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 I almost went for the 1350's during the last massdrop deal, but somehow resisted. I also tried them about a year ago and returned them because I was a bit pressured at the time, and also because their clamping force pressured my cranium a bit much (but probably about the same as the 90's come to think of it). My guess is that that you will end up liking your 90's more (they seem more balanced to me, and you love the 90's lol), but I loved the bass of the 1350's. Anyway,...
 Won't work for me. My bicep would bust that strap in no time. 
 +2! Well, I have never heard the Zen through the Pono, but they sure sound good together in my fantasies lol
 Me too. I really like the kc06/kc06a iems, so I have high hopes for the kc08 earbud.
So, the $170 massdrop deal is just about over. At first it seemed to only be for the coiled cable version (which I'm not interested in), but now it is for either the coiled or the straight cable. So now I have to conjure up my powers of resistance again. Let's see... it would work out to $221CN - do I want to spend that kinda money right now? What else... oh yeah, I recall the clamping really bugged me after a while. Ok, so the resistance is working for the moment. As long...
 Consider us no longer confused! Thanks :-)
Thanks, but I'm staring at those pictures trying to figure out what the heck is going on with those tips lol!
Perfect. Yes, massdrop is calling you then :-)
Have you heard them yet?
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