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 Thanks! Great info - got it. I liked being able to use the top "on/off" button to quickly pause it (when in my pocket etc). But I think I'll be able to survive (I can always just long press to turn off if I really need to). Thanks again for all of your help. And thanks again to @XVortex!
 Hi jdog! I removed the sdcard, re-installed the drivers as administrator and ran RK27Upgrade_Image.exe as administrator, and it worked! Yay!! At "There will be 5 lines below the battery icon, move to the bottom line and press select key", I accidentally turned off the 770. When I turned it back on, rockbox was alive. So maybe it is okay that I didn't do this stuff?:  [[SPOILER]]   Fwiw, I had previously downloaded "rockbox-bootloader-b708dbc-160501" and...
 Thanks!  At this point: On the 770 I click on the usb symbol.Then my windows 7 explorer displays "E:" which is the 770's internal disk, and a message pops up saying that "F: must be reformatted before using". I click cancel (note: that pop up seems to happen often). But after clicking cancel, "F:" doesn't show up in explorer.  As soon as I click Upgrade, then "E:" disappears from explorer, and I get the following:  I think the problem is that "F:" (which is the sdcard in...
 Hi jdog. I am thinking of rockboxing my original 770. Is the above still the way to go (including downloading ihifiupimg.rar etc)? Thanks!
 I've kind of fallen off of the IEM bandwagon for various reasons, but I'd consider getting a pair of AQ iems. And if AQ ever came up with some Nighthawk earbuds, I'd be all over them :-)
 Cool. I'll wait for your thoughts between the two before ordering up :-)
Those of you using the HM5 velour pads on the NH's, are you referring to the angled versions or the non-angled? Thanks!
 Looking forward to your ongoing impressions!
 Based on your earlier recommendation of the velours, I ordered them in July off of amazon.ca. I still haven't received them though! Obviously lost, so I'll order up another pair. 
 Once my ears get accustomed to the NH's with stock pads, I can (and want to) listen to them forever. But I am forced to switch to closed headphones and earbuds now and then, and sometimes when switching back to the NH's, the bass seemed a bit boomy resulting in a somewhat muddy sense through the lower mids. I heard this a few times when switching back to them but thought I must be imagining things because I had been previously listening to them very happily for weeks...
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