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 And thank you! It`s a great thread, and I try to protect my wallet by staying clear as much as I can lol. But, the force in this thread is strong...
They're my fav. Why do you think I've hung onto my h200's for so long :-)
 Same here, except that I don't remember the last time I had any of the switches turned off lol! I try to go switchless, but always get drawn back into switch mode :)
 You are a dangerous man! Just found them on Penonaudio. Whacky (but kinda cool) looking!
Great writeup! You have only added to my suspicions that I would love the ckr9's. Maybe someday!
Same here! Looking forward to how you find the highs.
True dat! I think I'll wait for your/impressions though. Is it worth getting the B3's if you have the kc06's? Do the altone's blow them all out of the water (and are the high's not too harsh/sibilant)? Inquiring minds are counting on you most'chill!
Have you tried the kc06/kc06a's? Fun good times :-)
^ You might as well get the B3's (and provide your impressions) while you're at it! :-)
Long live the X1's and the Portapros!
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