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In theory, a IEM cable(without earguide) with MMCX connector would work. I used a 1540 cable on a SE846 before :p
Intriguing. I always thought Bose had the best ANC technology ever(though Sony and few other manufacturers are getting much better nowadays). I honestly can see why Bose would defend their technology fiercely. It's one of their only major selling points. Though the timing is bit awkward to be honest. Apple is not going to be easy to fight against. Even other giant companies(ahm... Samsung perhaps) are having great difficulty fighting Apple in law suits.
Nope. I asked them if they did, but they said no. They only want to offer the best quality, and they said making an universal mold would go against their philosophy.
Oh yeah. You were looking for SE846 kind of sound with extended treble, right? Viento-R sounds like it. Even one of their own employee admitted that Viento sounds very close to SE846.
If you are looking for UERM level flatness, you won't get that from Viento. Viento are more mellow sounding. Probably the most colored sounding of all Hidition Line. I loved it though.It was quite fun to be honest.
Hehe so many questions :pSo, I dropped my UERM, and the filters broke, so I though I might as well get them reshelled. My fit was getting awkward to. And yes. I grew ever since I got my CIEMs.UERM has 2 bores.  On the side note, here's more info on my trip to Hidition.
I'm getting my UERM reshelled by Hidition!
Well, the title says it all. If bought separately, SE846 and AK10 would be about $1300. Looking for: HD800(I could add $100 for these) T1+$150 Or any high end headphone. Shoot me an offer! Also looking for high end iems, so shoot me an offer as well!     AK10 comes with everything, including the original box, and SE846 comes with all the accessories(including clear case) but no box.   Oh, I'm in Korea, so shipped would have to be to Korea.
Oh! I tried the HP50 and absolutely loved it :) Though I might sell my SE846 and buy a Hidition CIEM :pI also need to get my UERM reshelled :(
Heh. Sold my IM03, and got about $250-300 to spend on an otg iem! Any suggestions? I'm looking at fidue A83(they were supposed to send me a review sample, but idk what happened)
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