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Would you mind expanding on this? How is the touchpad horrible? And how are the way folders sorted horrible?Thanks
^ Hype, de-hype, non-hype... it doesn't matter - the birds rock! :-)
 The Tpeos H200's are great at metal!  (and the spike is gone with proper tips)
 It sounds like you have (or have heard) the kc06's. How are you liking the B3's in comparison?
 I trust them also. I've got a good feeling about the Altone's. Then again, I love my H200's (with the right tips), so I guess I'm easy to please :)
 Interesting impressions! I haven't heard the B3's, but I personally find the reference nature of the tenores to not be as musical, toe-tapping and engaging as something like the KC06's. So to read that you find the tenores to be more musical than the B3's is interesting indeed, because I'm not sure that I want anything more reference/flatter than the tenores.
 I rate the kc06's very highly as well, so your 80% rating works for me. Looking forward to what else they come up with, and long live the Ostry's indeed!
 I've read a lot of amazing stuff about the ckr9's, so this doesn't surprise me! Nice that the kc06's still manage to well in comparison though (80% for $60 ain't bad!).
 +1. Totally agree with the bolded bits (and yes, it's all bolded). And if anyone wants that extra bit of sub-bass on the kc06's, then Inks' tape/pinhole mod is the answer.  +2. Also perfectly stated!
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