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player pro actually sounds better to my ears than neutron.the sound stage seems nicer neutron seems louder and warmer
Hey All,             Im doing a safety presentation at work and since i love music and equipment i decided to do it on music and safety. Im doing up my research on how music can affect safety and was hoping the experts at head-fi could point me in the right direction.   Aspects im interested in (staking suggestions of course)   *Headphone listening levels, and whats a safe listening level   *How hearing loss happens   *Can unbalanced (too bright or too much...
looking forward to the comparison betweeen this and the 3.5mm headphone jack tho.....
im hoping so as well but i assume that anyhting full size will be better than a mobile interested in getting glacier for my gs3 i9300
when after hearing a binaural+ recording you secretly develop a plot in your head to get every artist to record that way.
    when you offer someone your headphones to use and they say "no worries i have ibuds".       you do this  
where can i get an otg cable for this and my s3 international? link appreciated.
still no reviews on this thing?
i think your supposed to use a samsung based rom and stock kernel when using otg
any reviews on this thing yet?
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