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In response to elfary and anyone else who wants to know how fastly the adapter drains battery: I plug the dongle into my iPhone 6 and use it with my newly acquired SE215s. While I haven't actually measured how fast my battery depletes while using it, I haven't noticed my battery draining any faster than it used to. Also, in response to those who look upon the removal of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 negatively, I've only been using the adapter for a few days, but, so...
Yes, but I wanted to wait until that
@yuriv Just to confirm since I am not knowledgeable enough to read and understand the measurement portion of your post (sorry): did you find that the adapter has less than 1 ohm of ouput impedance?
Has there been any other source besides that German magazine which has provided that
@CanadianMaestro: ?
That's a little mean, don't you think?
I'm pretty sure that Bombarde can still purchase CDs in 2016 if he wants to, and you can stick to your streaming services. Just like you can feel free to use wireless headphones and people who still want to deal with wires in 2016 (myself included) can feel free to still use wires. Just because you think that wires and CDs should be abandoned does not mean that everybody else should say "hey, I don't mind wires and CDs, but SparkOnShore says that those items are too...
I like to use a subscription to Apple Music to listen to my music. I know, it isn't audiophile quality. But I also don't claim to be an audiophile, so that is OK.
CanadianMaestro, if Apple went back to that look with the iPhone 8, would you consider upgrading your phone? (Let's just leave the question of whether it has or doesn't have a headphone jack out of the equation).
On an unrelated note, is there anybody else in this thread who thinks that the iPhone was a more attractive looking phone back in the days of the 4/4s? I personally think that Apple should go back to that look for the iPhone. Those were good-looking phones.
New Posts  All Forums: