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I am enjoying EDM much more since I've bought Vali to use with my Mad Dogs. Honestly, I didn't know MD was capable of such bass levels, until I paired it with Vali. But then again, this is not basshead kind of bass, and I don't think MD could ever be transformed into basshead headphone. HRT microStreamer is used as an input to Vali. This is my work setup, nothing fancy :)
What about USB A - B mini adapter? Did anyone try this instead of a cable?   Something like this:
Any chance of trying microStreamer > Vali > Mad Dog? Currently I have microStreamer and Mad Dog, but I'm thinking about throwing in Vali in the mix if it could benefit the MD... 
DHC Double Strand interconnect for sale   Audio-gd ACSS connectors, 1m length, like new, MINT condition   I am the first owner, bought directly from Double Helix Cables, February 2012   DHC cotton bag included   Price: 190 $ + shipping
Black Cat SilverStar 75 for sale   BNC connectors, 1.23m length, like new, MINT condition   I am the first owner, bought from The Cable Company, August 2012   Original box + BNC/RCA adapters   Price: 100 $ + shipping
JKSPDIF MK3 for sale   Hiface based, battery powered, like new, MINT condition   I am the first owner, bought directly from John Kenny, December 2011   Original box + 15 dB attenuator + BNC/RCA adapter   Price: 300 $ + shipping
Just got mine balanced MDs few days ago, so I had a chance to listen to them for a day or so. It is true what many have noted, that there is no "wow effect", but they are just so addictive, I couldn't stop adding new songs to the playlist! Music just keeps flowing through them, very naturally, without any effort... With some other headphones, you immediately notice their good sides, but some time after that, you start noticing their limitations. With MDs it's the other...
Does anyone own both K550 and MDs? I would be very interested in a brief comparison  I am seeking for a closed headphone with good mids and more intimate sound than my D2000. I could get K550 for half a price of MDs.
2m Wireworld Aurora for sale. You also get the original carrying bag.   Price: 100 Euro + shipping
Audio-gd C-2.1 headphone amp for sale   With stock OPA, like new, MINT conditions, 220V version   I am the first owner, bought directly from Audio-gd june 2011   Audio-gd box + power cord + ACSS cable   Price: 250 € + shipping
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