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 I'm not familiar with any of those, but as mentioned, the B3 sounds great off of the C&C BH ($100) (paired with the C3 or the ihifi 770).
Although I plan on increasing my lossless collection because of the 770, the bulk of my tunes at the moment are 320kbps mp3's, and as long as they are mastered well, they sound great out of the 770. I have a dusty vintage pair of sony v7's. I'm not sure how they compare with the v6, but they sound awesome off of the 770. And if you search this thread, @H20Fidelity really enjoyed his v6's off of the 760. Assuming the 760 and 770 are somewhat similar, my guess is that the...
Need? No... only "lust" has to do with it... and lack of resistance!
 Hey d marc0! Since I'm a "fun and crazy relaxed" guy, the A83's seems appealing. As do the A71's which have been getting favourable impressions. Have you had any experience with them?
 You are like a one man wrecking crew - now you've got me interested in the 650's lol!  Btw, anyone intrigued by the $200 AKG K7XX Massdrop edition? I sure am.
 Good idea! I'm going to do that for sure to my 8320's. Hopefully dsnuts won't mind (I think my pair are his original pair lol).  Yes, the cable is ridiculous. But if you want to feel better about the 8320 cable, go and get the the sony mh1c   Done, and liking it! I haven't listened to them for a while, but jeez they are pretty amazing for the price.
Just discovered these on spotify. Not sure if they are "uplifting trance" or not, but I like them quite a bit:    
 Forward, but not harsh, metallic or sibilant, correct?
Being a canuck, I'd get gouged with exchange and shipping and it will prolly work out to approx $245CN. Still a seemingly great deal.
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