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 Wow, that was excellent! On par with 10 hours of...   Edit: better yet.. get them both playing at the same time!
 I didn't realize the DT1350 build quality is not good. But maybe they were squeezing my head so hard that I couldn't think clearly at the time. I loved them. I hated them. But I was kinda serious (and also afraid that you'd take me up on it). All this to say: Feel free to lowball me if you are so inclined :-)
 The a71's are a sure thing. Not sure about the douza's yet, but there is a good chance they will rock. Some folks should be getting them within a week I think, so impressions should be rolling along soon!
Unfortunately no. The 770 might get rockboxed, but as it stands, no.Edit: Btw, I had the same issue as you when I got the Colorfly C3 (which also doesn't auto play the next folder). What I ended up doing was the following:1) In foobar2000, created a playlist of all of my favorite and semi-favorite tunes - basically anything I would be okay listening to2) Using the copy utility in foobar2000, copy all of those tunes into a single folder on the microsd card, and while...
Lucky so and so! Congrats!
Fidue a71. Bass is great. Mids are great. Vocals are great.
I love the A71's for trance. Great bass. $79.
 If you haven't read this spanish review, it's quite informative (especially the SOUND section):
 Two HO's, and one is flat.
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