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thanks man...   I see on other sites that the cable xlr is the best in sound quality and there's no noise   but I would need some interface to connect   my computer ===>> soundcard xonar xense====>> interface with xlr===>> hs80m   my computer====>> interface with xlr=====hs80m   some advice??   wich is the better price/quality interface with xlr connection???     thank you guys...
do you know how I connect them??
the hs80m have xlr and trs 1/4 input   and the xonar xense has analog out and spid/f out   how I connect them???   sorry I'm total noob..
please somebody help me!!!!   I want to buy these today   thanks in advance
Hi guys!!!   I'm from brazil.. sorry for my english   I have a XONAR XENSE asus soundcard, and I want to buy 1 pair of yamaha hs80m studio monitors, I heard on other forum that there's a buzz sound connecting the yamaha monitors directly to the asus xonar xense..   I'm total noob and don't even know where to connect the speakers to the sound card   if I can't connect directly.. wich would be the better option then??   please some advice   thank...
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