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a special treat   
My AVVT 300Bs arrived this morning ..... cant wait till work finishes!!!
What was the rig you heard? I will be getting a chance to hear the 009 for the first time this week. But only through Stax amps. did you buy the Chord DAVE in the end?
Anyone here heard any C3G tubes in the WA5 with adapters? I'm hearing from a reliable source that these are excellent even surpassing some of the best 6SN7s!   In particular the Siemens C3G.
beautiful guitars.   
 If you dont already have a pair of EML 300b I can do you a good deal on a pair. Thats if your looking for them. 
Wonder if I can use that tube on my WA5?
You hardly have 2? I need a matched pair for my amp
would it work in the WA5 - whats it sound like?
sorry I have no idea what PITA means 
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