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Used ones in Hong Kong were sold for 1,500 bucks or less, cheapest one was like $1,300     Maybe you could also wait for discounted Chord 2Qute during Black Friday since it's pretty much the same as Hugo minus the amp section. No need for an expensive linear power supply and much more options for cables...   Maybe HOZOX could work? No reviews were posted for absorbing EMI yet but that could be worth a try.     Similar stuff from 3M
 There's something like this if 220V were supported  
  They happened to put this particular cable inside the box for connecting PHA-3 and ZX2  
First one is from China and they seemed to make cables with male connectors on both ends   Another one would cost 200 bucks and you could simply ask Paul to terminate the other end with female USB connector for you   The thing is, we can't tell whether they're actually building those "special" cables with genuine Lightning connectors or otherwise. If that were...
Is it an obvious risk to connect Hugo's single-ended output and the single-ended input of AClear Porta first, and then connect a pair of balanced headphones into the 2.5-mm balanced input of AClear Porta afterwards?   In other words, am I frying anything when I'm converting single-ended to balanced by Aclear Porta? Some portable amps such as The Intruder or Rx Mk3-B could handle such conversion but they didn't seem to mention something specific like...
First units to be delivered to two lucky customers in Japan, the rest should be shipped to international customers by the end of this month    
NOT genuine Apple products and I found these guys from China for 25 bucks a piece   Lightning-to-B 30pin-to-B Lightning-to-mini 30pin-to-mini Lightning-to-micro 30pin-to-micro   Since their authentication chips inside those Lightning connectors were NOT certified by Apple at all, they might not work anymore once we update iOS down the road.    
Quick question regarding Vero Full Range Headphone Cable.   So far all pictures seemed to be single-ended cables since they're always terminated with 1/4" (M) connectors. Since I'm ONLY interested in balanced cables for my balanced headphone amp, is there an option for balanced cables that are terminated with this Neutrik NC4MXX-B connector?    
That's really interesting, even Hugo got abandoned for 3 months.   Imagine the synergy between PAW Gold and MASS-Kobo model404 while hooking them up with ToTL ICs such as Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 7. That should be able to drive Abyss with authority and maybe not that many transportable rigs could beat such combo.   Since both PF IX and X should benefit from even more power, it's gotta be fun to compare PAW Gold alone versus 404 + PAW Gold.
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