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 Always a good idea to have a backup plan for them!
 LOL x 2!
 Not sure what that was about - sorry about that! Anyway, this should work for ya:
I've been ignoring this thread for a while. But I just read this last page, and now I am starting to get interested in the IM70's. Maybe this is not such a bad thing??? :)
Just popping in to say that I've had my CSK1000's for over a year and I'm still enjoying them very much. They definitely did require many hours of burn in to bring the highs in line for me, and also the UE900 tips work very well for me (thanks Danny!).   A few times I've thought about selling them (because that's what you do when you hang around head-fi too much lol), but then I listen to them again and I let that idea go. I've been listening to them quite a bit more...
 Have you been following the Altone200's? $145 (includes shipping)....   
 Fwiw, I have always been wearing them down, and both pairs got TTS. I found that wearing them down gave me a better seal and sound, but I will now try to only wear them over the ears and see if that helps eradicate the TTS. Thanks.
Definitely a worthy thread to be subbed to! Looking forward to your reviews @Baycode :)
 I especially have it easy: I like the stock cable the best
 You need to re-aquaint yourself with some Silent Lucidity my friend! 
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