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I don't want to have to buy an external D/A converter dang it! I hope that I can at least plug a headphone amplifier into my Xbox 360.
I know that with DAPs such as Apple's iDevices if you plugged a headphone amplifier into the headphone jack you would be listening to sound that has been amplified twice as that wouldn't bypass the internal amplifier. That is not the case with the MacBook Pro? I could just plug the cMoyBB right into the headphone jack and I wouldn't be listening to sound that has been amplified two times over? If so then I have another question for you: how come Apple designed their...
Hello, I was just wondering how I would connect a JDS Labs cMoyBB to my 13-inch Macbook Pro and my Xbox 360 in such a way that I would be bypassing the internal amplifiers in those electronics so that I wouldn't be amplifying an already amplified signal. Keep in mind that the amplifier would be plugged directly into these devices as I don't have an external D/A converter and I don't plan on ever owning one for reasons that I won't mention on this particular sub-forum . I...
On second thought, I don't think you could do those things as I viewed that page I linked to again and it says that part of the prize is "(2) Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear headphones personally autographed by Bingo Players during your meet and greet." This makes me think that they might not ship the two pairs of headphones to you . . . I think you receive them during the meet and greet. I could be wrong though.
Yeah, you're probably right. Besides what I said is not what I would do . . . I was just stating that it was a possibility. You could still always just give them away for free or keep them but not use them. Again though, that's not what I would do. EDIT: I can't believe I forgot about the Ticket Speculation Act. Look at me, I'm so immoral . . . advocating an illegal act. How could I?  
If you didn't want to spend money on these things you could always just not go to see the Bingo Players and sell your tickets and your meet and greet passes or just sit on them and not use them. To be honest, I don't think the people at Sennheiser would like to know that they gave away free tickets to a concert and meet and greet passes that weren't appreciated and used by the person that received them though.
For what it's worth, Sennheiser has another contest for a pair of Momentum on-ear headphones on their website and Canadians can enter the contest alongside citizens of the United States.
Yeah, unfortunately, I don't know how to do that. That's very good advice, thank you.
You'd do that for me? I just want to buy a kit (like this one) and use the op amp that comes included with it. The fact of the matter is: I know nothing about the internals of headphone amplifiers so I'm not even going to bother replacing any of the parts. None of the above. I don't have enough knowledge or experience to do these things. I just want to buy a kit, assemble the parts and then not mess around with the finished product . . . at least until I've received my...
If that's the case then I think I'm going to go through with this. I just don't know what amplifier I'm going to choose right now and how much all the tools of the trade are going to cost in total. @S0lar: Unfortunately I don't have the honor of knowing an electrical engineer . . . could I still complete this project without the help of one?
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