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Well, you could use the 50 or the 52 with any iem with a 3.5mm jack. It won't be as portable as SBH80, but it's an option. In terms of IEMs to be used, you can do whatever. Do some research and find out which IEMs you might like the most. I'm personally a fan of the SBH80, but if you like the fact that you can change the iems, you should go for the 50 or 52.
Yup. Z series have an preset matched for MH1C, which is perfect for SBH80. SBH80 is really different from SBH50 and 52 though(you can't choose an earphone). If you already have an summit-fi earphone you want to use, you should buy SBH50 or 52 instead, but if not, SBH80 is the way to go.
Huh. You think a good dynamic driver can't produce treble like BAs... They surely can. H3's treble is no better than EX1000's. Though I think you should have gone for A3. It's a huge improvement over H3. Anyhow, I'm happy with my Z5.
MOD. ANAX the **** out of it for electronic. You can make them surprisingly bassy and forgiving that way.
I say HD800 over HD700! HD700's are great for what they are going for now though. Probably closer to SRH1540's sound sig(except brighter).
Eh? You can tell an CIEM by the look? They literally all look the same, unless you were close enough(and awkwardly started at them) to see the drivers inside...
It really depends on tuning preference. Mr.T prefers EX1000 over Z5, but I don't. EX1000 has a flatter tuning with similar bass capabilities. The treble and mids are still great on EX1000. Maybe not as detailed, but definitely worthy of praise. Dynamic drivers can do treble too(duh). Compared to H3, I still think EX1000 has better treble.
Huh. Thanks for clarification. So AcuPass isn't quite there when it comes to totally cutting off upper frequency. I guess Sonion is still getting there.
I mean improve in quality. H3 had a really harsh treble. The treble is still emphasized in A3, but is more controlled and less shrill. I currently own a Z5, as Z5 has a slightly more mature sound compared to A3. It has less emphasis on treble and the bass remains slightly more solid. Nonetheless, the difference is fairly minor. In terms of space, I found both equally wide.
Wow. A3 and H3. Not a match. A3 improved on H3 in almost every sonical way. Cleaner sound with less harsh treble(but still V shaped) and bass also feels tighter. In fact, A3 is really damn close to Z5 in terms of SQ, not H3.
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