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Lol. Probably. Just multiply what you think the price will be by 3. You get AK. Though I do think that AK100II is worth solid $500.So maybe $4000 for the phone? :p
Lol. They charge you $800 for a GS5 and LG G3 in Korea. You might as well.G3+AK100 II=$1600 I would pay something like $2000 to get the SQ of AK100II in a phone(assuming that the phone itself isn't ****).
When will Astell and Kern make a phone? :p iRiver made a phone before... they might as well make something like AK100 II Phone version.
Personally, I never considered Xiaomi, Oppo, or Meizu a major manufacturer. Their sales are very limited to China and few countries(although they are gaining more recognition around the world).  Anyhow, if MX4 Pro does have a good UI and softwares, I see a very powerful high-fi mobile phone coming. I may even consider buying one, if I didn't have a G3. LG G3 sounds wonderful with IEMs.
I've just heard about them. I do tend to prefer phones from major makers(like samsung, LG, apple, motorola...), as the hardware isn't everything. Even when I shifted from GS3 to G3, I noticed that even with better specs, the UI is slower on the G3. Software and hardware tuning is about everything IMO. While specs to matter, specs shouldn't be the only thing you look at when you are buying a phone. On the bright side, the audio chips in MX4 seems amazing. I just hope they...
Lol. I know what you mean. I'm a big fan of portable audio! Check out CYMBACAVUM if you are into high end portable audio! Although there isn't direct mentioning of EX1000, I do write about MDR7550 and we have some coverage on Sony's newer hybrids.
IK! I'm super impressed by G3's capability. It matches with any IEM I pair with, including the UERM, SE846, and even the Fidue A83.
I've recent began using my phone as a DAP. Anyone else with a LG G3? It sounds pretty damn good, and support 24bit flac. It does lack a bit of power, but it cuts it for all my IEMs.
Personally, I thought 1540 had slightly better detail and clarity. This is with both 650 and 1540 amped with a Style Audio Carat Topaz, which is on the warmer side.
There were also other people who thought that EX800 cable sounded the best. Not sure where though.
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