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Shoot. I forgot that my DACs doesn't have 24bit support. I do need a AK100 for optical media server. Damn it. I guess I'll sell 1540 first and see what else I can sell.
Lol. The longest I've had a headphone for is a year, and it's actually the predecessor to the 1540, the 940. I still like the 940 for it's technical capabilities. 
For $500, these are indeed good.
Well, I'm aiming for 1k hps now. I'm also selling my RWAK100 to fund for this.
Lol. I won't be back at Korea for next month or so. I'm up for it, so keep me posted.
Hmm... I see. I was also looking at JH13, as I really liked it's sub bass, or even a um mentor(which I've never heard). I guess it's more research time. But inform me if you have any other suggestions :p thanks!
Sorry :p. I still love them, but I just want better.
A summit-fi hp! 
Lol. Us audiophiles are crazy. I can cover extra $200 or so if needed to purchase one. But If I'm spending 1k on a headphone, I need more research. I spent 20+hrs to decide on a UERM. I'll probably spend 10+hrs pondering which hp to get. Audeze, Senns, Fostex, AT, Beyer, Oppo, hifiman, akg... Oh, btw, why are you against the lcd2? Nowadays, I'm seeking something to complement the UERM with warm and strong subbass, so that's why I mentioned LCD.
Lol. I just couldn't handle the urge to buy a high end hp, and RWAK would be perfect funding. ;p. I just modded mine last month for $250. Well, this is how stupid an audiophile can be.
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