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Hi Guys, I made a few mistakes in my early experiences modding headphones with my Yamaha HP1 anastrophics and they are in pretty bad shape, I was wondering if anyone could recommend an easy way to put together a new headband for them as that is one of the main things I did that needs fixing as the replacement someone made for me is not rigid enough... I listen to my fostex T10s a lot and to me they sound better than the HP 1s but I have a good memory of how they sounded...
Hi, the plastic hinge mount on my T10 was obviously weak and has fallen apart , anyone have any suggestions for a replacement hinge mount or repairing the old one? Thanks]
Hi again guys, Fiddling about with the damping on my T10s and I notice that the recommended damping is aussie felt and smeggy felt. could someone tell me what exactly smeggy felt is , I presume aussie felt is wool felt? anyone from australia here that can recommend somewhere down here that sells this felt?   Thanks
Hi Guys, I have Just received my Fostex T10 I snagged on eBay for $125AUD, good deal?  I have a pair of anastrophic? ( black box ) yamaha HP1s and I am curious about which cans have the best potential sound quality?
Unfortunately I think that the cable on my Yamaha HP1s has come to the end of it's life. can anyone suggest the easiest way to recable HP1s? it would be good to replace the cable with a high quality one that isn't too expensive.   Sam
hi , i recently got a pair of 7506s from a charity shop really cheaply, they were very worn, the pads have had it so I have ordered new ones from sony. the silver  studio monitor lettering on the headband is only just visible and there is no silver left. the cups are a bit loose and don't seem to grip together. they look legitimate, they say made in thailand and look to be of sturdy construction otherwise. I tried them with the old pads and all I could hear was highs and...
Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a pair of HP 3s They would be willing to sell. preferably located in Australia. I have a pair of HP 1 s which I really love and I think that the HP 3 would be a great portable headphone. Thanks.
hi, last week I got a pair of t50rps which I have done some mods to. mods done on the cans include: -cotton wool for damping in cavity behind drivers. -tape over vents on the back of the phone with a small hole -tape over the bass port on the ear side with a needle hole. -plasicine on the underside of the baffle and around the drivers. -FA 003 pads   I am hearing a dominant frequency somewhere in the 1-8 khz range I believe and it is dominant over other...
they are the stock fostex pads that they used to replace the old crappy ones on the new production model.
Hi, I have just bought  a pair of t50rps with the new pads. I am finding all the mod threads a bit overwhelming and I was wondering if anyone could point me to the simplest mods to improve the sound. also if there are any australians around on this thread that could point me in the direction of something i could use for damping material. there are lots of things mentioned on other threads but I dont think they are avaliable over here. Thanks  
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