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If someone (like me) have problems with Windows Drivers and ODAC working you can use this Tenor TE7022 drivers set, that works!   If use ASIO please go to this web site download Asio driver: Teralink X2 Win7 64bit drive ( 03-03-2012):
ODAC + O2 combo portable mod As currently there are plenty of mobile phones/tablets and Apple devices supporting external DAC output it makes sense to issue a version of ODAC + O2 portable combo that can work from 9-8.4V batteries as original O2 design. I just did this mod using JDS Labs combo. The only additional effort is drilling one hole in O2 PCB (on unused spot) and moving USB hole on the...
ODAC + O2 combo portable mod
Here it is, you don't need to wait. Nook touch is just $60 on eBay other tablets are more  
  what about comparing it to ODAC+O2?  
you Also can use  external DAC with other portable devices such as Galaxy S III $700 Android phone ARCHOS G9 $250+ Android tablet (looks like the key is OMAP chipset kernel drivers) Squeezebox Touch $250 - propriatary logitech linux boxAinol Novo 7/8 Advance 8gb 100$ Android tablet   compatabillity with ODAC was not tested with other then Galaxy S III, but you are welcome to try!
Here is a what I found on USB AUDIO output with Android (maybe it makes sense to put and update this table to the first topic) NOTE: as of now SOME (not all!) USB AUDIO Android support implementations stream data through Android MUX that disturbs the original PCM stream for changing volume which means re-sampling original media, but also limited to 44.1kHz 16 bit, so for SOME Android: 1) max all your volume controls while using external DAC 2) there is no reason to...
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