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 When you can't BEATS them, sue them.   Yeah, getting 1.1 * 2 = 2.2m bulk wire of flagship Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 7 from official dealer in SSP would cost just a bit more than 750 bucks. Then we could even upgrade both 2.5-mm + 3.5-mm connectors to latest ones from Ranko as well. Maybe total is 1,000 bucks or so.
Yes for balanced, not exactly sure about the (true) LO part.   Technically speaking, that kinda LO ain't really considered TRUE even if that were precisely 4V via those XLR outputs.   Hardware mod by Vinnie should be much closer to true LO and that's less debatable IMHO.
Well, we've got a few hours left to knock 15% off that   Guess what? That analog connection could be easily "reverse engineered" and then we could terminate another end with Kobiconn connectors as well as replacing Mundorf cables with something even better IMHO.
PEF11-AK-BALANCED-CABLE for 750 bucks  
FYI - I'm compiling a list of cables and connectors that worked for Hugo  [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
Latest discovery for 20 bucks that could fit Hugo's recessed coaxial input? Only good for 16bit / 48kHz output       Supposedly no drivers required for Windows and Mac OS X at all, could that very darn well be a good candidate for Android as well as iOS devices with CCK? Hopefully that won't draw too much...
 My Walkman don't love me, he treats me so meanMy Walkman don't love me, he treats me so meanWell he's the, slowest Walkman that I've ever seen  Was that song originally from an album called Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday? That could be something just like my avatar, LOL   There really are quite a few WM-PORT to mini USB cables for connecting Sony Walkman F880 series / ZX1 to CLAS -dB / Sony PHA-2 already, all we need is the right-angled micro USB...
Most likely Paul Pang does have access to Hugo but we better ask him to confirm that's good for Hugo's recessed jacks.   And I guess that doing right-angled micro USB connectors on both side should be piece of cake for Paul, Android users should be OK.   Maybe we could probably find out if WM-PORT version with USB OTG were doable for Sony Walkman F880 series and ZX1.     BTW, we better wait for C48 Lightning version since that's more future...
    Jackpot guys, one-piece micro USB to Lightning cable FTW  Not sure if those Lightning connectors were genuine Apple products, though.
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