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Depends. The HD700 is definitely technically superior, but is harsher in tuning. If you're into a warmer sound, the shures will fit better.
I frankly haven't heard the JBL, so I really can't comment on that. I'm sorry. But I don't think you'll be disappointed in the soundmagic. 
Frankly, IDK. There is no information online about that synthesizer's headphone output. I suspect it will be fine. Sure it won't sound like you're monitoring out of a HD800, but it should get the job done. If you're really worried, I would just get a good old pair of Sony monitoring headphones. They're industry standard, and worked fine with all the recording gears I've tried(not that I've tried that many).   Wait for the synthesizer. If you can't get enough volume out...
I like Soundmagic personally. Picked up a pair for $20 bucks and I use it over my CIEMs on the streets.
Not terribly well versed in speakers, but I own a Fostex PM0.3 and love them. They're extremely suited for music(I mean they were meant for monitoring purposes, although they are warmer than most monitors I've heard), and you can choose to add Fostex's SUBmini woofer if you find the bass lacking. I use the PM0.3 for gaming(mainly witcher), and find them to suit my taste pretty well, although I do most of my listening through a much higher end speaker. 
the 558 are considered bassy here, so you're looking for headphones that are basshead level. Sony X-bass lineup and some audiotechnica lineups are good start. I wouldn't look too much into DT770, as they're not as bass heavy as 558. As for DAC, it really depends on the headphone you get. If you're 300 ohm headphone, the Fulla might not be as suitable as E17k. Although I admit I haven't tried the Fulla or the Dragonfly. 
Frankly, the ss(solid state) and tube amp just depend on your preference. Tube amps are generally warmer and smoother, but also much noisier. If you speak of the technical aspects, ss easily outclasses tube amps in its price range, but the matching is the key. So my answer would be: it depends on the tube/ss amp you want and your preference. I, for instance, have always been a SS guy, and find that some ss amps can be warm and smooth too, without sacrificing noise and...
I'm in for any US based head-fiers!
I personally owned a Z5. Just keep in mind that the Z5 is tuned very differently from the SBH80. SBH80 is bassy, but it will not have nearly as much sparkle in the treble as the Z5. The SBH80 won't have boosted mids, but it will have noticeably more mids than the Z5. Z5 is a V shaped IEM.  That being said, I enjoyed both the Z5 and the SBH80, so I hope you find the SBH80 to match your taste.
I have the SBH80 and had the SE215. Can't answer about the remote/mic for iPhone on the SE215, but it's advertised to work, so I see no reason why. The SBH80 had no issue with the remote functions with an iPad and Macs, so I don't see why it won't function the same for the iPhone. The SBH80 has a tiny latency on non apt-x codec. It's not bothersome, but you could notice it if you pay a close attention to it. The lag/cut off for SBH80 is really a hit or miss. It is...
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