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Heh that's what I'm doing right now, but I would still like the option to do so. I feel lazy to sort them into folders at times.
Oh, and does anyone else have a problem with output selection?
How? Albums are meant to be heard as a whole...
Glad you like the VOX. I wish they added more advance library management feature though. Like sort by album options. I hate using iTunes.
I prefer the HP50. It feels more natural and monitor like IMO. 1540 is more fun, but not as neutral. HP50 reminds me of nice stereo speakers, while 1540 reminds me of a slightly v shaped headphones(well, they are).
Hmm...mine survived shallow submersion few times. I clean them in the sink for about 15sec, and mine is still going. I guess the capability varies slightly from model to model. Though it's definitely splash proof. You shouldn't be too concerned with rain. Hot water, on the other hand, is a bit different, but my SBH80 seems to be fine handling hot showers.
It does, but it doesn't seem to matter in terms of waterproofing. In Korea, they advertised it as life proof(meaning splash/rain proof), so I assumed water won't really damage the drivers. So I submerged them in shallow water and took a hot shower with them. And bingo. No problem whatsoever. Though if the water enters the housing, the sound gets really muddled. If that happens, you need to let it dry for few hours.
Try warranty? You might as well try. I mean, it goes for below $99 at times, so you might as well buy another one. Honestly, I think I would buy another pair, if my breaks for some reason. IMO, they're pretty damn well built. They survived all the hell I gave, like hot showers, rain, submersion in water to clean, jogs, squash, etc...
Included tips are exclusive to sony mobile, i believe. Though you can use other typical sony tips. I tend to prefer the stock tips. They're tuned to match the stock tips, and other tips alter the sound.
Assuming you go unbalanced, technically AK Jr. measures better than AK100II(that doesn't necessarily means it sounds better, but that's quite a bit of shame for the AK100II)
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