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 Yeah, I jumped on that deal, only to get denied by amazon lol. Too good to be true, except that quite a few people got it!
 He'll be okay as long as he doesn't now start going through TOTL's like candy. Now that would be expensive!
 Awesome. I'm glad I'm not insane for liking these so much. Or, I'm just glad we're all insane in this together lol  I'm very happy with the red core stock tips, but I have some Comply tx500's. I don't know if they will fit, but I'll maybe try the mod that was mentioned in here and try them out.
 Sorry. It's just head-fi karma... payback for all of the times that it's been done to me lol Btw, I forgot to mention the incredible soundstage and layering... ok ok, I'll stop now!
 You like it or else!
 I hope that Vivian pulls through for you. The combination of the Titan1's fast transients, amazing bass and very detailed, extended and yet non-fatiguing highs has really breathed new life into trance and electronica for me. 
 Bravo! Well said. I am completely enamoured with them as well (ridiculously so lol). Electronica is amazing with them. Which tips are you enjoying? I really like the larger red core tips (even more than the spiral dot tips that have been my go-to tips lately).
 It would be interesting to hear how you feel the Ostry tips do in comparison with the spiral dot tips on the duoza's (not necessarily in the sibilance-control arena though, since I don't notice any sibilance with the duoza's & medium spiral dots).
 Yes, exactly! But, I'm gonna have to fix this one for you: I was expecting to find the highs to sound somewhat cold and sharp based on a lot of what I had read, but thankfully I'm not at all, which is way cool :-)
 I can't compare to the CKR9's (wish I could!), but for some reason I am not hearing the Titans as being either cold or warm, but just right. The bass and the highs seem to really balance things out and fill things out nicely for me. Switching over to the B3's now, the B3's seem cooler or thinner. Some of that must have to do with the much lesser bass, but also the highs seem dryer/thinner and I might even say harsher in comparison with the Titans. So to me the Titan1's...
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