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Well, to our eyes, probably not. If you look at it at from bacteria size perspective, I'm sure you'll find it spongy. Anyways, it's just good to clean the tips. I recommend running them under tepid water and rinsing them with mild soap. Of course, other things like alcohol or UV ray would work too.
Haha. I met him while I was at Singapore for few days. MS? I've also when around with their crew to see them selling their CIEMs!
I personally use a UV ray phone sanitizer. It's a more permanent and easy solution to cleaning CIEMs/Eartips. If you own a CIEM or lots of iems, I recommend you get a UV sanitizer.
Do you have an amp? HE500 needs an amp.
If you are Singapore, you should meet Yeo! A great reviewer from Singapore and a fellow writer from CYMBACAVUM. Maybe you already know him XD Oh, also support Music Sanctuary, dealer of multiple CIEM companies in Singapore.
For those in Seoul, Earphoneshop has SBH80 for around 110,000won, which is cheaper then normal 140,000won. It's quite good. I bought one impulsively, but I don't regret it.
No prob.
Technically, since the grey filter from knowles and Shure have the same resistence, there shouldn't be any sonic difference. If you hear anything, either you got a wrong damper or is just placebo.  And about 334. It's the sound tubes that is metal, not the sound filters. Tubes are different from filters.
Dynamic drivers.
It's really hard to tell. If you want that extra 5% improvement, go for it, but the improvement won't be as big as you might expect. SE846 isn't amp picky, so 5S is good enough.
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