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yes it is impossible. We all know this deep down..... we are diseased but happily so
I love how the Senns are open - that mod sounds really interesting if it could solve that problem and have the best of both headphones that would be an achievement.  I really wanna hear the HE1000 through the WA5 - sounds like this headphone could deliver that, well maybe.  Really looking forward to the new prototype though - that should be interesting. 
Cheers man  - means a lot coming from you. 
Thanks was a trip with that headphone. I actually still have the headphone but I don't think Audeze would want me messing around with the grill  I would love to try it though, If I was allowed I could add a section to the review, but I dunno if they would go for that
Here is a review I did of the LCD3f - Anyone has any questions let me know.    I loved the headphone in the end but it took me a while to come around.  
Ah there you go - I knew there was something. Well it was a move in the right direction IMO. I would consider buying them now. 
more pics please?
Yea I know - it looks way better now than it did a month ago! Did they change something or did my eyes just adjust? Weird that.  Urge to buy rising. I'd bet they would sound amazing through my WA5!! 
Hahahaha I had a good laugh at that.
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