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Hi, I'm doing an interest check for my Mjolnir. I'm deciding whether to stay with it or go with my Lyr. The Mjol has 500 hours of use from the previous owner and looks like-new. He purchased it in Aug. 2012 from Schiit. I haven't used it that much, maybe 5 hours. Also, I'll be getting rid of a 6-ft Hifiman 4-pin cable if this sells ($65).    FYI, I paid $629 and the best offer I've gotten so far is $550 inc. PayPal and shipping.
Hi all, I am using a balanced amp right now so I have no use for this cable right now. The cable terminates in 1'4" plug and is about 9 feet long. I'm open to offers so let me know what you think is fair. Thanks for looking! The other cable in the picture has been sold.
Hi all, I'm a San Diego head-fier. I credit the iPod and Napster for starting my love of audio; without them, I would've never gone exploring for music or found out why CDs and equipment are worth paying for. I started out discovering music through skateboard videos and now listen to genres like as post-rock, ambient, and world music (there's some great kora players in West Africa). First I bought crummy noise canceling headphones, progressing to the Senn HD-555 as my...
Just read all of it in one stretch, can't wait for the next installment. No other audio company head would take the time to write something like this; that's how you can tell they stand behind their products.
Out of curiosity, where in CA are you? Anywhere near San Diego?
Is shipping included in the price of $650?
I've gotten DT880/600s for $150 like-new, a Beyer T1 for $593, HD600 and a DAC for $120 or so through Craigslist. The key to saving $ is having patience and not upgrading unless it's a no-brainer.
On head-direct and HiFiMan's Amazon page, the HE-400 is $299 new as a Cyber Monday thing. Great price on these phones.
New to the club; received my pair yesterday. Listening to the FLAC of Marley's Legend is exquisite, a nuanced reference disk if there is one.   Mingus Ah Um sounds smooth as well, much better than it would've on my old Audio Technica AD900.
I've used these very little recently, so I've decided to put them up. I have the original box, stock cable (1/8 inch) w/ 1/4 adapter, and the sturdier HD650 cable direct from Sennheiser ($20, 1/4 inch). They are in very good condition; the padding is not as full as it is when new and there is some slight paint wear on the headband (see photo). Shipping is included, PayPal fee rests with the buyer. I sell a lot on Amazon (Criterion619, 100% rating) so rest assured the...
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