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Xduoo X3 dap for $92.99US at tomtop Awesome player, great price (down from $130US). Edit: I also see the following from the X3 thread, but I haven't tried it: 
  Samsung S5 & UAPP app (Usb Audio Player Pro) -> ZuperDAC ($75) -> Monks or HD598's or whatever = audio bliss.
 Thanks. The DX80 must be pretty amazing. I'm using my Galaxy S5 + Zuperdac as my main player and the recently aquired X3 as secondary player, but I have been very impressed with the X3's SQ (even more so for the price that I got it for - $89).
 That makes sense. I did the same thing and was more than happy with the NH's. The only reason I'm mentioning anything about the pads is because the pad change really had a significant effect - one that I wasn't expecting, looking for, but that I personally am really loving. I'm pretty sure that burn in effects the NH's positively, but I can't say personally because the ones that I received were already burned in. Also, I don't have experience with cables other than stock...
 I'd like to hear that as well. My guess (based on comparisons read between the DFB and DFR) is that the DFB is bassier/darker and the zuperdac more neutral.
 Interesting! I haven't heard any tubes, so take this with a grain of salt. But my guess is that if you tried other pads (such as the HM5 hybrids) on the NH's, that you would greatly enjoy them on your tube amp.
 How far off do you find the X3 to be from the DX80 sound quality wise?
 Awesome! Really looking forward to your impressions (I've been quasi-lusting over the iDSD for a long time!).
 You might be right. I for one won't be testing the theory though, because I'm also somewhat treble sensitive as well.
 You almost experienced Monk+ Nirvana!
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