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Selling HeirAudio 8A, first owner, bought in July this year for roughly 1400++SGD Have another 21months of warranty. Currently they are selling for 1299USD - by Paypal's Currency Rate that is roughly 1650+SGD Selling because not really using it alot and using the money to fund new phone. Looking for offers roughly around 1000SGD only pay a transferrence fee of $70USD ($100SGD) to have them remold it to your ears! Total cost of earphones would be around...
Recently got 8As from heiraudio,   but still find myself going back to the er4p for some casual and light hearing that is easy on the ears.
i would say go for the er4,   i have a HeirAudio 8As and i still find myself going back to my er4 occasionally for light hearing.
extremely tempted to try. glad that there are so many new customs company on the rise.
is there any demo units going around?
was using er4p, really satisfied with it.   just sayin'
just noticed that the introductory prices are over. so glad i got my 8As already.
  sure, would do when i have the time!
would post pics as soon as i get my hands on some passable camera.
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