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Welcome! You should visit Korea sometime. It's fun!
For those who are inexperienced with EQ, try this setting. It's my personal fav with the 7550.
It's bright. 650 are very dark, so in comparison, 1540 are more aggressive and bright. Metal is fine with 1540. Much better when compared to HD650.
I personally think getting enough volume is different from getting enough power. It's like SRH940. My laptop can drive it to ear blowing level, but it definitely improves(especially the bass) with a decent amp.
No. Pad modding(i don't think anyone has done what I've done), air vent(drilled a hole), and foam.
For those in Korea: Q701 is selling for 51,000won. Something is wrong, but what is there to lose? If it's fake or defect, you can send it back. If it's real, you get a Q701 for 1/5 of price.
V6 is like a dream headphone for modders. It's capabilities are amazing. Currently, my V6 sounds like a SE846 with treble filters(with little less bass). The best part? The clarity of the original V6 remains, so it remains ultra clear and warm. Try modding these. They are nearly impossible to break, so they're easy to mod too!
You're right. i have not heard the P1 too. And I also thought that AK240 sounded cleaner and bigger(wide and real) when compared to DX90.
I recommended an amp because they are dynamic driver. If it was a 16ohm BA, I wouldn't have recommended an amp. It requires more power than BA drivers. Though they do sound perfectly fine without an amp.
As cel4145 mentioned, there is no way that E18 will hiss with M50. It does, however, it does hiss with SE846, which is a super sensitive IEM. Leckertons, on the other hand, does not hiss with IEMs. In terms of almost all sonic aspects, Leckertons outperforms Fiio.
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