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I totally think that SBH80 is underrated. They deserve much more recognition!
Your price range and preference is really vague... there are a lot depending on the price range. I'm just gonna give you few of my favorites. Under $200: SBH80(Below $99, but I think they perform as well as pricier ones)(review here), T10 Under $300: Fidue A83(review here) Get a MMCX cable with mic for android capability. Under $500: Sony A3
If anyone else is looking for some help, check this review:
About Myself: See my Signature or click on my ID. I can review just about anything. I promised on few websites that I'd write a review, but I've been delaying that for a while(I was too lazy to take the pictures and had to write for this site). I haven't written much on head-fi recently... Oh, please pardon some writing errors. Mr.T's not here to edit my review on head-fi. While I am involved with summit-fi IEMs, I always have one reliable pair of "beater" IEM used for...
I'm not sure. I prefer all kinds of sound :pI like Sony Z5(V shape), SRH940(bright), HD800(neutral), and SBH80(bass/mid centric). I guess I just like good clear sound.
Yes they are different, but my modded SRH940 sounds better than 1540 to me, and I just use HD800 too much to have time for another headphone besides the SRH940 and HD800.
  Hehe I sold the 1540 long before I got the HD800. I actually sold the 1540 and AK100 to get the SE846, and ended up selling the SE846 for the HD800. On the other hand, HD800 is the reason why I decided not to get another pair of 1540.
No prob. Too bad that I don't own them anymore...
IK it's really late, but try covering the outer holes on the headphones. Take off your earpad, and you should see the holes(there is a white sheet coving it from beneath, but that doesn't completely block it. Use clear tape and see if you like the change after cover half of them(I fully covered mine).
Does anyone want a short(~1.1m or 1m) cable with a 3.5mm termination? I can trade my DIY one for the original long cable. I didn't think I was going to use the 940 as a desktop set up, so I shortened the original cable with a nicer looking connector myself. I can trade with anyone in the US.
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