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I just turn it off. I may make a quick visit to iRiver if I have time and ask at their HQ. But I fix it by turning it off(force shut down). It is really annoying, and idk what triggers it.
I just tried the SBH70 today. It was priced above the 80 for some reason. I still prefer the 80 though. But if you would prefer a light fit and need less isolation, I don't see how you can go wrong with the 70. It's kind of a similar sound sig.
So do I. They work pretty well with Jr. That's my main pair. Jr. matches well with all my IEMs though. Piston 3, Z5, and UERM. I haven't tried it with A83 though.
I had a quick three way trial with AK Jr, Plenue 1, and ZX2 today.    SQ: Plenue 1>ZX2>AK JR Somewhat expected. Plenue 1 has a really rich signature(with headphone mode off, all eq setting off). I've never heard my Z5 play Norah Jones like it did. On the other hand, if you don't like warm signature, Plenue 1 might not be so great. ZX2, is also pretty good, though it's quite different from Plenue 1 too. It has it's own engine that alters the sound. Sound stage is...
I have that issue. I suspect it's a firmware issue, as all the other hardware works perfectly fine. I am yet to fine the solution though.
UERM and Z5.
Whaaaat? I didn't get that when I bought from B&H...I even went to their store in NY to buy it...
I just ordered the official navy case from iRiver. It's good to live in Korea and have A&K products. 
I've had them both(well, my friend has the SPE). It's not really that different honestly. Blue(SPE) is more bassy, and has a slightly more extended bass. The drivers seemed identical, so the only difference that I see is the filters. Oh, the shorter cable is definitely sweeter on the SPE. If you like bassy more, I would recommend the SPE.
It's only a filter change, I believe. It's a bit bassier. So depends. What do you prefer? And both dealers should be fine. HK and Japan are both famous for audio gears. Just choose the one with best shipping and warranty.
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