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 Too late - you said it... and I quoted it for all of eternity! 
 Yes, she be magical :-)
I think that's exactly the point. You simply have to resize your images to not cause explosions and rejections when uploading. That's just the way it is. P.s. nice image, and that Grimmie is pretty good :-)
 From what I have read, they are great. But they are a lot different than the X2's, and I suspect that they would only be "way better than the X2" based on personal preferences. What do you like more about the 2000's? Fwiw, I haven't heard either the 2000's or the X2's (but I have both of their cousins).
 Lol! I tugged on that a few times on my Zen, and it never budged. I just now tugged a bit harder, and viola, a chin slider! Thanks!
 I read that the Fiio X3ii output is 200 mW @32ohm. I presume that is "per channel". If so, wouldn't that be enough to drive the mt220's well? edit: I'm just asking out of my own curiosity.
Btw, for portable use I just use the xuelin 770 dap. Cheap, great sq, and has enough power to push most of my gear nicely (without having to stack an additional amp). I bet the mt220's would sound great off of it as well. I should get me some mt220's one of these days!
 At least for laptop use, you could consider getting a cheap but good DAC such as the HiFimeDIY Sabre U2 Asynchronous USB DAC and then pair it up with a good amp. I haven't heard the MT220's, but I'm guessing that they'd sound great off of the U2 DAC plus an amp like the Cayin C5 (most of the stuff that I have does). This doesn't take care of all of your requirements, but I'm throwing it out there anyway.
 Cool! And that's quite the stack you have going there!
  I think I will wait! There must have consensus on this matter lol! And yes, I have version 2.02.
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