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 Which covers are you using Pata?
 1) What you are hearing with the ZuperDAC and the adapter seems to make sense. 2) The ZuperDAC does have an amp btw (ESS Sabre ES9601) 3) I have no idea why the DF 1.2 and adaptor is not behaving the same way. It might have to do with differences in the amp chip (output power?) or the output impedance, but I really don't know.
 Can't the C&C B2 still be had? Anyway yeah, I really like the BH. I'll have to pick your brain about the DF 1.2, because I was seriously considering it for my desktop as well, but then got sidetracked wondering if I should get the Red. But the 1.2 for that $75 price is probably a no brainer. Do you like the DF 1.2 more than the zuperdac? And just to keep this on topic, the Zen 2.0 is awesome  
 Either Samsung S5 or my laptop. I'm swapping the zuper between the two all of the time - I either need another zuper or a new desktop dac.  Off of the laptop+zuper I'll usually also throw on either the Cayin C5 amp or more often C&C BH amp for fun. But off of my S5+zuper I don't bother with an amp.
I'm surprised to. They do of course scale beautifully with further amping, but I'm quite satisfied with the sound straight out of the zuper.
 Wow - ask a simple question, and get an Alien Blob Bud from Mars!  I'll have to try me some blob one of these days!
 Good stuff - thanks.
Monks, Monk+, Zen 1.0 & 2.0 all sound wonderful off of the Zuperdac ($75).
Yup - me too!You know which question that begs asking ;-)
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