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Hi:   I wanted to show the cables that I built to use stereo (unbalanced) headphones with my LittleDot MK 6. My version of the Littledot only has the balanced inputs and outputs. These cables were very cheap to make (USD1 for the cable, with the stereo tips, and USD2 for the xlr tips), seem very sturdy, and make the amp sound very good.          
Title says it all. I am pretty sure you all know what this headphones are capable of and worth. I am selling them for 1000$ USD shipping included. They are worth 1299$+taxes+shipping(if e-ordered). I am only accepting Western Union as payment option. I do not own PayPal since I am used to do face-to-face transactions. If you wish to contact me, here's my phone number: 514-999-5077 (Montreal - Canada) and e-mail: kodword@hotmail.com   DO NOT contact me thru...
pm sent.
Any other headphones you would consider?
PM sent.
Beautiful headphones - but too expensive for me :(
  I am just curious. Do you know why a cable could cost that much?
Beautiful headphones. I wish they were cheaper.
Gorgeous headphones. I hope you find a someone who can afford them.
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