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 Awesome Peter! You do us a wonderful service with all of your great reviews.
 I knew you'd come around!   Great comparison - thanks.
 Yup, that would suck. The BH is still my favourite amp and I use it daily. I hope you can find one!
My colorfly c3 has been relegated to backup dap, and was put into service today with my Monk+'s. I forgot how nice the C3 sounds, and the Monk/C3 pairing is very nice!
Everyone should do themselves a favour and pay $5 for some red hot Monks to play on their X3's. Just saying!   https://www.massdrop.com/buy/venture-electronics-monk-plus-earbud
 Try sticking on two thin double foams on each driver and see how that works for you.
Hey @zhibli06 Lee buddy... just got my 5 red hot Monks. The 1st pair sound just as awesome as all of my other Monks. Thanks dude! Red really isn't my color, but damn, these look good. Nicely done! :-)   If you added a mic-monk option, I'd be wearing them everywhere and all of the time. Right now when I get a call, I get kinda sad because I have to remove my Monks and put in some other non-monk-mic-phones instead. So sad. Heck, I'd even pay $6 for mic-monks lol!...
Btw @Dsnuts, if you feel so inclined, try putting on two of the thin foams onto each Monk driver. It's challenging as hell to do without ripping them, but it really makes the Monks shine.
 The Aria must be good - my ears are bleeding after listening to that with... anything! 
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