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I guess I said bluebuds were muddy because my reference was the Sony Z5, as they share a similar tuning. On the other hand, I still think AS800BT is rubbish.
Here. The 10K peaks makes the Bluebuds sound very clear and wide, but I already have a IEM with major 10K boost, and Bluebuds can in no way compete against the Z5(which also has 10K boost). It's the warmth of SBH80 that I'm a fan of. It's tuning remains very smooth and warm. I guess if I only had to keep one IEM, I would go for the Bluebuds instead of the SBH80. But with 4 other IEMs in my collection, SBH80 is more unique, and hence being...
Hahaha I never considered Parrot Ziks high end :p It's OK, but not exceptional.Mate, look up some measurements of the SBH80. Smailagic, head engineer behind this, tuned the SBH80 really really well. It's your choice to decide what's better, but I am an avid fan of SBH80, and I'm coming from summit-fi IEMs and HD800. And if you want to get to the scientific part of bluetooth codecs, Apt-X delivers...
Try a lot! More you try, more taste you acquire. It's a fun journey! Here are few of my favorites(from all price ranges) SBH80: Wireless, but still beats regular iems in sub $100 range. RE400 SE535 if you can find one for under $300 Sony Z5 UE Reference Monitors Noble K10 Hidition NT6, Viento Sony EX1000     Right now, I'm holding on to SBH80, Z5, UE RM, and Fidue A83.
They are actually better than MH1C. It uses a better housing and same drivers. They are also waterproof. I shower in them all the time.Look at Rin Choi's blog for measurements on the SBH80. They're worthy of audiophile title. Bluebuds just failed to impress me. SBH80 just sounds right. Bluebuds sounds muddy IMO.
Or shure did a major update without releasing any info on them, which I doubt.
Shure only uses micro drivers for SE215. They call SE215 dynamic micro driver, and that's the micro driver we know. SE315 and up uses HD micro drivers, which are BAs.
Sony SBH80. MDR-AS800BT sounds like rubbish. Bluebuds are also pretty bad. To my standards, SBH80 is the only bluetooth IEM even worthy of "audiophile" title.
MMCX Balanced Cables? Look at Sony ones.
MMCX is pretty bad. MMCX with special mechanism that prevents debris are pretty good though. Personally, I don't get why so many IEMs don't use the 2 pin connectors. I prefer 2 pin connectors to most other connectors.
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