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love it
I love the set up those stands are amazing. Will be a really interesting write up I'm sure whens its all together.  Let me know how you get on with the electro stats ... didn't think they would be your thing. 
Anyone have an idea of price? Im hearing 7k is that right? 
But what about the soundstage? Im hearing the Utopia has a small almost squashed soundstage
  Keep us updated! Looking forward to impressions. 
brilliant album
They are Chinese? really? didn't know that. Is tony the guy thats always blowing stuff up.  
Anyone heard the new sophia electric 300b classic or the new aqua 274b? 
Yea so does the WA5 but with limited speakers. High sensitivity only. I have really good tubes for my WA5 - AVVT300b , TSBGRP, Brimar rectifiers. I wonder if the Rag is on par with that kind of a system. I might buy the Rag and do a comparison. Schiit still do the 30 days money back offer I assume?
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