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 I'm still in the throes of my Douza infatuation, but I might snag the Titans off of Massdrop. That'll work out to $130CN, but they sound worth it for that price. Being able to layi on the side with them is a good thing for sure. But leaking noise isn't a problem for me - I'm into misanthropy lol. Seriously, I've kind of given up on finding an iem that isolates better than the h200 (for the gym), so I'm not worrying it too much about that.
 Yes, it's amazing.... if they start sounding better (which unfortunately doesn't always happen - sometimes they can start sounding worse).
Bad Titan review by Dsnuts:   Bad because I now really want the Titans lol
 Sorry man, I wasn't trying to imply that there was anything wrong with your first impressions - I often post initial impressions as well. It sounds like you're aware how much impressions can change after burn in (iem and ear) and tip rolling, so I'll go back to my corner now :-)
 All I can say is don't judge them to quickly (positively or negatively). Let them burn in for a while (ie 50 hours at least). Let yourself get acquainted with their sound. Do some tip rolling. Don't rush into impressions. I often find that my impressions change drastically after a while and after tip rolling.
 Yes, you do! Of note is that they are super light and very comfortable. In fact, I had turned off my tunes about an hour ago to watch TV, and I forgot until now that I even had them in my ears. I guess that also indicates that their isolation isn't all that great, but you can't have everything lol :-)
 Ha! And even as frankenboltish as they are, I have been wearing them out and about. I've come around to thinking they look kinda blingly/cool, and not caring what anyone else thinks anyway because I gotta be listening to these suckers :-)
   ... especially after reading Ds's Titan review....
 To be honest Uber, if you haven't even heard the Alien, it doesn't seem appropriate to me to come to this thread and start espousing this stuff (whether it's true or not). One thing I'll say though is that I often do recognize that gear that is less expensive often amazes me and shames stuff that is much more expensive. But on the flip side, as much as I like my clip zip (I truly do think it has great SQ), I think that my Ihifi 770 sounds better enough for me to enjoy it...
 Yes. Does he ever have his wife fooled. Nice work @Ivabign!
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