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It somewhat depends on whether the SoC of X7 could support storage options via SATA protocol or otherwise. If that particular option wasn't provided by the SoC to begin with, no dice for internal mSATA and we've gotta call it a day.   FWIW Calyx was that close to the production of M but they could still manage to scratch the Wi-Fi module and replace that with an additional slot for storage. Maybe it's a quite different story for X7 so let's wait and see.
1st one by Tarkan, 2nd one by Aurender    
Even if internal mSATA were no go due to certain constraints, please kindly consider providing USB OTG with enough power while making accessories similar to this          
Loving this free software for Windows with fantastic SQ   Another owner of Hugo also posted @ Tír Na HiFi and the ID should be cvrle59
Recently I found that one of our fellow members was quite happy about Everpro / Adnaco SU1 as USB isolator for Hugo   Good news for those of us who are looking for an isolator that's actually good for USB 2.0, it should cost approximately 200 bucks and the minimum length for each custom order is 0.5 meter according to the manufacturer         Combine that isolator and...
Android and mSATA are definitely working already  
 Reviving this thread since I saw something relevant lately, Audio Note actually designed their Fifth Element DAC for down sampling rather than up sampling Someone tried that ultimate combo recently and it's quite capable to rival another vinyl rig  I just realized that you're quite fond of tube-based gears, and Audio Note...
Micro USB adapter for 4,800 yen         Micro USB adapter for 60,000 Korean Won       50-cm for 240,000 Korean Won         50-cm for 440,000 Korean Won    
It would be fun to connect FLOW and battery-powered Wi-Fi router. Install third party firmware like dd-wrt or OpenWRT with Music Player Daemon plus support for both USB Mass Storage and USB Audio. Then control MPD from Android or iOS devices       Another one with Windows 8.1 and simply install foobar2000 or JRMC, then control that from Android or iOS devices as usual   聯強 Lemel 智慧電腦棒   光棍一号双系统MiniPC   MeegoPad T01   APM-D01      
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