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Well of course amps arent NECESSARY, but they do change the sound signature tremendously ( in a good way) For example, I have Sennheiser HD 439's with Fiio e11 amp and L9 LOD and it makes such a difference..I get so much more out of my music. but for $250 you can get something much better. you should take a look at the Ultrasone HFI series. from 580 to 780..might be what youre looking for. Heres a link:
Im actually listening to music with my HD 439's right now. The sound quality is not bad at all with these headphones! These headphones have these cloth ear cups which are very comfortable. You can move your head rather quickly, and these headphones are snug - without giving you a headache or feeling like they are clamping onto your head. I do not know about the Samsons.. but you are pretty accurate with your assumptions. These headphones are so comfortable, and sound...
at least you werent rude. but I did not mean noise cancellation I just meant that sound does not leak as much as on ear headphones. you know what. I am pretty sure im thinking of the wrong headphones all together...AHH i was looking at the MM 500-X. Yea sorry about that, I have no idea how that happened.
What are YOU drinking? They do not leak at all!!!..maybe if you have the cloth cups they may leak a small amount but not with the leatherette. Shure sucks.
I agree with you regarding the sound signature, but the M50's have that clamping feeling after a while which gives me a major headache, do you agree?
I recommend the Sennheiser MM 30i, or the MM 70i. or the Sennheiser  CX 275s if you want something that is a little cheaper.
These are the LP's
If youre going to be skating, then you will want lightweight, yet strong headphones with good but not overpowering bass.. I recommend the V-Moda Crossfade LP's. I would have said get the M-80's ( on ear) but they would fall off while you were skating unlike the Crossfade LP's (over ear) they are extremely durable, great for hip hop and very light...and honestly they look badass. Here, check them out:
I still recommend the 598. They have nice noise cancellation, so you don't have to turn your music up high at all, and no one can hear you even if you do blast them from up to 10 feet away
Well I would recommend either the Sennheiser MM 400-X or the MM 450-X which are more expensive, although the MM 400-X work great and has really good noise cancellation.
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