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Late 2005 I believe. I am sure many people here have seen this post, but there's a LOT of information here:http://www.head-fi.org/a/akg-k1000-a-collection-of-information-and-links Man I sure wish I was able to get in on this deal in 2002:http://www.head-fi.org/t/15541/whos-getting-in-on-the-k1000-saleNew K1000's for $359 USD!
I'll take a stab at this since I just bought a pair of K1000's (s/n 03344) and also own HD800's. Like you, unmodified HD800's hurt my ears due to the highs. And I like elevated highs like Stax 009's. But the difference is that to me the HD800's can be harsh especially on sub-par recordings. But the Stax 009's have much smoother highs so they never hurt my ears. The AKG K1000's remind me a lot of the SR-009's. Elevated high end, but very smooth and non-fatiguing. This also...
To be fair, that's not what he said, but in any case... I often use the analogy of cars vs. motorcycles. Speakers are like cars and headphones are like motorcycles, meaning that a super car that's $200K is way more expensive than a motorcycle with similar performance for $15K. Obviously they are still totally different. If you look purely at acceleration times, then they are pretty close. If you look at braking or cornering, not so much. I am sure someone would argue that...
Just received #03344.       
When you purchase an "Out Of Your Head License with one preset", you have the choice of any of the presets to include in your license. That's why we recommend listening to all the presets in trial mode so you can decide which preset you want to include with your license. The only different option is the Out Of Your Head "Gamer License". That one you do not have a choice of presets. 
Hi @musiclover2015,Glad you're enjoying Out Of Your Head.The preset used on the Transformers clip was the Acoustic Zen preset. FYI, in the online demo, the preset used is always printed in the lower left corner of the video. -Darin
FYI, Bricasti dropped off their M1 DAC at our booth yesterday. We have them paired with the Audio Zenith PMx2's. Come by booth M04 in the Marketplace if you want to hear it. (with or without our Out Of Your Head software.)
Thanks @esimms86.Yes, I was very pleased to see that review. Must be a good day for press for me. Today I was on the Home Theater Geeks show with Scott Wilkinson. He broadcast today's show live from THE Show Newport. I was honored to be included on a show with people like Kevin Voecks, Andrew Jones, Mark Waldrep, and Owen Kwon.
Yes, for the most part. But some vendors will pack up on Sunday before the show officially closes. (People need to catch flights, get home before Monday, etc.) So, on Sunday, I would recommend being there earlier in the day rather than wait until the end.
The mods should combine the two threads. Sorry about the cross post:
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