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I just found one of these amps in good condition at an antiques/pawn shop for $85-125 (what the other vintage equipment went for at this store). If i am listening through Grado SR-80i's would this be a good buy?
just wondering, are these the gold version?
It's always fun to let a Beats-user borrow my Grado Sr-80's.  They try to hide the smile behind a quick defensive remark about how they have the superior headphones. So I just laugh and get some pizza with the money I saved.
Although they might have improved sound, I'm glad to see that I was not the only person who thought those particular 225's looked horrid. 
Just wondering, how many hours are on these?
thanks for the help, its great to see a company that cares for the consumers, especially the quirky community of head-fi 
i just got an e11 from butterfly photo on amazon, how can it tell if it is real? it does have the serial number on the color sleeve outside the metal box it comes in
I have a pair of Grado SR-80 headphones and i have ordered a Fiio e11 to use with them while playing lossy and lossless audio through my laptop with Lion. I am trying to get the best possible set up on a college-level budget. My question is, should I invest in software such as Fidelia or Pure audio to use with the e11 or should I get a DAC? or should i get a combo of all three?  This might be a noob question, but i'm new to the Head-Fi world and eager to get up to speed
i'm not getting any issues as far as it skipping, but every time i go into the advanced preference section (in the free trial version) fidelia stops responding. i have to force quit it and then restart it. does this happen to everyone else using it with lion?
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