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 Love the X1, so for $150 it's an awesome deal imo. But yeah, if they also dropped the X2 for a similarly awesome deal, resistance would be challenging.
Fidelio X1 at massdrop for $149.99 (limited to 57 units):
 Nothing that's good in life is easy. One simply must go down the rabbit hole... 
 Damn - I didn't even try any of the other cables! When I first tried them with the short cable though, I was thinking "what's wrong with these"?... until I figured out that I didn't have the cable pushed all the way into the headphone jack (nice boy, just built a little low to the ground). Sounded wonderful to me after that! I wish I'd tried the other cables now though.
 "sounds almost as good as Titan1 for less$" could be a bit hit!
 I hope you enjoy the 770C as much as I enjoy the 770! I love the VE Asura and Zen as well, so l'll be snagging the VE Monk for sure (especially for the ridiculous low price they will be available for). I'll also be interested in your E80 impressions :-)
 Thanks Doc! Just loaded up Ornette Coleman on Spotify (too cheap for Tidal lol), so looking forward to hearing it!
 I can't help you there... I want them both lol!
 @EmpJ (Jeremy) from CTCAudio may also have some info for you.
PM-3 Canada Unit #1 shipped off to larrybuttress today. Larry, I hope you enjoy the pm3's as much as I did! Awesome headphones.
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