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 Spot on.
Credibility... pretty much annihilated.
 I can't believe how good the 990's are (dust an all!). They must be over 20 years old, but every time I put them on I'm blown away.
 Nick "ovakill" N is what we like to call him lol! And if that wasn't so, I wouldn't have one of the most awesomest pairs of T50RP's out there :-) Holy crap @nick n! Looking forward to seeing what you do with all of that stuff!
 Congrats!  Which is more of a no-brainer... this or the walnut? Btw, love those MX10-B's you let me try out. If my jvc-990's (which I got thanks to you I might add) didn't sound so close to them, I'd have 'em!
 Nice! I'm looking forward to getting my Porcupine Tree albums prepared for my nut!
 Great info! Thanks.
That same thing happened to me with my X3. The strange thing was that it showed up a week later.
 I've been thinking of getting some BT headphones, and I did not know that. Tbh , I'm surprised by that info. Edit: to be clear, I didn't know that all BT headphones have built in DAC/amps. I currently use my S5+Zuperdac for wired headphones, and was thinking of getting a BT headphone and getting some sort of BT transmitter that I could plug into the Zuperdac to then transmit to the BT headphones. But based on what you are saying, the SQ would not be any better than going...
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