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AK100II over mk2 is my verdict, and ZX2 over ZX1. AK Jr. seems like a good pocketable option as well. DX90 is beautiful as well. First, you will notice less noise. Ultra quite and black back ground. More subtle noise(due to less back ground noise and higher SNR), clearer sound(lower THD), and a sense that you're an audiophile :p Bass will tighten up a little too. Besides that, not much. I used to use my G3 as my main DAP all the time with my UERM. It's an upgrade, but not...
Huh. I just noticed that. Thanks for pointing that out. I will edit it.
:p well...there are few open backs that might sound better than TH900. I bought the HD800 instead of TH900 for example. Though I doubt there is a pair of closed back that is better.
It just allows you to save processing power... but I don't think it does much to the sound(unless you are downsampling).
Whoa. Are you really choosing 1540 or 1840 over HD700? I would personally take HD700 any day. Graphs tends to mislead people, but HD700 are awesome, if you can handle a tiny bit of harsh treble(it's not much worse than HD800). 1840 has little issues handling high volumes, distorting a lot. 1540 displayed similar behavior, though less worse.
From what I recall, Coppertino team stated that they designed Vox to keep the conversion untouched(assuming every sound effect is turned off). I'm not sure about Amarra or iTunes though.
I don't have another tip recommendation(maybe sony hybrid tips), but as of transportation, I keep them around my neck under my shirt, or just folded up in my pocket. The memory guiders are very very durable and resilient, so you shouldn't worry too much about bending them.
Wait... let's not even get started on driver war. More driver does not equal better sound. After a certain point, it's just pointless. Compare a three driver UERM to a 12 driver roxanne. I would take UERM everyday.
Well, you could use the 50 or the 52 with any iem with a 3.5mm jack. It won't be as portable as SBH80, but it's an option. In terms of IEMs to be used, you can do whatever. Do some research and find out which IEMs you might like the most. I'm personally a fan of the SBH80, but if you like the fact that you can change the iems, you should go for the 50 or 52.
Yup. Z series have an preset matched for MH1C, which is perfect for SBH80. SBH80 is really different from SBH50 and 52 though(you can't choose an earphone). If you already have an summit-fi earphone you want to use, you should buy SBH50 or 52 instead, but if not, SBH80 is the way to go.
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