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Cable does make a difference with the x1. Souce components aa well.
 I'm really hoping that the Xuelin ihifi770 dap that I'm getting (was on sale for $135) will satisfy me without also needing a portable amp. As much as I love the SQ and power coming out of the C3/BH combo, I don't really love the weight and bulkiness of the stack. Fingers crossed.
Lol! We love to tease ya sardar17! Besides, we know you got good taste in music
 There, fixed that for ya!  
Kinda interesting Spanish article (google translated): Comparison of players - Part Three: Xuelin iHiFi iHiFi 770 and 960   I wish that it translated better, but seemingly favorable towards the 770. Actually, almost all of the reviews that I`ve read (mostly Russian) are quite favorable towards it.
Not much to talk about yet, is there?
 The folks I know who have the IM03's don't think they exhibit any sibilance either.
 Some iems benefit from amping (ie Havi B3's), but I don't know if the TTPOD's do. Still, someone might be looking for both items.
 There is a $4.99 shipping fee to us in Canada. I am not sure re duties/brokerage. I am getting something from them of similar value, and I hope there are no extra charges. I have the feeling that this value typically slips under the radar. And yeah, you have to be willing to wait to take advantage of their prices.
 And has "Cayin C5 + TTPOD T1E" going for $159.99.
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