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If you really care about DAC chips, they're already making this with AK4490 and it's 1700 RMB each   Cheaper options   Even better with...
They're unofficial products from China so there will be no cables whatsoever  
If anything were going south, don't expect a refund  That store credit could be worth $1000+ so as usual maybe we might need to do a risk-benefit analysis.  Hopefully this ain't true  Maybe give them a call and see how easy it is to get someone on the phone 888-868-1232Lake Vincent Rd, Trenton, South Carolina  Yet another elusive one to...    
Good catch, they're actually called Whitehawk Ventures with plenty of complaints   As a friendly reminder, NEVER get PF from any suspicious sources since FAKE ones from China should be incredibly rampant   Be extremely careful with used ones as well, we never know what we see in the pictures and...
FYI - just found this $25 magazine with free micro USB short (30 cm) cable, not sure if that connector were good for Hugo's recessed jack    
    Freebies from this $25 magazine, is that micro USB connector a good fit for Hugo without having to perform surgery?
Maybe Zanden 5000 could be one of the best, especially via its I²S input?
Tera Player + NXT-2AK really is an incredible combo, and I'm loving Tera Player + MASS-kobo model404 even more.     Not exactly sure about the pricing but I didn't expect 10 to sound like that since I've been looking forward to the release a long time ago   SONOROUS 10が62万7,000円、SONOROUS 8が38万円となる。     For the protection of my FI-DC1601SS and PF X-G, I ordered a pair of Vero Standard Universal...   It's finally done and we'll have some fun this fall.
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