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im more interested in what people have to say and their reasoning rather than price. im personally looking for a sub $200 closed back model for long use in a library, but i mostly opened this thread as something cool for headphone fanatics to discuss.
im on a quest for the least tiring headphones so i can easily listen to music all day without problems. will you help me fellow head-fiers?
ive tested a bunch from total video converter, dbpoweramp, winamp etc and the all sound different. i usually use sony vegas 10 to convert my audio from mp3 and many other lossy formats to Wav, since it sounds the best. i also use it to convert from FLAC or any other lossless format to WAV@192kHz/24bit since there is very small but significant different in sound between lossless formats, with WAV generally sounding the best in my opinion. so the questions for debate i...
this is the Headstage Arrow 12 HE 1G or older
cost of interface + postage ill do £300 total
has it got the receipt and will you ship to the uk
interested. will you ship to the uk?
sorry, im a new head-fier and total amp noob but is this the Headstage Arrow 12HE 4G
Hi Guys    I Am a new head-fier from the UK looking to setup a Bedroom Studio and i am having trouble finding a good amp within this price range (but slightly out in okay). for recording purposes I am looking for a more analytical setup; an amplifier with a good synergy with the pro 900 that brings out the mid-range and helps to neutralize the sound. i will be producing electronic, jazz and soulful house music. thank you
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