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the I could maybe see the argument that the top is relatively smooth, but there is no way you can argue that the bass isn't exaggerated. at the diffuse field compensated graph. The bass is boosted by 10-15dB. If you don't consider that bass exaggerated, I don't know what IEM you would. The bass boost in on par with most V shaped hybrid...
If you plan on using it mainly for bluetooth, why don't you just get a small battery pack for your phone? I found no audible difference between my S7 and my AK Jr. via bluetooth, and the S7 is so much smoother and easier to use.
Turn the volume down on the computer. Keep lowering it until the clipping is completely gone. If it doesn't disappear, it's probably a faulty DAC.
I personally found the 1More's hybrid a bit shrill at the upper frequency. If you're don't think you can handle a bit of harshness, the Sonys might be the better option. I prefer to listening to headphones at home because: they tend to be more comfortable in the long run and because I am yet to find a pair of IEMs that sounds better than the HD800.
Which part of the cable is broke? The IEM part or the 3.5mm jack part? If it's along the jack, it shouldn't cost much to get a new 3.5mm cable.
Personally, I found the SE535 to be very comfortable for long sessions. I wouldn't worry too much about the fit(although the IEMs are definitely not guaranteed to fit in all ears). Generally speaking, I wouldn't worry about the comfort of SE535. It's generally accepted as a very comfortable iem.
The noise shouldn't destroy your IEMs unless it's a sudden spike in volume(really loud). If it's just humming or crackling(that's not loud), it shouldn't really harm your IEMs.    I can't quite pinpoint the issue frankly. Does it only happen to certain albums/songs? From what I understand, the UAPP's output loud volume into the DAC, and if the recording has low dynamic range(or has boosted volume(read on loudness war)), it tends to clip easily.
I generally prefer headphones for use at home. What kind of sound do you prefer? 1More triple driver has a strong V shaped sound while the 1A has a less strong of a V shape. Both has boosted bass.
I feel as though most lower impedance IEMs don't need an amp as long as you have a good source. What source are you currently using?   If you really want an amp/DAC, look for amps with extremely low resistance. For 8ohms, you should aim for below 1ohm output impedance.
That resistor idea is super cool. How big is the difference between the resistors? Does it also alter the impedance curve?
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