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Huh. So there were few comments that said SRH1540 sounded similar to HD800. Where did that come from? Now that I own a HD800, I can comment that they are very different. 1540 does not sound anything like HD800 in terms of sound sig.[]=863&graphID[]=4273&scale=20 Over 10db difference in certain regions.... they sound nothing a like(besides the fact that both have dry sounding mids)
Interesting. So the players sound different, even with all the EQ and effects off? I'll give JRiver another shot, and see if it does sound different.
Actually, I do see why people might root for other players. I usually keep a fairly small library, with about 30 albums or so, which is easily manageable with Vox. If you have over 50albums, Vox might not be the best way to sort out your library.
But Vox is not a program that uses iTunes. It can be used with iTunes, but it can also be used independently. My itunes library is completely empty, and all my music library is in Vox.
Huh? What do you mean use iTunes with another player?
I personally prefer the ease of use of Vox over J river. Also, Vox is free! As a light weight audio player, Vox is perfect for me.
VOX: Mac OSX Music Player About the Reviewer, Other Reviews   There are lots of audiophiles using Macs. I always found this ironic, as iTunes lacks audiophile features that other Windows OS players(ex.foobar2000) had. There certainly are other softwares for music playback, but all of them were heavy and laggy, not to mention the cost and the not so user-friendly UI.   I’ve used Macs for about 5 years now(13in Macbook Pro, 11in Macbook Air, and now a 13in Macbook Air)....
I'm not a big believer of burn-in, but 50hr seems reasonable.  Of course. You do not have to agree with me. Vocals can be bit sharp and grainy.
I think op-amp mod or WM8701 mod.
I usually pair them with LG G3. I also use them for gym, and they work perfectly. 
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