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I'm not French myself, not knowing much about mon chéri and ma chérie at all.   Tera Player and Tera Playette? Theoretically the offspring would be Peta Something shouldn't we all know what players / playettes are all about?
 Yes, it's delivered last Friday. According to the instructions, we need batteries that are providing 5V / 1A (i.e. at least 5 watts) in order to power the amp up. Check the manual of your batteries and most likely we'll have at least 1A unless it's a really old one. Sometimes the batteries might not be deliver precisely 5.0V since that particular value could fluctuate just a little bit. The bare minimum should be 4.6V as mentioned in the manual:  If the voltage were 4.6V...
Rudi only tried them with Sony CD900ST and you could also ask your question here 
Rudi posted his impressions on Facebook and it's a...
SACD ISO to DSF   DFF to DSF   DSF tagging   SACD...
 That port should be unique for connecting Android devices as mentioned below   A similar product from Unitek with further explanation   SimulCharge USB seemed to be quite useful, let's see if there were anything similar from China in the future.
Tera-Player + Crystal Cable Micro + Aclear Porta with stock balanced out NXT-2AK cable + MASS-Kobo model404   Is that OK to convert single-ended output of Tera-Player into balanced output with the TRRS 3.5-mm jack of NXT-2AK or not? I don't wanna damage the 2.5-mm TRRS input of my headphone amp since it's brand new. Many thanks.
1,390 Koruna here   We could use something like this for Raspberry Pi etc.        
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