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 You and me both brother, you and me both!
 Damn - too many people I knok are going on about the HE1K's (I'm looking at YOU @doctorjazz lol!). Damn!
 Unless they ask you to listen to the music through the mt220's? 
[[SPOILER]]  Wow, Dunu doesn't fool around. Whereas some companies (Vsonic anyone?) seems to take ages to come out with whatever they say they're gonna come out with, Dunu just does it. Kudos Dunu!
 That's it? 4 cotton balls suffed into the 4 corners of the pads? Hell, I think that even @nick n could handle that mod! (inside joke lol)
 Hey Golov, have you heard them? How do they stack up against the Zens? Edit: Nevermind - I just read ClieOS's 1st page summary.
 Looking forward to them!
 Lol! I already bought 'em, so no worries about me!
 Wow, what is that place? Amazing. Hiking is good! A few years ago I was hiking up the Lions (Vancouver area) with my buddy and we encountered this lady at the plateau before the final ascent of the west Lion. Apparently she is afraid of heights (ya think?) but for some strange reason she was trying to summon the courage to look over the edge of the plateau (1000 ft drop - I may exaggerate lol). I'm not sure if she was laughing or crying:   Here's a shot of the west and...
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