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I am working on some nice new toys for my ears. Just built a CMOYBB, I built the  Interconnect cable for the ALO dock connector with a female connector, using their SX cabling and Switchcraft 3.5mm connectors, and also for a side project, building a preamp/amp/speaker setup for my Ukulele, modular and tiny. So cool.    So I have some Grado 60's that I have already split the "plastic" cans on, as the protective tubing cracked and killed the left channel. Popped the...
A couple of things...I like to build things, ukes, guitars, tube guitar amps, bikes and always wanted to get some better sound out of my iPod. So when my Touch got the broken headphone jack-itis I started looking into the CMOYBB as a good project to cure both issues. I am picking up an ALO LOD today, the one with the female jack, some of their SWX cable and some Switchcraft 1/8" plugs. The CMOYBB will then give rise to a 10watt BoomBox companion piece to allow for...
I am building a CMOYBB and will be using it with either my Grado SR60s or some generic earbuds. I like the Grados but sometimes the earbuds are more appropriate. I was planning on setting the gain at 6 but before I solder those resistors I might as well ask first.  Thanks, Bikeukeguy Currently listening to: Dreamatorium by Death Cube K
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