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  First shipment of pads arrived today. Only two pairs available after the pre-orders.
I have a WyWires Platinum balanced cable for the Focal Utopia headphones (5ft). The cable is in perfect condition. It has the Lemo connectors for the headphone end and a 4-pin XLR male for balanced amps. It looks brand new and sounds AMAZING!   This cable retails for $599 + $150 for the Lemo (Utopia) connectors. I am asking $500 plus PayPal/credit card fees and shipping fees. ​(Here's where Alex at WyWires mentions pricing, but I guess he has changed the pricing...
Utopia's are sold. WyWires cable still available. I should probably close this listing and list the cable in the right topic. Thanks, -Darin
Sale of headphones pending. WyWires cable still available. Will post when headphone sale is completed. -Darin
OK, let me know. As of right now, only one other person is interested. I'll post here when/if it's sold.Thanks,-Darin
Yes, buzzing and squealing is a common issue. The other common issue is channel imbalance.-Darin
For sale is a like new pair of Focal Utopia headphones. The headphones are mechanically and cosmetically perfect. The sound and look great. (I am selling them because I just have too many headphones! And definitely too many flagship headphones...)   I bought a pair when they were first released. My first pair developed a rattle in one ear. I sent them back to Focal and they sent me a brand new pair.   Comes with all the original packaging. I did reterminate the stock...
Hi @ratboi , Glad you liked our Out Of Your Head demo. Electrostatic headphones are very well suited for Out Of Your Head due to the detail and speed of electrostats. The CanJam special was the first time we've done a special open to everyone, not just show attendees. We did send a notice out to everyone who subscribed to our newsletter on our website. We also posted the special on our social media accounts.
Hi @heavyharmonies ,For the Marantz HD-DAC1, you would use the fixed line out from the Marantz to the line in on the Koss E-90 amp. Just a simple stereo RCA to RCA cable will work just fine. Yes, the case of the E-90 has relatively small openings around the RCA connectors, so some high end RCA connectors can sometimes be too bulky to get pushed all the way down on the RCA jacks on the E-90 case. But most cables I have tried, work.-Darin
Sure. You can pre-order here.
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