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Here is a full review, if you wish to read it. But in short, I found the 6R's stage to be good enough, but not exceptional. It does feel fairly airy due to generous amounts of upper frequency, but it just doesn't seem to be as natural and 3D as the UERM. I think it's mainly due to the fact that UERM has a more laid back presentation while the 6R has a bit more upfront presentation. Probably the decay too. UERM has a bit longer decay(I don't have a waterfall graph to back...
I don't think so. I have similar impressions. Excited to hear your review on the Samba.
It seems like our views on the soundstage of the 6R are a bit different.
Hmm the 6R, while very neutral, still has few points to improve on. I wouldn't mind Joesph attacking few issues like improving soundstage. Have you heard the Samba? I'm really interested, but it's hard to run across one in any country except Singapore(or where audiofests are held).
Fascinating. I wonder how they'll be different from v1. Loving the 6R rn. I wonder if they'll have a v2 for the 6R as well.
I've done a review in a different website, here. It's just the 6R, and I haven't had the chance to listen to the 2, 3 or the Samba.
So I did the mod suggested by guido, similar to one done by Rin Choi and the designer of the SBH80, Sead Smailagic. Foam fully pulled out, the treble definitely changes. In a way less smoother, but the presence increases. If you want more treble from the SBH80, it's definitely worth a shot. However, this spikes up the treble a lot. Hence, this creates a bit of sibilance. Looking at Rin's graph, you can see that it creates a 20db peak. However, as Rin said, the SBH80 in...
What about Sony MDR7506. I have the V6, which is identical to the 7506 and is over 15 years old. Look it up. They're indestructable. In fact, my dad has a pair that's older than me, and it functions perfectly. They also sound pretty damn good too.
Technically, the DAPs were developed as a one set-up to rule it all. Before this DAP age, people used to carry around iPods strapped to an amp. The modern DAPs output more power than many small amps and sound better too. If you want to read a bit about it, I have an article on it here.
Just a thing I noticed is that bass on closed backs are usually a bit quicker than open backs. Look at SRH940 for example. The bass on the 940s are even faster than HD800. It moves air very very quickly(though I'm not sure if it's an irrelevant observation or an actual benefit of closed back).
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