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Oh! I tried the HP50 and absolutely loved it :) Though I might sell my SE846 and buy a Hidition CIEM :pI also need to get my UERM reshelled :(
Heh. Sold my IM03, and got about $250-300 to spend on an otg iem! Any suggestions? I'm looking at fidue A83(they were supposed to send me a review sample, but idk what happened)
Ah, yes. Build is a little weak. The highs, though are not really hot. If you are used to reference class gears like UERM and HD800, you will find 940's treble right. It sounds really close to UERM and HD800 in terms of treble, which is super impressive. For build quality, make sure you buy them from an authorized dealer. Shure will replace them for free for 2 years.
Yup. They're not hard to drive, so don't worry. Read my review on them too!
Hehe. I tried, but the store that had the demo didn't have an OTG cable :( Purely in terms of amp though, I can tell you that leckertons are better.
Uncompromising sound quality. Ask anyone who owned the leckertons. The best portable amp for under $300. Much less distortion, smoother sound, and darker background. I personally owned the leckertons and tried the E18, and concluded that lecktertons are a class above E18.
Yup. It does. It can be used as DAC/amp or just as an amp. There really isn't much to be clear on. It's kind of really obvious :p
I have both the 940 and the 598.   1. Yes. For sure. 940 has superbly extended treble, though you might find it a tad hot. Definitely class above 598's treble. 2. Kind of.... I won't say 940 has a wider stage, but they surely have a fairly wide sound stage. 3. Yes. It beats the 598 in terms of all technical elements, maybe excluding sound stage. Much better clarity, detail, and treble extension.
With S3, I used to have a Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII. It's 100% supportive with a S3, and they sound awesome! They sound superb as an stand alone amplifier to!
Depends on the seller. I would send an email to the ebay seller you bought them from.
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