missed that! Therefore, why WAS he getting up at 2AM???
 Which seller? And where did you see that they were redirected? All I see from the tracking is: Despatched to overseas (Country code: CA) And the same shows in Canada Post tracking.
 Yeah, I suffer from it also. At night I have my vsd1's firmly implanted and attached to my clip zip. Have it set to auto-turn off after an hour. Lay there falling asleep to trance or whatever. If I wake up in the middle of the night and can't shut the 'ol brain off, just a few clicks of the clip zip (without having to look at it - I love that) gets the tunes flowing again :)
 It's probably not 2am where he is.
 Every core of my hype-filtering-cortex leads me to believe that you made a safe and wise choice. Now for the somewhat painful wait. At least it's not (hopefully) going to be a month like with other previous purchases I've made (now those were painful!).
 Ok - that'll work :)
 I'm in Canada as well, and they emailed me back saying 7-20 business days. I ordered mine Apr4, but I don't think it was shipped until Apr7. I'll let you know when I get my grubbly little ears on them!
 He's talking jvc 850, ostry kc06, and recabled mh1c (or mh1 - not sure which).
 You didn't scroll down through the images far enough. Found this one:    Edit: here's an image I found of the vsonic vsd1. I also typically wear them over ears when sleeping (so they don't get tugged out). It lookes like the kc06's will be at least as comfortable (if not more):   Edit: and I'm not sure why the below image of the sony xba H1 also showed up during the kc06 image search, but something tells me that you wouldn't try laying down with those in your ears!
Nice d marc0! My ears live vicariously through you :-)
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