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How much would it be to ship to Ireland? I am interested if the shipping is not too high I could take it
great track - great album
you should post some pics of your stratus now. 
how do you only have 3 posts since 2005? thats got to be a record. 
Can anyone tell me the differences between the EML 2a3 mesh and solid plates? Which one is better for HD800 and which is better for LCD? 
cool ill give it a go Oh its just his early work - i have all of that. 
  what do you guys think are the best Van Morrison albums of the 80's? 
I m also waiting on the Yggy - i m hoping its really good, I wanna pair it with a DNA Stratus
great to hear that. 
Im looking forward to hearing the differences between it and the wa2. I wonder if the stratus stock is still better than the WA2 with upgraded tubes? 
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