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These are expensive, but in the high end realm of audio, not out of line with many products.   I am a very happy WA 22 owner, a big Woo fan.  I hope I win the lottery someday, so I could try them out.
Hi Sid, where did you get your tubes?  
WA 22 TUBE RECOMENDATIONS:       THANKS JC.  Anyone else have some favorites?
WA 22 TUBE RECOMMENDATIONS.    My WA 22 was shipped with the following tubes:   274B/n          (Shophia Princess) 6SN7GT        (Gen. Elec) 7236   What tubes should I stock for back up and/or rolling.
  I am in Tucson area.  I want to go to the next meet and I have subscribed to the Phoenix meeting thread.  It just depends on my schedule.  I will bring the 700's if I can make it.  
I just arranged for my local power company to lay a 100 per cent silver transmission line from the sub station to my house.  Now if I could just get Hoover dam to install a silver line to the sub station.  And those darn turbines, hummm.
First impression, WA22. (arrived last week)   SYSTEM:  iMac (W4S USB cable) > W4SDAC2 (Blue Jean Cable Balanced XLR) > WA22 (upgraded tubes) > Sennheiser HD 700 Headphones.   Very strange and very agreeable.  I enjoy blues, rock and Jazz.  Everything sounds great, but I heard details in the music that I know I have never heard before.   As an example, on Daniel Lanois' Black Dub and Beauty of Wynona I think I can hear where he has edited layers onto the...
  If my amp was in need of repair, I would be getting it fixed.  I would worry about shipping costs at a later date.  
In the US it is Allen Edmonds. Classic.  Available at Nordies!!   If you wear a size 7D ~ PM me I have a few in perfect condition.....
I am in Tucson.  But I would like to come up!  Schedule permitting.
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