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ThirdEye should be able I think he has both
Thanks man. 
I had a handful of DSD vs PCM to compare - Dave Brubeck's "time out" album and Stan Getz and Joa Gilberto's "Getz and Gilberto " It is hard to talk about the differences but the main ones that I could tell were on the DSD copies the noise floor was more noticeable and i think this is mainly because of the reel to reel sound. I don't actually know for sure but I have heard that the DSD files are taken direct from the reel. Also the DSD had a slightly more elegant sound but...
I finished a review of the Chord Hugo recently. Here is a link for anyone interested. ¬
I hope you enjoy it as much as i did. The detail with HD800 is very impressive.I can't wait for the Stratus - I will do a full review of that as well. A nice long write up and will add to it when I roll tubes. It is brighter than HD800 for sure but I personally never found it harsh except on a few rare tracks for example the track - Wynton Marsalis, Live at the Village Vanguard, "the legend of buddy bolden". The rest of the album is fine but that one track has slight...
I wrote a review of the Chord Hugo recently, anyone looking for a good all in one solution for HD800 might be interested. I thought the synergy with HD800 was amazing.  ¬
I did a review of the Hugo recently. Here It is for anyone interested ¬
Great to see all the impressions coming out. Maybe you guys could take some pics of your Rag setups - headphones and speakers?   Could someone try HD800/Rag with some trumpet jazz as a test for treble harshness? Like maybe Wynton Marsalis "the legend of buddy Bolden" from "live at the village vangaurd" or something like that? 
LCD 3 has overwhelming bass? I would of thought that the TH900 had more bass
Do any of the Audeze cans qualify? Like LCD 2? 
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