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Got it. I'll have to give them a try. My left side always fall out.   I love these IEM's. Best I've every owned. I sent back the Shure 846 after trying out the IE800's. Ken
Thanks. Is the benefit just comfort or a better seal?Ken
So Comply T500 fit the 800's? Any mods needed to be done to be able to fit and stay on them? Sound quality is better than stock tips? Thanks, Ken
You are looking at $900 earbuds and are actually asking how they compare to stock earbuds????
Upgraded sound system, not upgraded car. :)
So how does it sound on FLAC Lossless? Thanks,Ken
Thanks.   B&H Photo gives you 30 days refund on their merchandise and so it is kind of a no brainer. Ken
So you're saying that if I put 93 octane in the A&K it will work ok? Joking. :) Anyway, so playing ripped CD's lossless (FLAC and ALAC) will sound better on the A&K? Thanks,Ken
So you're saying that this unit sounds worse than an iMod or an iPod with amp and CLAS playing ripped CD's or 256 Kbps music? I find that hard to believe.I am looking into this unit as I have hi res music from HD Tracks as well as lower res music mentioned above.To have a player that can play hi res and my other music (playing somewhat better) than my existing equipment would be a win win.Obviously we're not comparing sound quality sof hi res versus low res.Ken
I am thinking of getting this unit. I currently have an iMod as well as a CLAS along with a Portaphile 627 and ALO Rx Mk3 amps.   Is there a noticeable sound quality difference if listening non hi res music such as CD's I have ripped as well as 256 kps songs from iTunes?   Thanks, Ken
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