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It's an AK Jr. with decent hours on it. I don't think the Jr needs much introducing. It's known for superb measurements(especially to outboard amps), and slim/compact profile. I've always had a screen protector(and body protector) on it, so expect no scratches, even on the top aluminum part. I've also had it in the official A&K navy leather case, which looks superb. It has absolutely no issues, and I will offer a free return if you find any defects or issues with the Jr...
Yeah can't really compared 1540s to the 800. 1540 is meant for portable listening or for those needing a bit of isolation(or those who like colored sound). HD800 is pretty much unbeatable for home/reference use. I sold my 1540 after about 6 months, but I've had the HD800 for almost two years now.
I found KEF M500 to be a bit similar(warm sound) to the 1540, but are much more portable. Though they don't exactly sound alike. I had them both at one point, and remember liking both, and preferring the M500 at times.
Sorry to hear that mate... from what I know, Samsung only currently makes those two earphones(that looks similar to yours). My guess is that the one you're looking for is a older generation of one of the two, or have been discontinued, which either way, will make it extremely hard for you to obtain. Sorry to say, time to move on to other IEMs.
So the issue is: they have a very limited number of staff with limited English. You might be able to get much more help if you have a friend in Japan, or someone that write/read in Japanese. They're really not a big company. Boutique and masterful, but not a big corporation like UE or Westone. Anyhow, my best bet would be getting help from one of their distributors, if you can't speak Japanese.
Yup. It will act as an DAC and an amp(as standalone DAC or DAC+amp, depending on the output you choose). An amp with an optical input is a DAC, not a standalone amp. Optical is digital, so if you're looking to use it as amp only, you should find those with RCA or 3.5mm input, not optical/toshlink/spdif input.
Over the ear design is really a hit or miss. Many people love it, but there are few that really can't handle them. Fingers crossed it works out for her.
Another thing. Just because a soundcard says it can drive 600ohms, it doesn't mean it well. Heck my phone can technically "drive" 300ohm headphones, but it doesn't sound good. Also, more impedance doesn't equal sound quality. If that was the case, manufacturers would be going ham with the impedance. Anyhow, higher impedance headphones do seem to scale a bit better with amps, but I would recommend getting an actual audiophile amp for matching with 600ohm headphones. As you...
Yup. Mentioned Audeze, but it seems like he's looking for earphones.
Sound cards aren't my expertise, so you might be better of just reading reviews. From what I now, higher end(mid to high end) soundcards should have no issue driving the 250ohm version. Also keep in mind that just because a company claims their card can drive 600ohms, it doesn't mean it will properly. Hell my phone gets loud enough with some 300ohm headphones, but no way that means that it drives it well.
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