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Damn grad school, I had to abstain for a data project, hope it's going well. Looking forward to the documentation though!
 It's a relay meant to block loud noises and surges during plug in/out, IIRC
PNY Turbo USB 3.0 (P-FD256TBOP-GE)
Out of gratitude to those that originally tested this, I wanted to affirm to others that the PNY 256GB Turbo USB 3.0 flash drive works with my X5. I got it today, loaded up some music - plug and play. So stoked, I can easily put my entire collection on here (for now - 186GB). One note - I tried getting it from Amazon Warehouse Deals and I got the 64GB version instead. The removable sliding cap said 256GB though, someone had changed the freakin' cap in order to mislead...
Thanks Darin; looking forward to it and fingers crossed that I don't have some huge school project due then.
Amperex JAN 6922 gold-pin pair  Telefunken E88CC tubes (Siemens manufactured and Telefunken labelled)   The latter I used in the Lyr, they are a great pairing. The former I never used, they sat in the foam tube box from Schiit. I went with a portable set-up and don't need these anymore. Shoot me an offer, I have yet to do research how much these go for but we can figure that out as we go. Thanks!
 darinf of Darin Fong Audio is running it. It'll be Saturday, November 8th. I think details are still being fleshed out but we're talking about it on a San Diego thread:
Hey Darin, I work downtown so that could work for me. I live around UTC/UCSD otherwise, which is some distance from you. I take the bus so parking's not an issue but I might not be able to bring too much gear. Anyway, it would be fun, I'm in.    @Rip: I think my favorite is ambient/drone but I've been listening to funk and West African music lately because such attention was paid to the recording, it's a joy to listen to. 
I believe there's a November meet in San Diego if you guys are near there, that's just around the corner...
Hi, wanted to see if someone could use this. I believe it's broken, not even sure anymore since I don't have the cans. The fault is at one channel of the headphone plugs. It could be used for parts / a DIY project. Let me know if you're interested. You can have it free, hopefully just covering the small shipping charge. Thanks!
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