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 Those do look sweet! As I mentioned via PM, I haven't been listening to iems very much lately, but this prompted me to dig out the 3570's and throw them on my very expensive Walnut v2 dap... awesome! I'm looking forward to your impressions of the new beasts :-)
 Getting more and more into Riverside! Years ago, when my nephew was 17 or so, I got him into Genesis, Rush, Yes, Crimson etc. He then got me into Muse (maybe not progressive, but I like some of their stuff - and their concerts are awesome) and then PT and SW. He is now 24 years old, and last year introduced me Riverside. I'm pretty sure that he recently said that Riverside is almost topping PT/SW as his favorite band, so they have meaning lol! Anyway, thanks also to you...
 Thanks. Hey Oleg, I haven't seen you in the Walnut V2 thread. You need that nut lol! 
Nice summary @jdog!   Hopefully they fix the >64G card issue.   Does it have auto-resume? And if so, does it resume at the same spot in the last song played?
 Why? Because I experimented and have all of my favorite tracks (very many) put into one big wav file (they are shuffled in that wav file). But I will have to do as you suggest and put the individual tracks into a favorites folder and simply resort them periodically. The problem with doing that is that it won't be viable to quickly get to my album wav files that are on the same card from within the favorite tracks (without pressing prev or next hundreds of times). The...
 Now all we need is a program that re-sorts songs from within one big wav file 
 Thanks! I use fatsort and didn't realize that it has a "random" option, so that may come in handy!
 I thought the noise was gone with the 4986 opamp because I was enjoying Marillion so much, but alas, the noise is still there at zero volume. Doesn't seem to diminish how the music sounds when the volume is turned up though! I was firstly listening with the KZ ED9 iems ($15), and the highs were very splashy and painful. Switched back to the most amazing Zen 1.0's and ahhhhh, awesomesauce all the way baby! p.s. I still think the ED9's are amazing value for their price, but...
Thanks. That approach only works for people who aren't lazy lol
You already mentioned the S5. Fwiw, uapp works great off of my s5, using the zuperdac. Waterproof, microsd card slot, repaceable battery.. all good!
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