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TBH, the no line out has no issues whatsoever. In fact, the AK Jr. set to line out mode has better SNR than most other DAPs with an actual line out. So it's actual better.
I think Pro EQ is a roll off filter, so you might feel like it gets tiny tiny bit warmer.
Hmm 60s aren't really great for the money...Westone played poorly IMO. Just adding drivers don't make things better. Nor does pricing the W60 at the price of UERM and IE800.
Huh interesting. Hidition truly makes high quality CIEMs and are quite well known actually. The NT6Pro is definitely one of the best CIEMs I've heard.
NT1 is actually ok for a single driver. As their marketing director put it, it wasn't meant for audiophiles, but for consumers who wanted a taste of CIEM. For $250, it would probably be better to reshell an IEM you already have.
Where are you getting your CIEM from in Korea? Most distributors, like Sound Cat offer free impressions if you order a CIEM through them. An audiologist visit would cost under $30 from my experience in Korea. I got mine done for free by Hidition(based near Seoul University). But it's really not that expensive in Korea.
I wonder if it's that hard to fit something like snapdragon 400 into a $1000 DAP. Even my watch has a 400, and it's tiny. It can't be too hard, but it seems like all companies choose to put the slowest processors and UIs.   I don't have too much issues with the Jr. The UI is bit laggy, but it's still usable.   I'm working on a review btw. It should get published soon hopefully. I've been rather busy recently.
I am working on one, but there are quite a few around. Google is your friend.
Well, those behind the neck iems are supposed to be around your neck the whole time. It's interesting. People outside of Korea don't seem to get it. It became a huge thing in Korea. It's really comfortable around your neck, so you keep them on your neck. You get call notifications on your iem with a vibration, and it's like a really comfortable and easy to use. So the portability really isn't an issue. They were not designed to be placed in pockets. But it does sound...
It's more expensive to make, and it just sound somewhat logical. More=Better, and companies marketed that way. Well, that works for BAs that lack extension, only to a very limited degree. Like a single BA won't extend well. But after 2 Way crossover, there should be no issue with treble extension.
New Posts  All Forums: