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I've spoken to Chris. There is no new model coming out.
Thanks for your impressions.
So I'll get better bass and slightly less soundstage with the G1 over the B1, but not as muddy and congested as the S1 I imagine.
Thanks a lot.
Whats is the difference between the B1 and G1 modules? I have both the B1 and S1 modules. I think the B1 is excellent with my U12's. I was wondering if the G1 would be better. 
Will consider all reasonable offers and be creative with Paypal and shipping charges.
I'm selling my Meitner MA-1 DSD/PCM DAC by Ed Meitner of EmmLabs. It is the most natural and detailed DAC I've ever heard.    It replaced my PS Audio DirectStream. I have also auditioned in my home in comparison the Resonessence Invicta Mirus, BMC UltraDAC, Exogal Comet Plus, and the MA-1 beat them all. The DAC is in perfect mint condition, without any marks, dings or scratches. I bought it earlier this year from from an authorized dealer. Warranty is 5 years. I am...
So then why not go to the B1. It is much better than the S1. 
Are you sure the XLS tubes are OK for the BA?
I have the HD650 and the HEK. They don't even be long in the same sentence, let alone a comparison.
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