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Sheesh.. you guys and your mt220's. Who needs 'em! Me :-)
You mean IEMs? They don't have to cost a lot. For example, the Dunu Titan1's go on sale for $79 periodically, and they are universally praised (for good reason - they are awesome).
 I recall when reading up on them that positioning and fit was uber-important with them and that a lot of people had issues with that. So maybe that's what's up here. I fortunately didn't have that problem (they were just too uncomfortable for me to wear for any length of time).
 That works fine when listening to an album. But no so well when falling asleep listening to a playlist that has a lot of songs in it (my understanding is that it will just keep on playing). First world problem lol  You got that right doc.. Just when I thought I was out... the Pono pulls me back in!
 Very nice review. I didn't want it to happen, but I am now officially lusting over these. Dunu is going to take over the world!
Thanks. The only niggle remaining is the lack of auto-off (or auto-sleep-mode). I like to listen to a folder of a lot of tunes at night (er, a playlist with a lot of tunes in it with the pono I suppose) to fall asleep to, which is where this feature is nice. But I have all of the info I need, so thanks again.
[[SPOILER]]  Nice video cleg - thanks! And "holy accessories Batman!". Wow - lots of accessories and tuning capabilities.
 Ok, 10 seconds isn't too bad. Thanks.
 Thanks. Bummer about no auto shutoff and no resume. Also a bummer that it appears to scan the library each time it's powered up. I wonder how long does it take to power up with a full 64GB card...
 Yup, the bass was really what made them hard to return. Seemed like excellent extension into sub-bass land without any big mid-bass hump to muddy the mids. Clean, detailed bass with good decay. The highs were of the more laid back variety which made for nice long non-fatiguing listening sessions. I really loved the signature and favoured it over the T51P's by a large margin (even though the T51P's are quite good). Ultimately I returned the DT1350's within the return...
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