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HD800 are quite different from SRH1540. In fact, it's closer to UERM. So far so good though.
Well, there definitely is variation from pair to pair. My friend's SE215SP's connectors were good for 3 months, while my SE215 had connection issues after a month of usage. If the connection is really that bad, try to swap the left and right of the cable, and figure out if it is indeed the MMCX that's causing the problem. If it is, even a replacement cable should improve the issue by a lot.And I have a pair coming in from Fidue as well! I'm trying not to read any reviews...
Yeah. It's a pain. Shure's IEMs always need a monthly cleaning, but cleaning it never solved the issue fully. New cable, washer rings for the connector(SE846's cable has it), or a deep cleaning(with cleaning agents) should fully solve the issue. Best of lucks.
Some IEMs with MMCX connectors are notorious for having connection failures(like Shure's SE iems). Try cleaning the connectors.
I'm getting a sample from Fidue for a review. It won't be posted on head-fi, but on a CYMBACAVUM. Link Here.
Hmm... I can definitely give them a shot when I go back home this winter.
claiming to see the sound?! They do look cool though.
Join the club! UE does have legendary customer service. I sent them my UERM twice(once for refit, once for repair), and was very satisfied both times.
I kind of had K550 for few days. In terms of build, I rate 1540 above 550, which is really impressive as I rate 550 rather highly too. Comfort is different. Some people like the loose fit of AKG, while some people, like me, prefer a bit tighter fit of 1540.
There probably will be a review up at head-fi for another Apt-x enabled bluetooth gear. SBH80. Absolutely stunning.
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