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Interesting post as always.... I'll take a closer look later after college - Thanks for posting TJ
there are lost of new acoustic music - I love this album this is 1995 - new enough for me ¬  
Yo Peter - Will you get a chance to compare the yggy when it comes out? I would appreciate the comparisons if it was possible for you. Not that many people on headfi have the HEx
how much is shipping to me? 
You should maybe try those brimars - I bought a pair and noticed quiet and improvement over the stock 274b. They also have a lovely bright glow 
LOL - I used my HD650 portable for 2 years. Loved those cans I miss them.  It would be nice to see a comparison between the TH600 and EL8c though. The pricing,aesthetics and the fact that they are both closed would make for an interestingwrite up.
I have had one or 2 long walks with the LCD3f (on a quiet night) - hehehehehe .........  I need a closed back can but I want fidelity without going over 1k 
Thanks for the reply Mike.   Has anyone else here heard the EL8c vs TH600 ? Just wondering what the differences might be. I have been looking for a closed "on the go" headphone sub 1000 dollars for ages now. If the EL8can trump the TH600 I will be buying one! I need to get my walk on before the summer .............   
You OK prep? I don't think shaffer anything by it.  Please add pics when your new toys arrive. Looking forward to seeing those.  You interested in the new HE1000? 
 I have EML 300b's coming - supposed to be good with Audeze. And I have a soild state amp up my sleeve as well.  
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