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I usually pair them with LG G3. I also use them for gym, and they work perfectly. 
Superb. I prefer them over wired sub $100 IEMs. Warm and punchy bass, smooth mids, extended treble, decent clarity, and wide sound stage. Love them. In fact, of all the IEMs in the picture, SBH80 is used the most.
In theory yes. SE215 doesn't have a filter, and I wouldn't add a filter if I where you, but who knows. You could always try. It doesn't cost too much.
They certainly have their flaws, such as lacking imaging and awkward TWFK peak/dip. However, they are also one of the best IEMs in its price range.
Well, here's my impression... It's a hyperlink, just because I don't think head-fi admin likes it when I post reviews from other sites.   I though overall, A83 were the best hybrid in it's class.
I most certainly have to. Actually though, I think K3003i performs well as $1000 CIEMs.
$1000CIEM>$1000UIEM IMO.I haven't heard many lower end CIEMs, so I can't comment, but at lower prices, such as $300, UIEMs like A83 stands firm as the best performers.
Westone and Shure are more warm and tube like, while A83 has clearer, more analytical(typical TWFK) sound.
Huh. That may be it...This is sad :(
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