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A barely used(about 20hrs of actual use time) MDR-1A silver. I bought it as a portable headphone, although didn't get to use it much because I have better iems.    Overall the best MDR-1 line I say. It's mature sounding compared to the older 1s. No noticeable scratches or defects, and comes with everything that it came with(except the box. box is too bulky to carry over). It looks really good. I think that's why i bought it in the first place.   *Notice: I won't be in...
A question for other HD800 owners!   Have any of you tried the ifi iTube with the HD800? I'm planning on buying one, hoping to make the HD800 perhaps tiny bit more musical.
Huh did not notice that really. I demoed both, and they were nearly identical, so I thought they used the same DAC. The SNR specs on their website claims that they have the same SNR, so I'll take Cowon's words on this one.
I'm really tempted to pull the trigger on either the EL-8 closed or open. They were both pretty damn impressive. It's a different kind of enjoyable sound compared to the 800. I never thought a portable headphone could pull off such wide sound. It's definitely not as resolving or clear as HD800, but no headphones are, unless you get a pair of Stax or something. I really want a pair. Too bad I get paid minimum wage.
Includes everything that came with it(I might be missing a few stock tips, but I'll send you assorted tips that sounds the best with the A83). The reason why it's cheap is because the cable is slightly faulty. It drops out if you wiggle it a lot. Though it's a MMCX connector, so it should be easy to find a replacement. In fact, a better quality cable than the stock one can be had for around $30 or less. Price includes PP fee and shipping.   *Notice: I won't be in the US...
I just heard the EL8, and I think it's a great headphones to go with HD800. It's quite musical, which is different from HD800(not to say that HD800s aren't freakin amazing). I almost spent a whole month's salary on an amp and EL8(open back) impulsively. It was scary.
I never had to reset it. It freezes once a while, but turning it off by holding on to the power button hasn't really reset anything for me. It's just cold booting, that's all. It doesn't reset your AK. So normally, you would probably never have to reset it. I've had mine for 3 months, and am yet to reset it a single time.
If you don't mind bulk, get the O2. I have one paired with my HD800, and it's pretty much all you can ask for. 120db+ SNR and ruler flat frequency. That's the best spec I've ever seen from an amp under $1000. It has more than enough power to drive the HD800 too.
I'm assuming it's pretty much the same for plenue 1, as they have identical chips. So here. http://www.seeko.co.kr/zboard4/zboard.php?id=cool_review&no=422
I was pondering that myself. M is definitely a class above the Jr purely in terms of sound. Have you seen the measurements? Plenues are up at the AK240 level in terms of SNR and stuff(though they do have issues with high load). I'm not sure about the load on the PM3, but I wouldn't recommend the Plenue with full sized(unless you have an amp).
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