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Is there any difference in sound quality for the iPhone 6 plus and the current generation iPod touch? 
My firmware is 2.03. Should I update to 2.04? What are the changes?
What is the difference in sound quality between the minibox and mini box gold amp cards? Thanks.
You can buy mine if you want. Even though I may lose the sale, don't waste your money on this DAC. I have used this on my Macbook Pro and Windows laptop. If I closed my eyes and someone plugged it in and out, I would be hard pressed to know if I was listening through it or not.
So then what's the answer for him? Contact someone in the forum with no connection with EC for an answer. He knows as little as the OP asking the question.  The couple of times that I inquired, it was about 12 weeks at time. Of course that can change one way or another depending on parts availability and/or how busy he is.
Contact Craig at EC. To ask here how long it takes, and then take the advise of someone here that doesn't work for the company is ridiculous. Leadtime varies on lead time for parts, as well as how busy he is.
You need to contact Craig at EC. Only he can tell you that.
I've spoken to Chris. There is no new model coming out.
Thanks for your impressions.
So I'll get better bass and slightly less soundstage with the G1 over the B1, but not as muddy and congested as the S1 I imagine.
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