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Hmm...I just tried moving one preset to a subfolder on another Windows 8.1 machine and a Windows 7 machine and neither complained or tried to reinstall Out Of Your Head. So, if you leave all the presets in the Out Of Your Head install directory, Out Of Your Head runs fine.Then you copy one .inf and .cef file to a subdirectory in the Out Of Your Head install directory, and when you launch Out Of Your Head , Windows tries to find the installer and will not launch Out Of Your...
 I just tried it on my Windows 8.1 system and I was able to move the speaker preset .inf and .cef files to a subfolder. When I launched Out Of Your Head, Windows did not try to reinstall Out Of Your Head. Out Of Your Head just ran and the removed speaker preset files did not appear in the list of speaker presets. Make sure you are not moving any other files. Only move the .cef and .inf files that are speaker presets. Those files begin with "DAR0000X". If you move any other...
I am pretty sure those were made with the Acoustic Zen preset.
Right, I forgot about that Windows "feature". Let me see if I can figure out a workaround for that.
I'd like to attend if there's still room.
Hi @john57 , Thank you for your purchase! I think you are on Windows. If you like, you can go to the Out Of Your Head install directory:C:\Program Files (x86)\Darin Fong Audio\Out Of Your Head\ In that directory, you will see a ".cef" and a ".inf" file for each of the speaker presets. If you move all the presets you don't want to see to another folder or a subfolder, then they will not appear when you launch Out Of Your Head. Out Of Your Head just scans the install...
Hi everyone,   Thanks again for all of you that purchased the Massdrop.   I am looking for PC gamers that play FPS games or any surround audio games. PM or e-mail us if you are interested in helping us with beta testing.   Thanks, -Darin
  Thanks for posting and thank you for your purchase! I am always happy to see people enjoying Out Of Your Head as much as I do.
Hi @arnaud ,Currently on most Macs, the latency is around 250ms.
Hi William, Glad you got everything working and avoiding any clipping. I do not know when Massdrop is sending out the codes. I sent them the codes today, so they should be sending them out soon. But it's up to them now. I cannot send the codes myself. Thank you for your purchase!-Darin
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