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How is the bass?
Not to make it more difficult for you.... LOL.   http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/schiit-audio-yggdrasil-dac-and-ragnarok-headphoneintegrated-amplifier/
 Honestly, I don't  know if you will never be happy unless you stop reading the forums. If you find a piece of equipment that you like the sound of, stick with it, stop reading the other equipment threads, and call it a day. How much better could the next piece be if you keep searching anyway? Btw, you know me, I'm talking from experience. 
You'll be disappointed if you switch the V281 for the Rag. The Yiggy will be better than the Violectric DAC. If your looking for pretty and fashion over sound, then.....hmmmm. Another option for you is an Exogal Comet Plus. Very, very musical. You can get them new for $2500.00 or maybe a little less.
Yea. Kind of makes you wonder why someone will wait 6-8 months for a new one.
Why would you care what the review says unless you were an owner in 64Audio? If you like how it sounds, that's all that counts.
I wouldn't even be in the same country as the phone booth.
If they got together all of the Head Fi members that can follow that wisdom, you would be able to ft them in a phone booth.  
This should come with white wall tires and driven by a pimp.
My other hobby is motorcycles. However audio and video can really be spendy if you allow it to be. Video is the worst investment. Take a look at the how prices have come down and quality/technology has gone up over the years.
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