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I had a spare Hirose connector in my drawer, the numbers are visible inside the connector, so here it goes: YELLOW - 1GREEN - 2BLUE - 3RED - 4 So, basically, the connector orientation in your photo was the correct one (same as the one in manufacturer PDF).Hope this earns me a discount on that sweet maxxed WA6-SE you got there
Thanks for the explanation. I will probably get Polaris, since the difference between Ember isn't that big and SS seems more convenient for the office environment. If I like it, later I'll get myself an Ember to use at home, just for fun...
I was afraid I was going to get answer similar to yours If only I could buy / hear both amps... I can see that you used to have Ember, but you have settled with Polaris. What was the most significant difference between them that made you keep the Polaris?
I don't find Alpha Dogs dry, at least to my ears and with my gear. The best I've heard it was with WA6-SE, very engaging sound, I was able to 'feel' every emotion present in the recording (Audio-gd Reference 5.32 used as DAC). AD also sounds really good out of my Audio-gd NFB-6, very clean and detailed, but significantly less 'alive' than WA6-SE. That's why I cannot decide between Polaris and Ember
 I am using Alpha Dogs, this is for my work setup. While I also like Vali and it's sound, I feel that AD is a bit underamped when used it this combination. So that's why I'm looking for a more powerful amp. Since I don't have much desk space in my current office, it has to be something with a small footprint. So it will probably be Polaris or Ember in the end. I am torn between ease of use and reliability of SS and tube magic that Ember could give.
 I can see you also have Vali, can you compare Polaris with Vali? I'm thinking about upgrading from Vali to Polaris or Ember...
HRT microStreamer for sale   DAC + headphone amp, like new, MINT condition   I am the first owner, bought in Croatia (, December 2013   Original box + USB cable   Price: 180 $ + shipping   Option: Wireworld Chroma USB 0.5m (20$) / Blue Jeans Cable 3.5 mm - 2xRCA 0.6m (25$)
I am enjoying EDM much more since I've bought Vali to use with my Mad Dogs. Honestly, I didn't know MD was capable of such bass levels, until I paired it with Vali. But then again, this is not basshead kind of bass, and I don't think MD could ever be transformed into basshead headphone. HRT microStreamer is used as an input to Vali. This is my work setup, nothing fancy :)
What about USB A - B mini adapter? Did anyone try this instead of a cable?   Something like this:
Any chance of trying microStreamer > Vali > Mad Dog? Currently I have microStreamer and Mad Dog, but I'm thinking about throwing in Vali in the mix if it could benefit the MD... 
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