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SBH80 hands down. It's my #1 recommendation for any IEM under $150, wireless or not. I love them so much :p What about A83? I find them much more competent than the W20 or DN1000. I haven't heard the MA750.
Does it crackle? It won't necessary damage the headphones(unless you boost it too much), but I recommend that you turn down the upper frequency(treble) rather than increasing the bass.   Boosting causes distortion and serious degrade in sound quality.
Yup. I run in them all the time.
You should not drive anything out of line-out, regardless of whether it has decent volume or not. The OI is really really high, as they were designed to be used with amps. I also heard good things about amp. 
Doesn't the E12 have a gain for that reason? Or is the gain pretty pointless? Sorry to bother you with questions, but 108db sensitivity isn't that sensitive. I've had near 120db sensitivity IEMs.
I would choose EX1000, if you can find one under $450. If not, look for the MDR7550 under $180. I'm not a big fan of H3. It just sounds too weird for me. Personally, I really liked EX1000.
Lol. Of course lachlan would do that :pBut Son'y dynamic driver technology is impressive. I never doubted their EX1000/EX800/EX600's drivers.
That's tricky mate. Try messing around with EQ and boost some 7k to 9k range(try 7db), and that'll give you some sense of the EX1000's boosted treble. EX1000 is more-or-less flat in the other frequencies.
is it? how? in terms of sound sig? 
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