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HBS-1100 I believe. I don't trust amazon reviews so much. They even have a mixed review for SBH80. Come on. The beats studios have a 4 star review. Though it is a new product, so do look at more credible reviews before buying it.
Few notes. I've never been a fan of monster IEMs. Expect them to be more than "slight bass boost". So that should be a no no for you. I would stay away from "sport" oriented IEMs, as they always are really bassy. That's what outdoor IEMs are meant to be like. LG has a new version of the HBS line, with BA drivers. Those are supposed to be amazing. I've tried the as800 and hated it for a strong V shaped tuning, but if the ex750bt sounds similar to ex750, it should be at...
Disclaimer: The unit reviewed has been provided by the manufacturer to the reviewer, free of cost. However, I assure you that T-PEOS had no input into the review.     I love products with interesting names: Musical Fidelity Merlin(Merlin from the Knights of the Round Table), Wavelet Design Opus1, and most of JH Audio’s new CIEMs to name a few. Rasiel, correctly spelled Raziel, is an archangel in Judaism that is the keeper of the secrets. Quite frankly, I don’t see how...
Frankly, I'm always hesitant buying IEMs from Kickstarter. We've seen LH labs **** it up really bad with kickstarter. https://cymbacavum.com/2015/04/15/lh-labs-verb-indefensibly-bad/
Depends on the amp and the speakers, but in many cases, you can just tighten the bare wires to the amp terminal and the speaker terminal. I have a pair set up like that, and another pair that uses spade plugs. It's honestly much more basic than you might think.
Hmm W4R might fit you better. All the W lines are exactly the same sounding from what I recall(4, 4R, and 40), and I personally like the design of W4R more than W40. It's a warm sound, and the around the ear cables will definitely help it stay in your ears. I would shy away from Dunu, as, as amazing as the sound is, the fit might not work that well for you. If you're a fan of darker sound, and have bigger ears, IM04 or IM03 might work pretty well too. Just my two cents.
I suppose because they're rather hard to come across? I have never heard of either of them. Also, the review sources they've listed aren't terribly head-fi.
One more price drop. $60.
So there is nothing stopping debris from entering the drivers? That shouldn't be the case, unless they sold you a faulty(or in this case, a pair with missing parts) IEMs.  The filter system on SE line is different from that of Etys. I don't think Shure will recommend that you pull out the filter. The filters in them are semi-permanent for the average user.
I actually think that SE215 doesn't have filters. At least visible filters.
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