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Same here as cpsmith516, and seeing that it's been two days I suspect a sale has not been made. PM me if you don't carry through, I'm interested. Also, is this the first gen or second Asgard?
Grado Sr60's spotted on campus today. That's all.
Figured I'd chime in here. My re400's came in yesterday. I am VERY impressed, they lived up to every ounce of hype I've seen about them. Excellent build quality and detail, good soundstage for an IEM, and I love the cable. The accessories were a bit disappointing, but that's easily excusable for how amazing the rest of the package is. I ended up usinf a pair of bi-flanges from my Vsonic gr06's, they worked perfectly for me. I've been considering grabbing some comply...
Ahh. I love these things. I've put about 150 hours on them at home and 300+ on the go, I never get tired of them. Sadly they're on their way to a new owner, hopefully he'll enjoy them as much as I did.
Here's what I've got, I'm looking at a better pair of IEM's for portable use:   1. Beyerdynamic dt990 pro 2. Sennheiser hd25-1 II 3. Vsonic GR06 4. Sennheiser cx200 5. Apple earbuds (Not earpods) 6. Skullcandy ink'd
Beyerdynamic dt990 pro
My vote goes for the dt770. It's closed, very well made, and has a newbie friendly sound signature that's a little v shaped/bass heavy. The m50's are similar but a big step down all around, especially comfort.
Pm sent.
Saw Ultrasone Pro 900's at the Denver airport today. It was hard for me to keep my cool and not rush up to him asking how he likes them, if I can try them out, etc, being the first time I've ever sen a single pair of "high end" headphones other than Beats, Bose and Skullcandy. I couldn't see his source gear though, that could have been interesting.
Consider the Sennheiser hd25-1 II's. They sound like exactly what you're looking for. Check out some reviews around here.
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