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Garage1217 Project Polaris headphone amp for sale   Version 1.1, like new, MINT condition, universal voltage power supply   Second owner, bought from fellow Head-fier, December 2014   Original box + power supply   Price: 200 € + shipping + PayPal
 Yeah, if you buy second hand, you have to provide the entry from the classifieds or forums or whatever. Major PITA! You can arrange separate payments with some manufacturers/sellers, usually the smaller ones.
 Customs in my country don't even trust those invoices, you have to provide the proof of the cost (e.g. from the webshop) and the proof of your payment (e.g. Paypal receipt).
 I might be selling mine soon. PM me if you're interested.
Schiit Vali for sale [230V / EU] Like new, MINT condition, has ~300 hours on it, almost no microphonics I am the first owner, bought directly from Schiit, January 2014 Price: 110€ + shipping
So you like Solstice better than Lyr? I was trying to find a complimentary tube amp to my Project Polaris, for driving Alpha Dogs, and could not decide between Ember and Lyr2. Both have different features and strengths, so I still haven't decided. And now there is also Solstice, which seems like a great bang for buck. My only doubt is if 1W max is enough for Alpha Dogs? Polaris with it's 2.4W max has plenty of power, I have it mostly on low gain, sometimes mid gain, so I...
Anyone tried any of T50RP variants with the Solstice? Does it provide enough juice?
  This is my new Claire HPC Mk2 with black transparent insulation. It appears brownish because of the copper color. Looks and feels fantastic! I wouldn't comment much on the sound quality improvement, but I will say that I am enjoying Alpha Dogs better these days 
I had a spare Hirose connector in my drawer, the numbers are visible inside the connector, so here it goes: YELLOW - 1GREEN - 2BLUE - 3RED - 4 So, basically, the connector orientation in your photo was the correct one (same as the one in manufacturer PDF).Hope this earns me a discount on that sweet maxxed WA6-SE you got there
Thanks for the explanation. I will probably get Polaris, since the difference between Ember isn't that big and SS seems more convenient for the office environment. If I like it, later I'll get myself an Ember to use at home, just for fun...
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