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The poster specifically said he did not want big a** cans. the XB500 are pretty obnoxiously large.. You can look at the Sennheiser HD 419's theyre $59.99, if you were willing to spend $80, you can buy the Sennhesier HD 429's which are more for bass. Or if you are more into On-Ear headphones, you can try the Sennheiser HD 219. They aren't bass headphones, but they have better bass than apples ear pods, and even most of skullcandy's headphones.     HD 219:...
FIRST QUESTION: I own Sennheiser HD 439's, I am a bass junky, and listen mostly to dubstep and remixes of songs, should I buy the FIIO e11 amp with L9 LOD? or are the headphones listed in the title better?   SECOND QUESTION: Which of the headphones in my title are best for listening to heavy bass music?     OVER THE EAR CLOSED BACK HEADPHONES ONLY   Budget 100>300   comfortable, durable and attractive? ( nothing too bulky...ill be using these in public)
Yea, for me, Klipsch just was not comfortable at all for me, and it does have a certain soundstage, you either hate it or love it
Well, I know OF them, but I have never tried them for myself. The reason I recommend Sennheiser is because they are very good quality when it comes down to it. I have dropped my headphones, my dog ( rottweiler) has tried eating them and has sat on them, but she didnt even leave teeth marks lol. But I am not saying that Sennheisers are the best for sound. But I DO strongly believe they are the best for comfort and durability, but for sound, you can get better IMO
can you compare them to a pair of cans that are mainstream so i can get an idea of the sound? like Beats or sennheiser?
No this helps a lot! I have never really liked on-ear headphones, but after this post, I feel like I should try it. Thanks a lot man
Yea...So I guess it depends on your preferences. I mean I enjoy crisp clear sound with accurate, but not overpowering bass..but I care more about the comfort...which is why I like Sennheisers.
I own Sennheiser HD 439's theyre ok. Would it change it a fair amount if I bought a Fiio e11 amp with L9 LOD?    ALSO. If it isnt worth it to buy an amp for my sennheisers, which brand of headphone is best for: (im listing in order of importance)   -Bass -Comfortability -Durability -Over ear closed back headphones -Stylish     I am interested in V-Moda and Ultrasone.    Someone recommended M-Audio Studiophile Q40's I looked and theyre...
Either the SRH940 or something other than what you suggested. Maybe look at the Ultrasone HFI series, theyre pretty nice. I am trying to think so comfortability, and all I can think of are Sennheisers, Ultrasone, and Bose are OK. but I don't really like them that much..overpriced.
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