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Fine, go ahead and cloud the issues with facts. ;-)
Nice! That's my config, except I'm using rpgwizard's foobar 2000 "forward" config (love it) and I'm missing the usb isolator. All you're missing is that darned bh2 amp!
+1. $10/month and I'd join. But then again, I'm cheap lol.
@jdog, if the 770 can ever be rockboxed, I'll be pretty damned happy. Btw, I like to have my dap in a belt holster, so I like the 770's pause button on the top. It would be awesome if it also had volume control on the top, and beyond amazing if it also had skip/rewind buttons up there. But I dream!
 Many people really love the jvc spirals with the duoza's. I can't say whether or not they would help with your comfort though.
 Sounds like fun doc! Just spend all of your time visiting audio shops - your family would love it! 
 The Z5 has ruined you lol!  I figured the brightness wouldn't be a problem for you. But yeah, that size.
 Who are you kidding - that was awesome! Really great writeup jdog. That must have taken quite a while to do. The X3ii looks like a real winner at the $200 price point. If I wasn't so happy with my 770, I'd seriously consider getting it. As it stands, I'll just continue lusting over the X7, (although at $699, I don't know if I can really bring myself to getting it).
 Huh, you were pretty hot to trot for those. What's on your radar now?
 I think that once you'd get them in your hands, you'd stop feeling that way about them. They are built very well, are fairly small, and they fit in the ear in such a way that they don't fall out. Also, the cable is one of the best cables I've seen. And best of all, they sound very good. Plenty of testimony here:
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