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Im a bass head and I was wondering which of the two offer more bass. Please do not comment that I should get Denon, Ultrasone or some other headphone. Im set on V-Moda. I listen to Hip-Hop, dubstep and remixes of songs. So I was wondering which pair of headphones is better for my "bass" needs.   I heard the M-100s are more rounded out so they have less bass. So if someone could just clear that up for me then that would be great.    Thanks
Thankyou for actually answering my whole question! but with the V-modas, would you say they have better or equal bass signature to Beats? or less..?
Alright, thanks a lot streetdragon and KCxSmacker
What I mean is, are they both overhyped, over priced and not that good? well the beats are but are the v-modas?
Are the M-100's THAT much better than the LP/LP2's?
Hello, I own a pair of Sennheiser HD 439's - great sound, but clearly not a bassy headphone. I was wondering if the V-Moda Crossfade LP's had similar if not better bass than Beats Studios. Also which is better? Denon or Ultrasone?
Oh okay, thanks a lot for your help!
So you recommend the lp2? The previous poster said the LP's have more bass than the LP2..?
People yell at me for posting multiple threads regarding the same thing...BUT THIS IS WHY!!! In one of my other posts, someone said the HD 598's are the best, and I have the HD 439's...the bass is accurate but not what I am looking for..But okay thanks, and I dont know if you know, but what do you recommend: the LP's, LP2's or the m-100's? are they worth 310$? Thanks
Best for :   -Bass -Comfort -Durable         Should I just buy a FIIO e11 amp with L9 LOD for my Sennheiser HD 439's or would it be more beneficial to buy a new pair of headphones with no amp?     Im a bass junkie.
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