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^ Interesting stuff. Looking forward to your findings :-)
 Cool - going through her popular stuff now. It's good.  Between you and RedJohn, I'm probably going to get addicted to Birdy, Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, etc etc... lol!
 Ok. I'm somewhat useless as doing comparos, but I'll try to drum up something.
 I've been separated from mine. I hope that when they come back, they don't cause a fuss in the harem, and especially with Douza (the new mistress).  Probably no less than they like disco lol. That song was very nice though, and she has a great voice! I'm going to find more of her stuff on spotify...
 Good advice about laughing it off. Thin skin + headfi isn't a good combination lol! But I bet you had at least listened to the HiFiMan, right? In which case the worst anyone can accuse you of is having bad taste!   
 Cool! The X3 is a slightly warm source, is it not? If it is, then your impressions of the X3/E12 pairing will also be interesting because I find that I like the E12 best paired with neutral or neutral-bright sources to compensate for the E12's warm leaning tendencies. 
I'm not sure how it happens, but every now and then, the original version of Donna Summers "Love to love you baby" ends up being transported from my mp3 player to my ears. All I can say is that the song is long, disco, funky and just a wee bit naughty lol!:  
 This is how I would have done it: --------I haven't heard either, but here are some impressions of the two: -------- I personally would have added "Those impressions seem to differ from the vast majority of other impressions I've read", but that's just me 
 Yeah, and the v1 bass boost is pretty unique as far as I am aware. I probably won't replace mine until it dies on me. But maybe bzippy's impressions will change that!
 I have the E12v1, so I'm for sure interested in the comparison with the C5 (and the production E12 if you can get it).
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