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Not terribly well. Well, depends on the sensitivity of your headphone too. 600ohm beyers are hard to drive though. For those, I recommend E12.
Thanks! This sounds like an interesting read.
The concept of PR and FR iem from Noble audio is genius. Has anyone heard of them? It's a really cool idea, but idk how well they implemented the system. I wish there was noble audio demo somewhere.
Thanks. If I'm gonna dream, I might as well dream the impossible .
I think I should update on my impressions. UERM still sounds bit bright to my ears, but I still love them.   Nothing comes as resolving as they do. If you view other iems as enthusiastic musicians, think of UERM as a master musician that plays with ease and finesse. I do notice that peak that UERM has, so I'm not calling UERM the perfect iem. But it sure still holds it spot against new and multi(like 10 driver) iems. This spring, I sat down with SE846, IE800, UM 3DD,...
 My dream buy list SR009 HD800 HE500 UE PRM   This would cut it. I think.
So, my guess is that it's your computer. I had that with my old mac. Try the same set up, but download your music and play it on Foobar or something. Sometimes, specific applications cause cracking. It drove me nuts. I tried everything to get rid of distorting on VLC(mac), but I just gave up.
Lol. K pop fan! M50x is rather good with K pop and alternative, as well as pop. I have not heard the custom one pro, but it's not been getting the greatest review here. 
Well, I EQ for each of my gear, not for each song. Some people do change EQ for different genre of music, but I have a certain sound I look for from my gears, and EQ allows me to fine tune my gears. It is really a tool to fine tune your gear to your preference. You can do whatever you want. If you get good at it, you can tame most peaks and harshness, and make your gear sound really really good.
Assuming you want the warm sennheiser sig, why not go for HD650 and an amp and a dac? If you liked 555, you will probably like 650 or 600 as well.
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