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fiio e11 just a good amp if i would get this headphone
Im looking for the sound to just be good and be portable
What do u think about aiaiai tma-1
Akg k550
I'm not really sure if this needs an amp. Yet it is 70 ohlms if it does need an amp what would be good under $100 that could be used portably.
I also kinda want a little style and not something hugely bulky cans but I could manige if its that good
I have been looking at headphones for a while and I cant decide what to get. I want some portable cans that are good for pop and rap. As from the title you know that it has to be about $200 with a comfortable fit for long peroids of time. They will be used for listining calmly and on the bus. I have some ideas but recomindations are fine with me Ath m50s Crossfade lp2s Hd 25-II
But which 1 do u think is the best for my criteria
I was trying to find some new headphonesand here was what I was thinking good sound, portability, style, durrablility, easly powered by portable phone or Ipod, a carrying case, & and price range $200-$300. I listen to mostly pop and rap but I want neutral headphones that give u true to the track sound. Ideas •phaiton ms400~$250 •hifiman he 300~$250-$300 •ultrasound hfi 780~$200-250 •atuo technica m50~$250 •sennheiser hd25-1 II~$200 •Bower & Wilkins p5~$300 •shure srh...
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