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 I was just totally fascinated by Al's earlier posts regarding that "unbeatable" Audiophile Optimizer + Windows Server 2012 R2 (Server Core mode) combo, still trying to figure out what to do about one fanless portable source to feed Hugo plus another one for desktop rig at home. The upcoming processor code-named Broadwell from Intel should be branded as Core M, so far that seemed to be icing on the cake because of its power consumption as well as fanless design   And then... Trender bender. If 2013 was the year of the ultra-portable (“dingus”) DAC then 2014 is shaping up to be the year that the portable headphone amplifier space exploded. Any head-fi-focussed...
FiiO L50 is for analog output and coaxial input is digital, maybe we could help if further information were provided.   If you're connecting ZX1 to Hugo, Sony WMC-NWH10 is a must   To convert USB output of WMC-NWH10 to coaxial output, something like this plus a short micro USB cable are required as...
Truly inspiring talks that's also funny as heck, cheers!
  Such a compact device that could be converted into pure transport?   US$30 ODROID-W   US$4 W Connector Pack   US$6 750mAh Battery   US$20 W Docking...
 When you can't BEATS them, sue them.   Yeah, getting 1.1 * 2 = 2.2m bulk wire of flagship Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 7 from official dealer in SSP would cost just a bit more than 750 bucks. Then we could even upgrade both 2.5-mm + 3.5-mm connectors to latest ones from Ranko as well. Maybe total is 1,000 bucks or so.
Yes for balanced, not exactly sure about the (true) LO part.   Technically speaking, that kinda LO ain't really considered TRUE even if that were precisely 4V via those XLR outputs.   Hardware mod by Vinnie should be much closer to true LO and that's less debatable IMHO.
Well, we've got a few hours left to knock 15% off that   Guess what? That analog connection could be easily "reverse engineered" and then we could terminate another end with Kobiconn connectors as well as replacing Mundorf cables with something even better IMHO.
PEF11-AK-BALANCED-CABLE for 750 bucks  
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