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You're in luck. You need your thumbs to get them out. :) I use my nails on my thumb and index finger to grab it. It comes out fairly easy. I also worry that it is going to fly across the room as I pull it out. Hasn't happened yet though.
I’m selling my beloved Eddie Current 2a3 MKIV. This is an extremely rare amp. Only around 13 units were made until Eddie Current discontinued this production line. This is the prototype of now the $7000 mighty Studio. IMHO the sound is warmer and more euphonic than the later Studio. This is also a phenomenonal amplifier for speakers.   Serial number of this unit is 12, the late version. Cinemag transformer version, which is believed to outperform the 445 and the earlier...
Your correct. Brain doesn't work that well on Saturdays.
The review needs to be sone with the S1 module. It sounds like you had the B1 module. The sound is boomy, muddy, and lousy treble with the B1. The S1 changes all of that. I sold my K10 CIEM after that.
 Until you touch it, and then back to square one.
Mine were shipped. I wonder the difference than with my B1's on my A12.I was curious if it is easy to match each ear using the dial? Also when you take the IEM out of your ear, is it easy to accidentaly turn the dial and then have to reset it again?
You must be listening to Westerns. :)
Other people will chime in, but the one thing about tube amps is that the tube is as important as the amp, and they all have a different sound. So this might need to be taken into account.
Not into the furniture look.
Thanks to both of you.
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