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Looks like this speaker was released in India earlier this year, there's scant reviews and no mention of these on Head-Fi. I checked the official site a few days ago ( and the status read 'notify me'. Today that changed to 'buy now' so I snapped one up. I liked the Piston II and III so based on experience and the few reviews available, I imagine this speaker will punch above its pricepoint. I'll update with my notes when I receive it. Curious...
Might sell this to shift to a portable set-up; it sounds awesome with the T90, but I feel like it requires more time to appreciate than I've got. Let me know if you're interested. I may just sell it locally to save myself the trouble but wanted the check on here first.   Comes with all accessories and original packaging. Purchased in June from Beach Camera.
I really love it so far - gobs of detail, no harshness... Glad it's Friday and I can finally put some hours on it. The remote is a nice touch, don't have to amble over from my relaxation to change the volume.
Excellent, I'll report back with my listening notes. Looking forward to hearing the T90 - A2 synergy.
Beach Camera had a refurb A2 for $629 today, is that a good price? I was considering it for my T90.
With the IIs, the included metal clip makes a huge difference in microphonics. When I go running, I put the cable in my shirt then clip at the neckline of the shirt, gets rid of nearly all the noise.
Damn grad school, I had to abstain for a data project, hope it's going well. Looking forward to the documentation though!
 It's a relay meant to block loud noises and surges during plug in/out, IIRC
PNY Turbo USB 3.0 (P-FD256TBOP-GE)
Out of gratitude to those that originally tested this, I wanted to affirm to others that the PNY 256GB Turbo USB 3.0 flash drive works with my X5. I got it today, loaded up some music - plug and play. So stoked, I can easily put my entire collection on here (for now - 186GB). One note - I tried getting it from Amazon Warehouse Deals and I got the 64GB version instead. The removable sliding cap said 256GB though, someone had changed the freakin' cap in order to mislead...
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