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thanks for the input - if you were to use HD800 for jazz only which rectifier would you prefer? Are the rectifiers you mentioned in the last few posts up there with the U52 for jazz and acoustic or would you choose a different rectifier? 
yea, great track
It took me a while to appreciate Glenn but i'll never forget the thing that changed my mind about him. It was this video - the part here he steps away from the piano and walks to the window. He must of been such an impressive performer. I can only imagine seeing him play in a small room, it would be something to behold.  
I also have the collected works but have not started them yet. I might read these next. 
Ah **** - I hope Jason is ok. That's terrible news. The poor guy. 
a good album  
I have this also - great collection
where are all the pics?
i loved this book so much. Let me know what you think in the end. The second - "Bring up the bodies" is even better IMO. 2 absolute whoppers. The dialogue between characters is close to perfect for me. 
Hmmm. I had the HD650 before and am looking for something else. I liked it - it was very warm and dark with my WA2. Some people have said that the LCD 2 is like a HD650 on steroids which was one of the reasons I had considered it. Yea I might go for this. It is supposed to sound great with the DNA Stratus and I have one coming in september. The HD800/TH900 - DNA Stratus would be a nice complementary pairing.  you think? I hadn't considered Oppo at all. I don't like the...
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