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Big +1.
 I know he's been riding the 850 train, and I know he's been riding the Havi B3 train as well. I bought my ticket on that one and a waiting to actually board (but am looking forward to the trip!) Edit: go figure - the ones Lors didn't just mention were the B3's lol
 Ok you tease - looking forward to seeing what the final mods are lol!
Those damned giant killer ksc75's lol :-)
 Interesting impressions! I haven't tried the big brothers to the AD900X, but I still really love them after a few years and feel no need to part with them. They are my favorite headphones for watching movies and concert DVD's etc. And as you said, they are ridiculously comfortable. Long live the AD900X's!
One of my ksc75 drivers also vibrated/resonated with bass at times. I figured that it was just something I'd have to live with (and not complain about since they otherwise sound so friggin good and are so ridiculously cheap). But my buddy worked some magic on them, and the resonance seems to be gone. I'm listening to some bass heavy music at fairly loud volumes, and nothing but a smile on my face. I'll report back with what he did...
@d marc0, just getting caught up, but nice Tralucent impressions! I'd still like to get my hands on the C5D one of these days (among 1000 other things lol).
Looking forward to your impressions! (especially in comparison with the m500's)
Yer welcome. Funny thing is I looked at one of the "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed" items, and found this one: only is that cheaper (ie $16 for 10'), but apparently it is 0.098 inches thick as opposed to 0.105 inches thick. So it's a cheaper and lower profile low profile option! So it might be worth looking around a bit.
Low profile means less thickness when you have both sides affixed, which is what you want. Just make sure that it says "low profile" wherever you buy it from. This seems like a good deal, although 10' will last you a lifetime lol. I ended up spending close to $10 for 18" quite a while ago and have made it last quite well:
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