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no solutions? please someone reply... is the budget too low to be quoted? 
Hi, I am looking for some amp options for audio technical ATH-AD300. Is there any such option available under or around $60 . I don't know what all improvement an amp can make to the existing sound. My best guess is that it should make the bass more prominent, a bit more high if possible and overall sound quality should have good texture overall.. Is there any such option? Thanks
      Ya, I know. I read the CNET reviews that skullcrushers aren't that bassy as the other variants from Skullcandy.       I was just checking an online shopping website for headphones under my budget, found these ones from that       list...       Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the pricing part, it is actually in Indian Rupee. After going through Audio Technica       series reviews, I am now thinking about Open Air headphones, as I said before, haven't heard it before,...
Hi guys,   I am looking for decent pair of headphones with a budget upto 4k. I did some research, created a list and came down to this two models; Audio Technica ATH-AD300 and  Skullcandy Skullcrushers. Right now, I am slightly more biased towards AD300 because of Open Air concept. I have never heard one before, looks very promising to me. I would like to know your views on this..   Thanks
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