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I suggest you buy the Sennheiser HD 439. They have great soundstage which is very good for watching movies. As for music, it is great. It works better with certain genres that do not have a lot of percussion or electronic noises such as dub step. For example, country, classical and SOME rock. These headphones cost 79.99 and they are very comfortable. I mostly use them to watch movies with when I'm on the plane or in the car.    The...
I am not looking to spend a lot. I just need some solid cans. My budget is $150, but i will spend $175 at the most.   I am looking for good bass response, that doesn't bleed. I have looked at AKG, Beyerdynamic, Sony, and Sennheiser and can not find something suitable.    Any ideas?
Thankyou for not being rude about my multiple threads. And that's a good point, thankyou
I like the bass signature found in Beats, but I dont like beats because honestly, every tool I know has one. As of now, I own a pair of Sennheiser HD 439's which are circumaural open back headphones with great soundstage and I really cant complain about it. But Because of its lack in bass, I only use it to watch movies or listen to non EDM or dubstep music.   My budget is $200. I have heard mixed reviews of the following headphones: V-Moda Cross Fade LP and LP2...
Thank you, this is the type of answer I was looking for.
I know there are many threads out there, but I've tried asking on those threads and people just ignore my questions. Anyways I own Sennheiser HD 439's. the soundstage is great, good mids and highs, they are really light and super comfortable. But I'm looking for the two things they are lacking: -Bass -Reduced sound leakage I know the sennheisers have bass, but I am a basshead. I want ear rattling bass. I've even looking at a few headphones in particular: V-Moda Crossfade...
Thankyou! I feel like he has nothing better to do with his time than being a fanboy of headfi and patrolling through threads, making sure they follow the rules exactly. Like seriously?
I've done that before. No one answers my question. Also don't comment in this thread I you're not going to answer the question. Obviously I wouldn't start a new thread if I hadn't tried the other ones first.
Which has the best bass an isolation? Alot of people say the Q40's are better, but that's hard to believe since they're about half the price and only have 40mm drivers. Anyways can someone tell me out of THESE THREE ONLY, which is better? I already have a pair of sennheiser hd 449's so I don't need good soundstage. I'm actually just looking for what the sennheisers are lacking, punchy bass that vibrates my ears, and good isolation.
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