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I meant Sat., November 8th.
Hi everyone,   If you guys want to do a mini meet sometime, I am in. I am still planning on doing the Coronado meet in November. Probably November 9th.   But any time before them, let me know. I live about 7 miles east of downtown San Diego, but can drive anywhere.   I could possibly host a very small meet at a condo in downtown San Diego, but it's pretty small. Maybe enough room for 6 desktop listening set ups. But parking is not the best downtown in the Gaslamp...
Yes! I do plan on having another San Diego meet. I haven't even started to plan it yet, but usually it's the first Saturday in November at the Coronado Library in Coronado. I need to get started on that. Keep an eye out in the Head-Fi meet forum for an announcement. As far as a social San Diego, sounds like fun. Not sure how many San Diego Head-Fiers there are, but there are some for sure.-Darin
I don't have the TH900's, but from your description of you preferences, it sounds like the Enigma's are right up your alley. I have much brighter cans like the HD800's and Stax 009. The Enigmas are not what I would call neutral, but fun and I think Luis' description of them sounding "romantic" is spot on. I like bright and analytical, but I seem to reach for the Enigma's more often. They are not fatiguing at all and have a beautiful mid range.
Those were at my table. They are Paradox Slants built by Luis (LFF). Those are his personal demo pair on loan to me. I need to take some more details photos of them. The paint job is amazing. The sound is even better. You can contact Luis via his website. My pair are on order, but I am using those in the meantime.
Nah, I heard the Noble is coming out with a line of custom hearing aids...   They will make all your headphones sound better!
There is no clear "winner" as far as popularity goes. I am always amazed at how evenly distributed all the purchases are.However, by a small margin, the top 3 are:Acoustic Zen Wilson Sasha Genelec Recording StudioBut all of the presets have sold at least a few copies.
No plans to do it again any time soon. It was an experiment on since it was the first time for me and the first time for them selling software.
Umm... no, sorry.
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