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Hello, does anybody know of any good film programs in Arizona or Washington that are reasonably affordable (well, as reasonably affordable as receiving an education can be these days anyway)? Are ASU's film programs the way to go, or are there other good programs I should consider? Thanks a bunch you guys.
I'm not. I believe that things aren't as black and white as people believe. I believe that it is possible to not fall into either extreme (feminism and sexism). I like to say that there is a middle ground called "not being an ***hole".
I have not seen Battlestar Galactica Mightygrey. I just did a quick look to see if it is on Prime Instant Video or Netflix and I didn't find it.
Hello all, I just finished watching Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane tonight. The idea of a sequel to 10 Cloverfield Lane, my anxious anticipation for Alien: Covenant, my fondness of Prelude to Foundation and Forward the Foundation (the only Foundation books I have read . . . yet), and my ever-growing fondness for the genre of science fiction in general all contributed to making me want to start a science fiction appreciation/discussion thread. This thread is being...
I just finished watching Cloverfield and then 10 Cloverfield Lane for the first time. I would give Cloverfield a C, but I would give 10 Cloverfield Lane an A! I'm psyched at the prospect of a sequel. I know that it would most likely be a few years before another sequel comes out though. At least I have Alien: Covenant to look forward to next year! Prometheus was decent (another C-grade movie in my opinion). Let's hope that Alien: Covenant returns the Alien franchise to...
In response to elfary and anyone else who wants to know how fastly the adapter drains battery: I plug the dongle into my iPhone 6 and use it with my newly acquired SE215s. While I haven't actually measured how fast my battery depletes while using it, I haven't noticed my battery draining any faster than it used to. Also, in response to those who look upon the removal of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 negatively, I've only been using the adapter for a few days, but, so...
Yes, but I wanted to wait until that
@yuriv Just to confirm since I am not knowledgeable enough to read and understand the measurement portion of your post (sorry): did you find that the adapter has less than 1 ohm of ouput impedance?
Has there been any other source besides that German magazine which has provided that
@CanadianMaestro: ?
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