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 My first pair would exhibit TTS while in my ears (after a period of listening). In that case, I'd buy the theory of vacuum sealing causing the issue. But what was different about yesterday's occurrence with my replacement pair is that they exhibited TTS after a 1/2 hour duration of non-use and when putting them back in my ears (and I was putting them in my ears the same way I always do, so there was nothing different about that). So I don't know how vacuum sealing could...
Got them in again. Sounding rather awesome at the moment! But that's the way TTS rolls...
 Ok, so I failed miserably to live up to my above code, and I used the tenores for a stretch of an entire 2 hours while biking. They were fine. They were great. They lasted for the entire 2 hours. I thought to myself that these are the ones. I take a break for about half an hour and then put them back into my ears. Wtf? The left channel is at half mast! Noooooooo, not again! But rather than getting really annoyed (because I couldn't listen to them like that for the 2 hour...
Corkchops are always good :-)
No. But I'm quite sure that I'd love them.
Ha! Mr Mod didn't modify his T50RP's! Blasphemy lol! The sole purpose of the 50's is to be modded from mediocre stock phones to awesomesauce. Take it from the Paradoxes, BMF's, Mad dogs, Alpha Dogs and Nickerfied ones (my variant) etc.. them planar magnetic drivers are nice. Nothing "loose" about them once modified, that's for sure :-)
Oh, so subbed!
 Yes, just keep filling my head with accolades for those iems and sooner or later I will cave!
 Found this photo:
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