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What headphones have the best bass without alot of sound leaking. When I say best bass I mean the kind that will vibrate my whole damn head haha. I want to be able to blast it. I've been looking into V-Moda LP's, LP2's and M-100's. also I'm looking for circumaural. My price range is $200 and under. ALSO, I'm really not a fan of sony, so please don't suggest them. The look is so bulky and obnoxious. Thanks
The LP are circumaural (goes around your ear) and the m80 and v80 are supra aural meaning they rest on your ears. The m80 and v80 have 40 mm drivers. The LP has 50 mm drivers
I am a HUGE bass head, I was wondering out of these two, which has bass that vibrates your ears. Vmoda LP vs vmoda lp2. And as a second part of the question, are there any other good headphones for bass heads? I don't like beats or Sony.
The title says it all really, I am either going to get the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 and get a Fiio E11 pocket amp. OR I will just get the V-Moda M-100. the difference is about 40$...any advice?
Alright thanks alot, i appreciate the help
Thanks for the answers...but which are most comparable with beats studios? I dont like beats so which would you say is most like it so i know not to get it?
Is there a huge difference between the vmoda lp, vmoda lp2, and vmoda m-100? I know there are some minor differences, but would I be as happy with lp's than the others? Please only answer if you own two of these, or at least one of them. And do not answer based off opinion or what you read off the website, because I can do that. Also; I'm an audiophile and a complete bass junky
Well Id get the M-100s because i dont like supra aural...can you give me any reason why i should get the m100s over the LP2s?
I have my mind set on V-Moda, so please dont tell me to get Ath M50s or denon, or sony, or beyer or ultrasone. I just want to know which headphone has the best bass out of the V-Moda Lp, V-Moda LP2 and the V-Moda M-100's   I want circumaural, punchy, vibrant bass, decent soundstage and mids and highs and lows  Thanks
I know there is a V-Moda thread, but I cannot find anything that really helps me. So I created a new thread.   Anyways, I am trying to determine which of the three has the best bass, while not being muddy or dark, but nice and vibrant and punchy. (better than beats?) And I have heard that the M-100 and LP2 are more expensive (unless you go to the website) but they are more well rounded headphones rather than focus on bass like I would want. I listen to B.o.B., kid...
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