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If you don't mind bulk, get the O2. I have one paired with my HD800, and it's pretty much all you can ask for. 120db+ SNR and ruler flat frequency. That's the best spec I've ever seen from an amp under $1000. It has more than enough power to drive the HD800 too.
I'm assuming it's pretty much the same for plenue 1, as they have identical chips. So here. http://www.seeko.co.kr/zboard4/zboard.php?id=cool_review&no=422
I was pondering that myself. M is definitely a class above the Jr purely in terms of sound. Have you seen the measurements? Plenues are up at the AK240 level in terms of SNR and stuff(though they do have issues with high load). I'm not sure about the load on the PM3, but I wouldn't recommend the Plenue with full sized(unless you have an amp).
That error has indeed been fixed. I was annoyed by it too.
Well, I guess I do have the annax mod applied. It kind of cancels each other out. I would call the unmodded HD800 with O2 sharp too.
Amazing. Who said HD800 doesn't pair well with the O2? You complain about something being too revealing at $1500. That's ridiculous. It should be this revealing.
Well, most devices don't really specify. I'm pretty sure it supports it. All the AK line does, so I doubt that the Jr is an exception.
I just paired the O2 with the HD800. Enough power for sure, and the sound is simply sublime. Easily beats $500 amps I've tried. Shocking. O2. wow.
So, as I mentioned, here's my take on Jr. as a DAC through external amp.   The set up was quite simple: Jr-Fiio 3.5mm interconnect-O2 Desktop Version-ADL HD800 Cable-HD800   It sounds like O2 just boosts the signal and adds nothing, so I have a good sense of what Jr sounds like in line out mode. It's really good. It's clean, decently extended, detailed, and wide. As expected of junior.
New Posts  All Forums: