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I know. I was just pulling your tube. 
Base or bass?
You might as well use earbuds too if sound isn't important. You can save all of the money you would have spent on good sounding headphones and put it towards pretty tubes.
Have you listened to the HE-1000's? I borrowed the LCD-4's for a few days to see if I wanted to buy them. I wouldn't even put them in the same class. The LCD-4's sound like closed headphones in comparison.
Not really at all. It just cleans things up. To me it was very congested with the original module. 
The B1 module takes my A12 to another level. I could live with it like this and be happy. If the MAM even improves on that, this would be amazing.
Hi,   Thanks for your message. I am definitely interested. How much for a pair?   I have lots of rectifier tubes for the WA5 LE that I sold, but never had an amp that used 6X4's.    Thanks a lot.   Regards, Ken
48" Whiplash TWau Reference Gold Plated Silver IEM and CIEM replacement cable for JHA, Westone, UE and more. Whiplash Audio's new flagship wire, Twau Reference. Its GOLD PLATED SILVER UPOCC high strand count.    Sounds amazing. Cable is very supple and not stiff. Connectors, pins, cable are in mint condition.    Cable seems new for $525.00
I really had to make changes to the associated equipment to get this tonally where I want it. I changed from Calyx to Hifiman 901S. Also TWag silver cable. I also have the TWag gold over silver cable and this sis still dark. So now I have the B1 module with the 901S and silver cable and it is unbelievable. I have great bass, huge soundstage, and treble that I never heard from he A12 before. I don't mean like the treble is a little better. I mean that cymbals that sound...
You won't get the same bass as you will from the V281.
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