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 Who? You?? 
 Once a treble-head, always a treble-head!  Congrats on the cable dweaver! I hope it works out well.  Oooh, aaah! Looking forward to your impressions :-)
Thanks. My golden ears are having a tough time deciding between them and the thick red solid foams. Liking them both!
 Which foams are you liking with the Monk+? 
 I know! I'm like "what am I supposed to do with all of this stuff?" lol
  The bold text is exaclty why I'm never going to try a balanced cable lol!
 Thanks a lot for the input. I'm used to rockbox (on the clip zip) and I would be fine with rockboxing the X3 (so the pitch/gapless issues presumably won't be there for me). My main concern is the SQ, and it seems to be quite decent on the X3 (and even moreso considering the price). I'm annoyed that I lost my $100 Xuelin 770 because it also had very decent SQ. But the UI is fairly primitive, and I really missed it not having physical buttons. I was getting set on the X3,...
 Is the Cayin N5 also a huge upgrade in SQ in your opinion?
 Naw, buy 10! 5 to give away to friends, and the other 5 planted around the house lol. I'm now listening to the Monk+ off of my laptop->zuperdac->C&C BH amp, and I am seriously a bit taken aback by how good it sounds. It's a good time to be into audio!
 Yes, one of the very few things in life that can be deeply trusted is a head-fier's hype lol! Seriously though, the Monks are the real deal. And for $5, it's well worth the risk.
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