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Some pretty nice stories about Robin Williams:   What an amazing guy. Norm McDonald's story cracked me up.
 Apparently what's good for the goose is not good for the gander LOL!
 I don't think that you got into your IEM search until pretty recently, but you sure ended up picking some winners (well, at least the first two - I'm not familiar with the Narmoo's). So I think you done good! Now... back to modding those Mikros 90's!
Very cool - @ericp10 has B3's and CKR10's on the way!   Now, can anyone tell me that this song (Dire Straits Water Of Love) doesn't sound awesome on whatever new headphones or iems they are enjoying???  
 Our friend Mo'chilli's needs are quite varied, complex, and most importantly, insatiable!
Now you're speaking my langauge! :-)
Although I'm still loving the kc06/tape/pinprick combo, I will prolly try out stock again. What the heck - 2 square mm of scotch tape is cheap lol!Did you ever do the pinprick?
 I did not know that you were getting the B3's - very cool! Looking very much forward to your impressions. And happy tip rolling! (apparently a lot of time can be spent finding the best tips for these puppies).
 Well, I was close to either seeing how durable my replacement tenores are to hammer blows, or to attempting to return them. So your post is timely, because that sounds simple enough for me to try. When you say "cotton", do you mean cotton swab (ie q-tips) material? And by "small amount", how much is that? Forgive me if you have posted this information already. Also, does this resolve the issue even when wearing the tenores down? Thanks again.
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