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 Different strokes for different ears I suppose... I really don't enjoy wearing iems anymore - they generally irritate my ear canals.
 If you get a chance, let us know how you feel they compare to your Porta Pros.
Cool - I've been looking for some nice headphones for the gym!;-)
 Let them burn in. Try different foam configurations (such as double thin). Don't worry.. in a while you'll be firmly on board the correct hype train :-)
 The evidence seems pretty daunting. But I agree that it seems out of character for vapman to do that based on his presence and feedback. @vapman, what's the deal? 
 Two months? More like six lol! But I understand.. those monkeys are something else!
 Thanks. My "threshold" setting was always set to "off". I presume that this means that the "ratio" settings would have no impact, correct? I forgot that rockbox plays the new setting sound as you are changing settings. So I went through the "threshold" settings can can hear audible differences. But when threshold=off, if I then change the ratio settings, I cannot hear any differences. So what I thought were improvements using "ratio = 2:1" must have been placebo (since my...
Hi @Davy Wentzler, just a suggestion: In Tidal when an artist is pulled up, the artist's "Top Tracks" are listed before the artist's "Albums". When you bring up an artist in UAPP/Tidal howerver, the "Top Tracks" are not shown. I guess I use that feature quite a bit to get a feel for an artist's music, so it would be great if it could be added to UAPP/Tidal. Thanks!
 There is no "off" option that I can see.  Thanks.
 It does increase the bass extension and fullness overall (and for me, still no mid-bass bloat or muddyness), and for my preferences sounds awesome. It also allows them to fit in the ear more snugly such that you can get a bit of a seal. Anyway, if you try it, let us know what you think.
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