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1. It depends on your amp. Some amps(many in fact) have protective relay, which protects the headphones. Try listening to your amp as it is starting up. If it pops loudly, I recommend that you plug in your headphones after it is fully started. If the pop is quite(or moderate) or non existent, you can keep your headphones plugged in all time. 2. Yes. Keep your source(your PC in this case) to max all time. But if it starts distorting or cracking, it is ok to turn down the...
I would recommend the E12 or C5. Purely in terms of SQ, I would recommend UHA-4, but for amps with bass boost, E12 and C5 are hard to beat. C5 will sound cleaner and flatter(without bass boost), as it does cost more. But it you want 600ohm, E12 might be safer.
Well, good luck with that. If you really want, I could ship thd 7550 to malaysia for like extra $20...
Where are you based at? $292 for 7550 and $430 for IM03 sounds bit pricy. If you can find a 7550 for under $250, I say go for it.
Yup. He was it. This is sad... some one should PM him.
We did have an iriver rep at this thread a while back. Wonder what happened to him :(
Really? I thought I was the only one. But let me do a brief comparison. IM03 sounds more warmer to me. Not that it has more bass, but it has less lower treble presence. They are both very wide sounding, and 7550 edges the IM03 in terms of bass impact. Both have great mids, but IM03 has about 16k treble extension while 7550 extends to about 14.5k. IM03 sounds bit more smooth, which is the reason why I decided to keep the IM03.
Actually, 5 headphones and 5 iems. Including cheap ones. Lol. I'm not so sane I guess.
Lol. You do need multiple iems. Even with a custom, I still have two universals to compliment them. I recommend having two with different sound sig. I think I'm going crazy. For me, UERM and IM03 does it.
Sorry to divert from M200 talk, but I have a M500 for sale for $180, if anyone is interested. It's a really good portable headphone.
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