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Surely you've heard the Koss KSC75 mentioned. Good treble (excellent for the price). Poor durability.
I got the Moshi Clarus for $200. I wish I could judge the quality of them enough to give a review, all I know is that the cables are really neat (they're like string rather than plastic thing) and that the sound quality is infinitely better than my Sony MDRQ22LP which I previously owned. Dare I say they're even better than the koss ksc75 I used to have before they broke super quickly, most noticeably in the bass. Also I need to turn the sound up higher. I used to listen...
If they're not isolating, then I'm going to see if there's any way I can try a pair.They're not what I had in mind, but it sounds like they might actually be the answer.EDIT: Wow apparently no one on the planet is reselling them, so the 200$ price tag is actually 200$Also they have a nice return policy, so I guess once I have the funds I might as well buy them, since I can just return them if they're not comfortable of if I'm dissatisfied for some other reason.
Yeah. I didn't mean to imply that the Moshi Clarus was bad, but as you mentioned I'm looking for a different type of product, more specifically clip ons that aren't in ear because I want less isolation.
I don't think that's what I'm looking for.   In terms of sound the low end isn't as important to me as the rest of the spectrum.   In terms of design, they seem too small, like they can't decide if they're ear buds or clip ons. I'm looking for something more in the style of the Audio-Technica ATH-EW9.   Also the price isn't at all nice either... It seems inflated because ~apple~ and ~fashion~ and stuff like that.
I looked into some audio technica ones. More specifically: Audio-Technica ATH-EW9 Lightweight Wood Clip-on Headphones   They sound really nice, but according to an amazon reviewer they're "set up to run the wire around the back of your head and not down the front of your neck" which would make them impractical for me as I'd be plugging them into a computer that's in front of me.
I don't want isolation. I plan to use these at work, and I want to be able to hear when someone is trying to get my attention.   Clip ons give almost no isolation, which I like.   I'll look into the audio technica ones.
I currently use a SONY MDR-Q22LP. It's comfortable and durable, but the sound quality isn't good. I used to use a Koss KSC75. The sound was nice, but it broke easily and it wasn't as comfortable as the SONY MDR-Q22LP. YUIN G1 G1A sounds neat, but I have no intention of using an amp ever at this time, so I'm not sure if I should drop the money for it.   Money used to be an issue, but now I can afford up to the 200$ range, so I figure I can do better than the both...
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